Things to Know Before Visiting LEGOLAND California

June 6, 2016Holly Sosa

I was not financially compensated for this post. As an Official LEGOLAND Blogger, I bring you the latest news on what’s happening at the park. Occasionally I receive free tickets to visit the park in exchange for these posts. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own.

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As a SoCal family, we are located in a pretty family friendly region. A few hours drive any direction will lead to a fun experience, but one of our favorite places to visit is LEGOLAND California. Short lines, beloved characters, building stations, rides, and loads of activities for all of the members (even the littlest!) of our family. We’re seasoned LEGOLAND visitors and over our visit, have learned some helpful tidbits about visiting the park. I’m sharing these in a brainstorm of things to know before visiting LEGOLAND California in hopes you’ll be better prepared before your first visit to the park where everything is awesome.

Children under three are free

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It’s not readily available on the LEGOLAND website and I couldn’t find much information on it when I did a quick internet search. But kiddos under three get into the park for free. A helpful piece of information when you’re budgeting your visit to the park.

Bring your swim suits

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There is an entire area of the park, Pirate Shores, that is a huge splash pad that I actually equate to a small waterpark. It’s large, offers several rides and loads of areas to splash around in. We typically make it our last stop when we visit the park because we leave soaked to the bone after playing in the water attractions.

You can bring water and snacks

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We were unsure of if this was allowed during our first visit, but we had a cooler in the car in case they told us we couldn’t bring our water or snacks in. After inspecting our backpacks quickly, we were allowed through with no comment on all of our snacks and refreshments. Having toddlers while we visited the park, keeping snacks on hand was a must.

Get free refills with a souvenir cup

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If you end up not wanting to carry around a bunch of water and snacks, I’d recommend purchasing one of their souvenir cups. They’re large and you can refill them for free throughout your stay at the park. Alternately, if you have an empty water bottle of your own, you can have it refilled at most any of their restaurants. We did this often with no one declining us.

Apple fries are a must

Is it even humanly possible to visit LEGOLAND without enjoying a serving of the cinnamon covered treats? If you’ve never tried these, you must during your next visit.

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With summer vacation planning and theme park hunting in season, I can’t help but share my love for LEGOLAND. We’ve made family memories there to last a lifetime thanks to their rides and attractions that make the best effort to include us all. Hopefully our trips and advice will prompt you to try LEGOLAND for your next family outing.

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