Eat Smart Salads, a Lunch Solution for Busy Moms

September 24, 2015Holly Sosa

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Staying on track is a struggle for me, especially when I have so many easy unhealthy options at my discretion. Grabbing a bag of potato chips is easier than making a healthy salad and since I’m such a busy mom and boss lady, the potato chips win out more often than not. Recently, I discovered these incredible Eat Smart Salad Kits that offer a healthy, chef inspired solution to my junk food dilemma.

Available in Super Food Gourmet Vegetable Salad Kits and new Plant Powered Protein Salad Kits, there are several options to choose from that fit nicely into any busy lifestyle. The Super Food Gourmet Vegetable Salad Kits are a sophisticated blend of six or more super foods along with a packet full of mix-ins to add depth and flavor. The Plant Powered Protein Salad Kits come in individual servings, packing 11 grams of protein, that are easy to grab before heading out to work or school.

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Opening the Wild Greens & Quinoa salad for the first time, I was happy to see several textures and greens that I knew would give my salad a crunch and a depth of flavor. Plus, there was a package containing tons of crunchy mix-ins, which make a salad fun to eat and give it lasting power in my tummy.

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I loved that I could easily throw my salad in a bowl, add my toppings and dressing, and enjoy my salad right at my desk. I’m a multi-tasker and work from home, so being able to use my lunch break to catch up on some emails was so convenient!

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My salad contained loads of veggies, which I was super excited about. I felt like I was getting a really healthy and well-rounded meal. Broccoli stalk makes a lovely addition to salad greens, who even knew?! he Avocado Herb dressing that was included was phenomenal and I was all about it!

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These Eat Smart Salads will for sure be making regular appearances in my fridge. They’re super tasty and help me stay on track throughout the week. They’re my own personal potato chip security guard filled with nutritious veggies and crunch add-ins that satisfy that crunch craving in a healthy way.

For more information on these Eat Smart Salads, including where you can buy them, check out the Eat Smart website.

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