Making a Planner Dashboard Insert, My Tea Time Moment

February 19, 2016Holly Sosa

If you’re involved in the planner world at all, you’ve probably heard the term dashboard several times. And if you’re not a planner addict like myself, I’m going to explain exactly what it is because you don’t need to be a planner nerd for it to be useful for you in your everyday work or school life.

A planner dashboard is a small place in your planer or notebook that you can easily flip to for jotting down a quick note, grabbing a sticky note, or creating a quick grocery list. Typically it’s on the inside or back cover of your planner or notebook, but in recent months, I’ve found that creating my own to use as a bookmark as well as a dashboard has been equally as useful. If you don’t have or use a planner, this works great for notebooks as well and can be a handy tool for students.

planner dashboard17


  • scrapbook paper
  • scissors
  • a laminator
  • a coil clip
  • washi tape
  • Lipton Teas, optional – kind of

To start, trim a piece of paper to the height of your notebook and half the width.

planner dashboard2

planner dashboard3

planner dashboard5

Next, run the piece of paper through a laminator and then trim off any excess.

planner dashboard6

planner dashboard7

Using washi tape, secure a coil clip to the back of the now laminated paper.

planner dashboard8

planner dashboard9

planner dashboard10

planner dashboard11

Insert the dashboard into your planner or notebook.

planner dashboard12

Customize your dashboard with sticky notes, an area for jotting down dry erase notes, or whatever your heart desires.

planner dashboard13

planner dashboard21

planner dashboard16

Celebrate your new useful planner addition with a fresh iced tea. Whenever I’m sitting down for a planner session, which includes decorating, mapping out my weeks, and journaling, I love to work with a fresh glass of Lipton Pure Green Tea and a fresh slice of lemon.

planner dashboard14

planner dashboard15

planner dashboard20

Lipton’s updated green teas have a light, fresh taste with clearer color and a delightful aroma. Enjoy the uplifting and refreshing flavor in every sip of Lipton Green Tea as you set aside time to organize your life. Lipton’s new black and herbal varieties and improved green teas refresh the tea experience with bold and stimulating flavors, such as Enticing Chai, Pure Green, Orange Passionfruit Jasmine and Peach Mango. Easy to make and enjoy, add some fresh fruit to take your tea to another level before sitting down to study, read, or however you like to enjoy your tea time.

planner dashboard18

Be sure to visit the Lipton Tea Facebook page for more ways to enjoy your tea time, whether it’s planning like me or your own version of nerdy fun!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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