Our Week via iPhone Photos: October 13 – 19, 2012

October 20, 2012Holly Sosa
Our mini dry erase board on the fridge with our nightly menu. // Toddler dinner yums. // Collin playing a monster truck game on the computer. // Snickerdoodles! // Collin telling me about the race car & how it got a flat tire. // After watching the space jump, he was dooonnnneeee. // Holly Hobbie embroideries my godmother is mailing me to hang in Evie’s room. // Hilarious notebook on clearance for $0.75 at Target. // Hanging out being all old. // Prenatals & baby aspirin. // Lovenox injection. // Husband’s poop  masking attempts. // Pumpkin pie preview!  This will be up as a guest post next week.  Stay tuned. // Collin slept in until 9:30AM!!! / My 25 week belly. // Blog planning. // Our backyard.

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