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  • Ten Months

    September 10, 2010Holly Sosa

    I know it’s totally cheesy to post monthly updates of your baby’s life on your super hilarious & brilliant blog, (yeah, I just went there) but I’m convinced I can do this & still be completely cool. Besides, Collin is…

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  • We’re Back!!!

    September 5, 2010Holly Sosa

    Collin & I are back from our three week long Michigan adventure! I loved every moment I was there & have been spending a ton of my time at home looking at & editing all of our photos! I have a proper…

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  • Packing for Baby…& Mama

    August 10, 2010Holly Sosa

    Collin & I will be leaving extremely early in the morning for a flight to Michigan followed by a long drive to my hometown. My Dad bought us a plane ticket & we will be spending three glorious weeks with my…

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  • Nose Lovins

    August 5, 2010Holly Sosa

    Collin & I have an amazing relationship. He loves playing with Mama. We have special activities that are just for me & him, but best of all, we have nose lovins. It’s our private little thing; just Mama & Collin.…

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  • August Rush

    August 3, 2010Holly Sosa

    August is here. This used to be a month filled with swimming pools & sticky, strawberry flavored fingers from melted popsicles. This used to be the month filled with last minute barbecues & back to school preparations. This used to…

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  • Hello, Lover

    July 31, 2010Holly Sosa

    My Aunt Kristi recently bought me a new lens for my camera. Not just any lens though, one that I have been lusting over for over a year! I don’t want to go into too much detail for those of…

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  • iPhones & Babies

    July 29, 2010Holly Sosa

    Seriously, folks. I am in love with my new iPhone4. I can promise you, it is the ultimate Mom tool. My Aunt Kristi texted me the other day inviting me spend this afternoon in the pool with her & her boys.…

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  • Afternoon Naps

    July 23, 2010Holly Sosa

    I usually work the swing shift at my job. Which means, coming home after Collin has already been put to bed & waking up at the crack of dawn when he does with minimal sleep. And I love my sleep.…

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  • Cupcake Day

    July 22, 2010Holly Sosa

    Greg’s daughter, Meaghan, has been staying with us. Like myself, Meaghan is a lover of all things yum. In fact, yesterday she made Rice Krispy treats. Any house guest who makes Rice Krispy treats for me to enjoy wins some serious…

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  • Collin’s Birth Story

    November 4, 2009Holly Sosa

    NOTE: Before reading this, you should know that Collin’s pregnancy was high risk.  After the loss of  my first son, Liam, & being diagnosed with an incompetent cervix combined with MTHFR, I was given a cerclage at 12 weeks.  At…

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