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October 6, 2016Holly Sosa



Our little dining room has long been the neglected area in our home. In fact, we didn’t even have curtains in there until this year (and we’ve been here for four years!). We’ve been so focused on the rest of the house, getting kid’s bedrooms organized, creating a relaxing master, that we’ve forgotten all about the dining room. But the dining room is finally having her glory day in the hot sun (comment Nacho if you get the reference) here at Casa de Sosa and she’s been given her crowning jewel: a rug.

Wayfair always has a wide selection of rugs available at prices we can afford, so they were the first place we went to when the time came to choose a new rug. We have dark fake wood floors (they’re actually peel and stick panels that are textured and feel like real wood!), so we knew we wanted a lighter colored rug, but it couldn’t be too light because KIDS. And we already have curtains up that we love that have blues and creams, so we tried to coordinate and pattern mix off of the curtains without being too matchy matchy.


While browsing through Wayfair’s Home Dynamix selection, we narrowed it down to these three beauties.

In the end, we chose the Tremont Blue/White Area Rug. The 7’10” by 10’5″ size was under $200, which is such a steal for a quality rug that size! Our new rug completely transformed our dining room from casual to a little more adult-feeling and overall the space looks much more put together.




Here in the desert, hard surface floors need to be dusted frequently, so I’m also loving that the rug can easily be vacuumed instead, ha! With such great prices on quality rugs like Dynamix, Wayfair has us wondering what other rooms can be totally transformed by just adding a new rug to the area.

Browse Wayfair’s huge selection of Dynamix rugs and transform a room in your home without breaking your budget. You can also check out their wide variety of home goods and decor.


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