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It’s time to start preparing my home for all the insane early mornings that the new school year will bring. As a self-proclaimed organization junkie, I like to try to tackle any small projects that need to be done before the school year starts to ensure our mornings aren’t spent searching for a pen to write a note to a teacher or tape to fix a rip in homework papers. One of our most used and oddly, most neglected, places in our home is our junk drawer. Inspired by Wayfair’s campaign to Make Mornings Manageable, I decided to tackle the abyss and I’m happy to say I survived.

Here’s an idea of what I started with. Appropriately enough, a drawer filled with junk.

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The best way to begin an organization project is to start from scratch, so I completely empties the drawer onto my counter.

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A clean slate is so satisfying. Though it might be time for a new drawer organizer.

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A little organization tip to make things feel more put together is to line your drawers with contact paper (some of my faves).

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I went through the contents of the junk drawer item by item. Reassigning items like light bulbs and thumbtacks to my small tool bag and designating compartments in the organizer for things like batteries and tape.

Some ideas for junk drawer essentials to keep on hand:

  • a flashlight
  • matches
  • scissors
  • a small blade or box cutter
  • tape
  • pens/pencils
  • a pad of paper
  • batteries
  • a sewing kit

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The project took me less than 30 minutes and I felt accomplished. It gave me sweet satisfaction only a good purging can give. And now at least this often used drawer will be efficient, even if I can’t get the rest of the morning together, we’ll at least be able to find a pen with ease!

Check out my Junk Drawer Organization Idea Board on Wayfair for my favorite picks to help you organize your own junk drawer.


Holly S.

Junk Drawer Organization
Holly S.


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