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  • Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day Two

    November 16, 2010Holly Sosa

      My sister, Cortney, & I are best friends. Day Two Post a photo of you & the person you have been the closest with for the longest. Why is this person special to you? I chose my sister, Cortney, for…

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  • Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge: Day One

    November 15, 2010Holly Sosa

      Holly’s Fifteen Facts 1. The only affect caffeine has on me is when I don’t have it. I get crazy withdrawal headaches when I don’t drink it, but I don’t get any of the benefits many others do when…

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  • Thirty Days of Me Photo Challenge

    November 15, 2010Holly Sosa

    I am as addicted to Facebook as a person can be. I’m always connected via my iPhone & love feeling like I am a part of my family & friends’ daily lives. There has recently been a photo meme (sort of a…

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  • Go….Spartans?!

    November 12, 2010Holly Sosa

    I was raised a University of Michigan Wolverines football fan. Ever since I can remember, my Dad would give my sister & I maize & blue, Wolverines themed t-shirts, sweaters, etc. & we have donned them proudly over the years.…

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  • Break Out the Thermals

    November 10, 2010Holly Sosa

    The past few days here in VegasLand have given us warm blooded desert people a significant temperature drop. The chilly, crisp Fall season is upon us & I am so excited…& Collin’s brand new Winter wardrobe, courtesy of his birthday doesn’t help my excitement. Today was…

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  • Par-tay

    November 8, 2010Holly Sosa

    Collin’s birthday festivities are officially done…& so am I. I’m exhausted. My Mom & Step-Dad allowed us to hold Collin’s birthday party at their house. Large backyards are hard to come by in VegasLand & their yard is huge. They…

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  • Luke Patrick

    November 7, 2010Holly Sosa

    A couple of months ago, my very pregnant Aunt Kristi emailed me. She asked if I would mind shooting the delivery of her third son & my newest cousin, Luke Patrick. I tried to suppress my OMGSOEXCITEDYESYESYES eagerness as I wrote her back telling…

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  • He’s a Toddler

    November 6, 2010Holly Sosa

    Fair warning: The following may be a jumbled bit of words thrown together. I can’t seem to gather all of my thoughts about Collin’s first year. My brain is all over the place with sadness & excitement, both at the…

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  • The Camera

    October 15, 2010Holly Sosa

    I have this camera. It’s two years, one month & three weeks old today. It’s an old, blue, plastic disposable Polaroid camera that is partially covered in dust. It makes it’s way to random places in my house because it has no…

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  • Eleven Months

    October 14, 2010Holly Sosa

    Fair warning, this is another one of my annoying, “monthly Collin update,” posts. Boring to many, super exciting to me. Eleven months?!?!?!? Seriously?!?!?!? What. Happened?!?!? This month is going to be particularly hard on me. This the last month Collin…

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