35 Things to Include in a Paper Planner

January 6, 2017Holly Sosa

Paper planners are kind of my thing. I much prefer paper over using my phone or other electronics to keep track of my schedule. Writing things down, mapping out my week ahead of time, mentally preparing for what’s ahead is easier for me when I can do it on paper. Over the years, my paper planner has become a media journal, bill tracker, and list making tool that’s been beneficial for helping to organize my life. With a new year ahead of me, I thought I’d share some things to include in a paper planner that I’ve used with success.

  • weight loss tracking
  • password keeping
  • yearly/monthly/weekly goals
  • order tracking (track those online purchases for delivery)
  • menu planning
  • fitness tracking
  • daily water intake
  • monthly bills
  • savings tracking
  • debt tracking
  • birthdays/anniversaries
  • date night ideas
  • gift ideas (I can never think of something on the spot when asked)
  • inspirational quotes
  • scriptures
  • books to read
  • movies to watch
  • places to visit
  • penmanship practice
  • grocery lists
  • school schedules (track those days off and half days)
  • housekeeping schedule
  • weather tracking
  • favorite recipes
  • spending log
  • no-spend challenge tracking
  • 52 week savings plan tracking
  • chore chart tracking for kids
  • vehicle maintenance tracking
  • christmas present lists
  • christmas budgeting
  • vacation planning
  • important or frequently used contacts/addresses
  • block scheduling
  • bullet journaling

Paper planners have plenty to offer in addition to simply keeping track of schedules and meetings. For me, dumping out all the noise in my brain onto paper, where I can map things out and visually see what needs to be done, even helps to ease anxiety. My planner is a helpful tool that organizes my entire life and keeps me on track. It’s become quite a fun hobby that doubles as a way to coordinate events and family schedules.

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  • Julie

    January 9, 2017 at 12:44 PM

    Like all your ideas. thanks

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