• Parent Win

    November 26, 2011Holly Sosa

    When we first made plans for Collin & I to come spend Thanksgiving weekend in Big Bear with Jacob & his daughters, I obsessively scoured the Internet for activities we could do with the kids. Preferably something so full of holiday cheer, we’d all fall asleep that day with visions of sugar plums. Big Bear is a…

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  • Busy Bears

    October 9, 2011Holly Sosa

    Oh man. Collin and I have been super busy today. We came up to Big Bear last night to surprise our Cub Cub (Jacob) for the weekend and we woke up super early this morning when Cub Cub got home from his grave shift.We started the day with refusal to eat breakfast and a hissy fit over…

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  • LA Trip: Easter (Photo Heavy)

    April 26, 2011Holly Sosa

    It has been awhile since Collin & I have made the trip to LA with Greg to visit family. For Easter this year, we were able to head out together & celebrate with his family. Greg has a huge Bolivian family. They often remind me of that movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Everyone has…

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  • LA Trip: Day One

    April 24, 2011Holly Sosa

    Have I mentioned how much I FREAKING LOVE having a laptop? I am at my sister-in-law’s house right now writing up a blog & Tweet stalking people. I love being able to upload the photos I took today at the beach & in Abuela’s garden & edit them while I have a little down time…

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  • Flashback Friday: Seester Trip 2008

    February 25, 2011Holly Sosa

    My sister…or, as I like to call her, Seester…& I like to take trips together. We try to take one together alone. Just us. Once a year. I have been incredibly blessed to have a sister I am close to…I’m talking redonk close. Sometimes, we even text each other our bowel movements. Okay, maybe not…

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  • Dinner on the Town

    January 26, 2011Holly Sosa

    Most of you already know I live in VegasLand. I do not like living in this town. I don’t think it’s a great environment for raising Collin & I’d like to move away, eventually. But right now, my home is in Las Vegas & I make the best of it. I don’t enjoy going downtown…

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