• Get Ready with Me + elf Cosmetics Thoughts

    May 11, 2015Holly Sosa

    Recently, the kind folks over at e.l.f. Cosmetics sent over a box full of makeup goodies for me to try out. As a busy Mama, I don’t always have the funding or the time to visit specialty beauty stores. Because of this, e.l.f. has quickly become one of my favorite makeup brands. It’s accessible at…

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  • (Vlog) My LUSH Haul: February 2015 Collection

    February 11, 2015Holly Sosa

    Over the weekend, I made a trip to Las Vegas to visit my family. I could hardly contain my excitement when I found out they had a LUSH store close to my mom’s house and made not one, but two trips during my stay. I am just loving this company and every single product I’ve…

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  • It’s My First Vlog & It’s So Awkward!

    December 20, 2014Holly Sosa

    One of my goals in 2015 is to vlog at least three times weekly. I think this will be a fun new way for us to interact & connect. With this being my first filming, it’s pretty clear how nervous & awkward I am, but that’s okay! I’m going to keep it real & share…

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  • Instagram Videos, Ya’ll

    June 26, 2013Holly Sosa

    For those of you who don’t already know, my beloved Instagram (the app that I use on my phone for all of my photos) now has a video feature.  And I’m in love. If you have Instagram, you can follow me at @ourhollydays.

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  • Sister Child Video

    April 11, 2013Holly Sosa

    We have been gathering so many photos of Evelyn, but I seem to miss out on the moments of her with her brothers or sisters.  I threw together a little video just to capture a few of these moments.  Hopefully, it will help remind me to get more of these on camera.  They are just…

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  • A “Gween Injure”

    December 21, 2012Holly Sosa

    Collin saw Santa last week.  And he promptly asked him for Monster Jams & a, “gween injure.”  Monster Jams are in the bag.  I know first hand Santa will be bringing some for Collin on Christmas Day.  But as for the, “gween injure.”  I mean.  I don’t even know where I could procure such an…

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  • Collin’s Birthday Interview – Three Years Old

    November 8, 2012Holly Sosa

    Awhile ago, I saw this sweet idea on Pinterest about asking your child the same ten questions every year on their birthday & keeping track of their answers so you can see how they change & evolve over the years.  I thought this was brilliant.  Collin turned three a few days ago, so we decided…

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