DIY Thanksgiving Yarn Wreath

November 21, 2012Holly Sosa
I’m yarn wreath obsessed.  I love these suckers.  They are cheap, easy & so easily made personal.  My Halloween wreath was centered around the kids.  For Thanksgiving, I wanted to do my own thang.  So I went down to JoAnn’s & got my craft freak on.
Supplies you’ll need:  yarn (obviously) of your choice, any embellishments you find/want (get creative you can super glue just about anything you want to this bad boy) and a straw wreath.  Yes, you can use foam or whatever other wreaths they have there.  However, if you know what’s good for your wallet, you’ll get a straw wreath.  They are significantly cheaper (this one was $2.00).  And they are wrapped, so you won’t have to deal with straw.  And they are easier to adhere your yarn to.  I’m talking Scotch tape easy.
Take your yarn & adhere it to your wreath using a dab of super glue or hot glue.  You can even use scotch tape if you have a wrapped straw wreath.  I did.  Next?  Just plop yourself down in front of some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & wrap that yarn around the wreath while watching Kim pretend to be sober.
My first wreath took me a few hours.  After my first wreath, it’s been easy from there.  I can completely wrap a wreath in about an hour.  It’s mindless really.  
JoAnn’s had some awesome stuff to use for my embellishments.  Feathers are totally Thanksgiving, right?  Or is that disrespectful to the turkey?  I’m not sure, but I am sure my wreath rocked my front door’s world. 

I think this is my favorite wreath I’ve made thus far.  Everything came together magically in the end & I felt like a yarn princess.  Boo yah, yarn gods.  Boo. yah.

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