• Vloggin’ Vednesday March Schedule

    March 7, 2011Holly Sosa

                 I’m sure you all remember my awkward VLog from last week’s Vlogging Vednesday. Well, we all had so much fun watching ourselves be weird & awkward, we decided to invite all y’all to embarrass yourselves. We came up with a bunch of themes/ questions & a schedule for what we now…

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  • Hot Vliggity Vlog Vendesday

    March 2, 2011Holly Sosa

    I know a lot of you who follow me also follow Chelsey from The Paper Mama. She’s pretty faboosh. Anyways, she emailed a few of us other bloggers about a fun idea to vlog hop together. She originally saw this at 80MPH Mom & thought it would be fun for a bunch of us to participate…

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  • Dialect Vlog Bandwagon

    February 13, 2011Holly Sosa

    ….I iz on it! I am having so much fun watching other blog Mamas doing these dialect vlogs, so I decided I needed to man…er, woman up & do one already! Shawntae from A Little King & I was the one who finally ended up making me grow a pair….& I give her a little shout…

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