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  • He’s a Toddler

    November 6, 2010Holly Sosa

    Fair warning: The following may be a jumbled bit of words thrown together. I can’t seem to gather all of my thoughts about Collin’s first year. My brain is all over the place with sadness & excitement, both at the…

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  • The Camera

    October 15, 2010Holly Sosa

    I have this camera. It’s two years, one month & three weeks old today. It’s an old, blue, plastic disposable Polaroid camera that is partially covered in dust. It makes it’s way to random places in my house because it has no…

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  • Eleven Months

    October 14, 2010Holly Sosa

    Fair warning, this is another one of my annoying, “monthly Collin update,” posts. Boring to many, super exciting to me. Eleven months?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?!? What. Happened?!?!? This month is going to be particularly hard on me. This the last month Collin…

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  • Mom-fessions

    September 23, 2010Holly Sosa

    Following the example of Render Me Mama, I decided that it was time for me to write my own, “Mom-fessions,” blog. None of us are perfect mothers, certainly not I, & we all have our own shortcuts or bad days…

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  • Kiwi + Mango = BFF

    September 17, 2010Holly Sosa

    Hi Readers! Remember when I went to Michigan & promised you a guest blogger? I had her all lined up & then had nearly no internet access while I was there. Gasp! I know! Oh, noes! Well, she wrote a…

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  • Ten Months

    September 10, 2010Holly Sosa

    I know it’s totally cheesy to post monthly updates of your baby’s life on your super hilarious & brilliant blog, (yeah, I just went there) but I’m convinced I can do this & still be completely cool. Besides, Collin is…

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  • We’re Back!!!

    September 5, 2010Holly Sosa

    Collin & I are back from our three week long Michigan adventure! I loved every moment I was there & have been spending a ton of my time at home looking at & editing all of our photos! I have a proper…

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  • Packing for Baby…& Mama

    August 10, 2010Holly Sosa

    Collin & I will be leaving extremely early in the morning for a flight to Michigan followed by a long drive to my hometown. My Dad bought us a plane ticket & we will be spending three glorious weeks with my…

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  • Nose Lovins

    August 5, 2010Holly Sosa

    Collin & I have an amazing relationship. He loves playing with Mama. We have special activities that are just for me & him, but best of all, we have nose lovins. It’s our private little thing; just Mama & Collin.…

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  • August Rush

    August 3, 2010Holly Sosa

    August is here. This used to be a month filled with swimming pools & sticky, strawberry flavored fingers from melted popsicles. This used to be the month filled with last minute barbecues & back to school preparations. This used to…

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