Industrial Chic Hand Towel Holder

May 2, 2016Holly Sosa

This post is sponsored by National Hardware. Thank you to National Hardware for partnering with me. And thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog and my family.

industrial chic hand towel holder4

In our two bathroom home, guests share a bathroom with our five kiddos. Trust me when I tell you that the struggle is very real when it comes to keeping it presentable and welcoming (read no pee on the toilet seat) for when we have our weekly community group and other gatherings throughout the week. Rather than have the decor geared towards kitschy kid themed items, we’ve opted for a more modern and industrial feel to help welcome guests in hopes they won’t feel like they’re crashing in on a kid’s only area.

One glaring problem we have in the guest bathroom is no space for a hand towel; and more often than not, I believe our guests have had to opt to use the kids towels hanging up. Not fun for all parties involved. As a temporary solution, I’ve been rolling up a few hand towels spa-style and stacking them in the middle of the two sinks. The design in the space is industrial modern and I haven’t found a towel holder I love enough to put in there as of yet; never mind when I do it doesn’t fit in the narrow space between the two mirrors.

Occasionally I’ll have a creative epiphany, and when I saw the spear pulls from National Hardware, I swear angels sang. It’s the perfect size for the narrow space and it compliments the industrial design. Oh, hey there brain! Nice to see you still work from time to time!

If you want to recreate this Industrial Chic Towel Holder in your bathroom, all you need is a drill and one spear pull from National Hardware, which has all the necessary hardware included.

industrial chic hand towel holder1

industrial chic hand towel holder2

industrial chic hand towel holder3

industrial chic hand towel holder5

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With the wide variety of pulls offered at National Hardware, the possibilities for this are endless. Small spaces and even RVs can use this simple hack of turning a spear pull horizontally to store hand towels or even in kitchens for dish towels.

National Hardware is the leader in builders hardware and strives to manufacture high quality products that exceed regulatory standards. While I repurposed a spear pull for a hand towel holder, they’re the obvious choice for home improvement like gate hardware, screen/storm door hardware, and more.

Be sure to visit the National Hardware website to check out all of their hardware for your next home improvement project. You can also visit them on Facebook for more fun tutorials and hack from bloggers like me.


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