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July 6, 2016Holly Sosa

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Organization is kind of my thing. Everything has a home (for the most part) in my house and I’d definitely say I have a type-a personality when it comes to keeping things together. My laundry room is no exception and I try to keep things easy to navigate in there so that when laundry day comes around, I can get in and out and be finished with my least favorite chore.

I keep a Laundry Room Caddy on top of my dryer that holds all of the essentials for laundry day. It’s a great way to keep things corralled together and a helpful solution to ensuring nothing falls behind the black hole that lies in the space behind the dryer. Inside the caddy, I keep dryer sheets, vinegar (great for getting extra smelly clothes clean), stain removers, bleach, static cling spray, fabric freshening spray, and of course, laundry detergent.

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I would consider myself a mom who tries to be aware of the products I use for my family. I buy all natural or organic shampoos and conditioners, I’m careful about the produce I purchase, and I care about what goes into our laundry and how it effects our environment. But as equally as important as environmentally friendly ingredients is that the products I use are effective for my family of seven. Tide purclean is a new bio-based detergent made with the cleaning power of Tide* (*65% bio-based ingredients). And since it’s available at Target (the motherland!), it’s the perfect solution for my family’s laundry needs while also satisfying our environmental concerns.

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Tide purclean is made at a zero manufacturing waste to landfill site with 100% renewable electricity and it’s certified by the USDA BioPreferred Program. And while that’s all important to me, I also need a product that’s effective and I’m excited to report that Tide purclean is as, if not more effective, than other detergents I’ve tried that aren’t bio-based. And if you know me, you know how I feel about lavender, right? The Honey Lavender scent is just the loveliest thing ever, friends! At my local Target, it was easy to spot on a display in the end cap of the laundry aisle, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the same.

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Use the Cartwheel app while shopping at Target to redeem 5% off new Tide purclean now through 7/30/2016. Use in combination with the neckhanger coupon for $1.00 off to maximize your discount to try the detergent for yourself.


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