• 2017 Erin Condren Hourly Planner

    June 10, 2016Holly Sosa

    I did not receive financial compensation for this post. However, Erin Condren did provide me with a 2017 planner and accessories to facilitate this post. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own. Thank you to Erin Condren for partnering with me. And thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog and…

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  • Sermon Notes Binder, How to Organize Your Notes After Church

    May 13, 2016Holly Sosa

    If you’re a regular church-goer, you’ve probably got a drawer full of sermon notes somewhere in your house. For years, my sermon notes were well-meaningly held on to and then eventually tossed because they had no specific place to reside. It actually pained me to toss them and looking back, I wish I would have…

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  • How to Create a Summer Schedule for Your Children

    May 11, 2016Holly Sosa

    This post may contain affiliate links. During the school year, our blended family is kind of all over the place. Kids here and there, to and from, this event, that practice, and we are always on the go. We all look forward to summer because we get to relax, at least a little bit. In…

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  • Free Planner Stickers, a List of my Favorite Printables

    April 22, 2016Holly Sosa

    Planner addicts rejoice! I’m sharing all of my favorite resources for free planner stickers to help you get a kick start with your own creative planner journaling. One of my best kept secrets about my planner is that most of the stickers and decorations I use are totally free. I print these out at home…

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  • Thoughts on the Hourly ECLP

    April 8, 2016Holly Sosa

    We all know this by now, right friends? I have a serious problem. A planner addiction. And while each year I start with the best intentions of buying one planner and sticking with that one throughout the year, Erin Condren goes and releases a new kind of planner and my brain tells me I must…

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  • Paperclip Bookmarks, a Stationery Lovers Craft!

    February 24, 2016Holly Sosa

    I’m a stationery addict. Which means I have a hard time resisting fun pens, pretty sticky notes, or a lovely bookmark. I’ve been known to collect adorable little paperclip bookmarks from small Etsy shops just because you never know when you’ll need a great looking paperclip, ha! Really, I know I can be ridiculous sometimes,…

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  • Making a Planner Dashboard Insert, My Tea Time Moment

    February 19, 2016Holly Sosa

    If you’re involved in the planner world at all, you’ve probably heard the term dashboard several times. And if you’re not a planner addict like myself, I’m going to explain exactly what it is because you don’t need to be a planner nerd for it to be useful for you in your everyday work or…

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  • Adding School Schedules to my Planner

    February 12, 2016Holly Sosa

    My planner is more than simply an agenda to get me through each day. It’s a media journal, planner, and scrapbook all in one. Sure, I record appointment times and events, but it’s also a little place for me to let out some creativity and have fun with stickers, pens, and all things stationery related.…

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  • Pretty Notebooks for Stationery Addicts

    February 5, 2016Holly Sosa

    This post may contain affiliate links. I’m a notebook junkie. But not just for any notebook, I love collecting beautifully designed notebooks. As a stationery junkie, it goes with the territory, I suppose. I try to keep it practical and I keep myself limited to two to three notebooks at once; otherwise I get a…

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  • Homeowners Yearly Checklist

    January 15, 2016Holly Sosa

    As a homeowner, I feel a sense of responsibility to keep my home properly maintained to avoid any major fiascos in the future. Regularly checking my roof for loose or missing shingles, doing a major deep cleaning, and cleaning out the vents are all tasks I stay pretty well on top of, but I know…

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