Snowman Poop, a Yummy Winter Treat

Currently, my husband is in Northern Michigan working at his new job in a cement plant while my kiddos and myself hold down the front here in the Southern California High Desert. In June, we will be joining him, after our house sells and the kids finish out their school year. Daddy has been sending plenty of videos and photos of him enjoying the winter wonderland up north while we enjoy mild temperature tank top weather here in the desert. My sweet four year old daughter keeps asking me when it will snow here. She just doesn’t quite understand why her daddy gets to enjoy it and she doesn’t. Since food is the medium I use to love on my family, I went to work bringing a little snow magic to her right from our kitchen with this fun Snowman Poop recipe.

I start, I added two bags of white chocolate chips to my slow cooker. I stirred the chocolate every ten minutes until it was completely smooth and melted through (it took me roughly 20 minutes).

I added in a whole bunch of Cheerios and stirred it all together until it was coated evenly.

And then I added a whole box of rainbow chip cake mix and stirred it all to coat.

I transferred the mixture onto my counter, lined with parchment paper, and spread it all out to dry.

I let it cool for about an hour and then we enjoyed eating plenty of the super sweet Snowman Poop treat. The cake mix gives it a fluffy snow texture and the white chocolate holds it all together for a fun little treat inspired by the white winter coating. While the treat didn’t satisfy my daughter’s snow dreams completely, it certainly added a little fun to her desert afternoon.


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