Pumpkin Carving Party

October 25, 2016Holly Sosa

It’s not Halloween until pumpkins are carved and lit up on your front porch. At least according to my life rules it’s not. When Shari’s Berries offered to send over some Halloween goodies for a pumpkin carving party, I couldn’t wait to invite our friends and their kiddos over for some festive fun.

I chose several of their treats to satisfy a variety of sweet tooth cravings. Both families are pretty into our desserts and I knew we’d all be excited to try a couple. I created a quick little tablescape that let the treats do the talking.





The kids all seemed to favor the Hand-Decorated Halloween Crispy Treats that were decorated with classic spooky characters.



My favorite were the Autumn Cheesecake Bites. They were chocolate-covered perfection!


My husband told me the Autumn Cake Pops were the best cake pops he’s ever had. They were rich and chocolatey bites in the perfect size.



Our dessert table was filled with plenty of options and everything was so festive that the treats were decorations all on their own. I loved how easy ordering them ahead of time made party prep easy for me. They made a great addition to our Pumpkin Carving Party; all I had to do was order and wait for them to be delivered on the day of our gathering.

The kiddos all headed outside to play for a bit before we devoured our treats. You know, that pesky must-eat-dinner-first rule us parents like. The dads went to work gutting the pumpkins for the kiddos to carve. I think they’d both admit that they surprisingly enjoyed yanked guts out of several pumpkins.



Baby Knox helped too.


I’m not even actually sure if any of the kids actually ate dinner after all was said and done. The pumpkins proved a perfect distraction for us parents and once the kids knew their pumpkins were ready to be carved, there wasn’t much we could do to stop them.







Somehow, our Shari’s Berries dessert table was tackled and before I knew it, kids were munching on crispy treats and cake pops. Which was fine by me because I couldn’t wait to dig into those mini cheesecakes.


Our kiddos were proud of their creations, even though most of the carving ended up being done by dads. I will say, however, that the boys are excellent at stabbing dull craving knives into pumpkins over and over again. Seriously pros. They’ve got the market cornered.



Have you ever seen a better batch of pumpkins? Tummies are satisfied, heart are full, pumpkins are carved, jack-o-lanters are lit on the front porch. Halloween may now commence.

Get your Halloween goodies and treats for your own pumpkin carving party or Halloween celebration at Shari’s Berries or send a sweet treat to your family and friends.


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