Collin’s First Chiropractor Visit

October 22, 2012Holly Sosa

Collin was born with a condition called torticollis.  His first year of life, we made weekly visits to physical therapist & he was even fitted for a helmet.  Luckily, with some perseverance & lots of extra PT with Mama, he never needed the helmet.

Collin’s neck & head are great.  He has full movement & no major issues with anything as far as headaches or head tilting.  He does have a few small physical appearances that show signs of his condition.  If you look at him from behind, you can see that one ear is a little higher & more forward on his head than the other.  One of his eyebrows sits a little lower.  But really it’s nothing you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t looking for it.

Lately, Collin has been complaining of his knees hurting.  He has even woken up in the middle of the night crying because of the pain in his knees.  And I’ve also noticed his head starting to pull to one side again.  So, I did a little research & found that it can be beneficial to kids with torticollis to see a chiropractor.  J sees a chiro on a regular basis for his back, so we decided to make an appointment for Collin.

As suspected, his neck muscle on one side was super tight, which was causing the tilt.  And one of Collin’s legs was about an inch shorter than the other.  The chiro felt that his neck was making Collin’s entire alignment wonky & that that’s what was causing his knee pain.  Plus, Collin is a very large three year old.  Very large.  He is the size of a typical five year old.  He is always off of the charts at his doctor appointments & no one believes us when we tell them his age.  In fact, we often get weird looks because our, “five year old, ” behaves like a three year old.  I think that has an effect on his knees as well.
The doctor did some heat therapy on his neck & back to loosen his muscles up, then Collin had some cold laser therapy done on his neck & knees.  As soon as the nurse was finished with the laser, Collin sat up & said, “I feel bettah!”  The doctor came in & adjusted him.  He was a champ throughout it all.  After the adjustment, his legs were the same length again, which was pretty cool to witness.
I have noticed such a difference in him since we went.  His neck looks longer & not like it was pulling on one side like it was before.  He hasn’t woke in the night or complained that his knees hurt since the adjustment & even his poops are better than they were.  He has even been sleeping in longer than usual, which I believe is a result of his body being more relaxed.
I am so happy that I found a natural solution to manage Collin’s torticollis & any pain issues he has as a result of it!  I’m a total chiropractor believer!

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