Grinch Cookies, a Simple Christmas Cookie Idea

November 12, 2015Holly Sosa

grinch cookies11

I can’t take credit for this idea because I first saw it over at Katrina’s Kitchen. Growing up, The Grinch was one of my favorite movies of all time. During my summers in Michigan, I’d beg my grandma to put it in the VCR. What can I say friends, Christmas is my spirit animal and I live it all year long. Even now as an adult, I watch the original cartoon version with my kids and force back allergy eyes when his heart grows and fills with Christmas cheer and love. When I saw Katrina’s Grinch inspired cookies, I wanted to create my own version to share these special treats with my kids.

To start, I prepared a store bought sugar cookie mix in my stand mixer.

grinch cookies1

Then I added in some green food coloring and mixed it all up again to form the familiar Grinch-y color.

grinch cookies3

Next I formed the dough into one inch sized balls and rolled them in some powdered sugar.

grinch cookies4

grinch cookies6

I placed the balls on a cookie sheet and gently pressed down on them with the palm of my hand to flatten them.

grinch cookies9

Once the cookie sheet was full, I baked it according to the instructions on the store bought mix.

I allowed the cookies to cool completely before adding on my little frosting hearts. The perfectionist in me wanted to use the same heart sprinkles Katrina did, but I couldn’t find any and wanted to create a version using what I could find at my grocery store rather than ordering them (though I’ll probably order some for next year!).

grinch cookies10

These adorable cookies are an easy way to make a Christmas treat if you’re short on time or if baking isn’t your forte. They’re simplified with store bought cookie mix and need minimal decorating so that your kids can still help you. The Grinch is a happy reminder of the true meaning of Christmas and I love that these cookies embrace the message of love and love for your fellow humans…and Who-vians.

grinch cookies13

grinch cookies15

grinch cookies14

grinch cookies16

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