ePantry, Free Dish Tabs + $10 Credit

October 15, 2015Holly Sosa


A couple months ago, I started using ePantry to order all my household cleaning products. My sister had been bugging me to try it for months and it was mostly just to get her to stop asking me if I tried it yet. Two months & two shipments later I’m blown away. I don’t want to turn this into a huge review post, but I do use this service and I have loved every single product I’ve tried from them. They offer eco-friendly products that are actually affordable and they run out of a small office in San Fransisco, so they’re easy to reach should you ever have an issue or concern.


I’m super excited because they’re letting me offer my readers a free shipment of Mrs. Meyers’ Dish Tabs (one of the products I’m using and loving) along with a $10 credit to use on anything on the site. The offer expires October 31st, 2015.

As a self-proclaimed clean freak, I’m loving that this service gives me access to affordable eco-friendly options because I hate using chemical crap on my surfaces and I also hate spending crazy amounts of money on the safer stuff. Currently I’m obsessed with the Basil Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface Cleaner and I use that goodness on everything. Our kitchen, our dining room table, doors, and my desk and it works better than the gross stuff I’ve used in the past. I also added the Mrs. Meyers Tub & Tile Cleaner to my latest order and can’t wait to try that out.


While this is a monthly service, you’re not obligated to purchase every month. We used the entire bottle of our multi-surface cleaner, so we opted to order more this month. But we didn’t use all of our dish tabs, so we just declined ordering more of those. If you don’t want or need anything one month, you don’t need to order at all. There is absolutely no requirement to purchase every month, so you have no excuse not to try it out, ha!


For more information on ePantry, including discounts, product varieties, and uses, check them out on Facebook.


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