Free Laundry Chart Printable

Organization is my strong point.  I feel pretty blessed to have my brain function the way it does because it makes for a clean house & less stressful environment for everyone in the house.  When everything has an easy to find place, there is no freak out moment because you can’t find something.  And your mind also doesn’t stress about how you need to clean this or organize that.
It’s clear that you all love my home organization posts.  My chore chart printable & cleaning schedule printable are some of the most pinned posts I’ve ever written.  Which I think is so awesome because I can share my tips & tricks with all of you! 
I am all about charts & calendars.  Our cleaning schedule is so awesome for our family.  It breaks what would normally take an entire day of cleaning down into smaller, daily activities that help keep our house tidy & fresh so there are no, “Oh, crap.  Our toilets haven’t been scrubbed in weeks & our floors need vacuuming & we have to get this all done before so & so comes over,” moments.  Charts help.  Especially with bigger families or families with smaller children.  Smaller bites help you achieve bigger goals.
Naturally, with my love for charts, I needed some type of way to organize our laundry.  Dude.  Our laundry.  I had to figure out something because I felt like I was forever folding chonies & forever catching up.  I created this schedule/chart & have been using it for a few weeks now.  I’m thrilled with it.  I do a max of two loads per laundry day.  Giving everyone in our home a designated day makes my life so much easier.  

J’s days off are Sunday & Monday, so I created our schedule around that.  I hate having a mountain of laundry to do on his days off.  I prefer for us to spend time as a family & minimize chores, so I chose Sunday & Monday to be our, “off days.”  I based each day off of bedrooms.  For instance, Collin & Aiden share a room, therefore they share a hamper; so they share a laundry day.  Same for MJ & Andie.

I cloth diaper, so I added a reminder to wash our diapers at least three times a week.  I also frequently overlook our bath & kitchen rugs, which take a beating & should be washed once a month.  Since not everyone cloth diapers, I made two printable charts, one for cloth diapers & one without.

These print on 8×10 easily.  For full resolution, click on the image you prefer, then right click, & save it to your computer.

Our Chore Chart

I’ve been gearing up for the summer over here in Casa de Sosa.  We get the girls during the summer months & aside from a couple of weeks when I go to Michigan with Collin & Evie, I will have all five of the kids at home.  I actually thrive on chaos.  Except for one thing: the mess.  Kids are kids, man.  And they don’t pick up after themselves or remember important life things like brushing teeth.  So this summer, I am channeling my evil step-mother & created chore charts for all of the kids.  Yes, even my little toddler dudes (Aiden loves helping me move the laundry from the washer to the dryer & pressing start…insta-chore).  I searched all over the Internetz & Pinterest & found nothing I liked.  So, I created my own.  Viola!

Each child will have a different chores depending on their age.  For instance, Collin & Aiden are too small to really help with anything major, so I’ll stick to things like putting pjs in the hamper, brushing teeth, cleaning up toys, & helping with the laundry.  The girls are a little older & can handle larger tasks like wiping down the table after dinner, sweeping up the kitchen floor, & spraying down the shower after all the kids have finished their baths.
My charts have each kid’s name on them, but I made this generic one for all of you guys in case you wanted to steal my rad chart.  You know you want to.  Just click the image below & it will take you to the full size chart & you can right click & save the full resolution file.  It prints on standard sized paper best.  I wouldn’t try anything larger than 8 x 11 or it may look pixelated.
I printed one of these out for each kid & will be placing them in a sheet protector.  Then I plan to place them on a clipboard for each child & hang them on their bedroom doors with a dry erase marker tied to each one.  This way they can check off their chores as they do them each day.
I hope you all can find some use with this printable!  If you use it, definitely let me know!  I’d love to see it in action in your homes.

Evie’s Changing Station

I hear people tell new mothers or mothers-to-be all of the time that they don’t need a changing table or, “Oh, you’ll never use it.  I never did.  I just changed him/her on the bed or couch.”

Cool.  Good for you.  But I used the shit out of a changing table/station for Collin & I do with Evie, too.  I mean, if you organize it right, you can’t not use it all of the time.  It’s so convenient & easy.  Plus, if you cloth diaper, I really think you would use one all of the time.

I’m really proud of how I put together Evie’s, so I thought I’d share with you guys some of my tips & ideas for storage & decor.  And as usual, on a budget.

I was so very blessed for my Godmother to send me two Holly Hobbie stitcheries.  Her mother made them for her & her sister & she has all boys, so she generously offered to pass them on to my sweet Evelyn.  They are in amazing condition & we wil cherish them forever or until one of her boys has a daughter & happens to want them, in which case I’d gladly send them for another little girl to enjoy.
I am always on the hunt for a good stitchery or piece of vintage artwork when I go thrifting.  I found each of these gorgeous little crochet art pieces during separate trips.  So lucky!  They were both $2.99 each, frames included!  You cannot beat that!  One of a kind, vintage art at an amazing price!

Our changing table was a gift from my Ma.  She has a tradition of buying all of her grandkids’ bedroom furniture.  Evelyn is going to use Collin’s old crib, but I needed a new dresser & changing table, so she bought them to match!  I am so grateful to have such a generous person in my life.  
The Diaper Genie & wipe warmer were also gifts for Evie from a family friend.  Both came in handy for us since we don’t have a garage to take stinky diapers out to & the wipe warmer will help keep cloth wipes wet for longer once we make that transition.
I purchased her changing pad cover on eBay.  You can get such great deals on eBay for everything!  The afghans were thrifted, naturally.  The storage bins I purchased in the office supplies aisle in Target. All of the other storage options are insanely priced!  At roughly $10 for a storage bin, $30 was way too much for us to spend.  These are actually for storing files & were only $3 a piece.  If I didn’t score these, my other solution was to wrap cardboard boxes in fabric or wrapping paper.
I got our wet bag (& most of our cloth diapers) from  They ship directly from the manufacturer in China, so it takes like three weeks to get to you, but the prices cannot be beat.  So, I think it’s worth the wait.
I use the top bin for her diapers.  I stuff & snap my diapers together after each wash & store them right in here for easy access.  This bin can hold up to 35 cloth diapers.  Even more if you use disposables!
I use the bottom right bin for burp cloths that I am forever using.  I put them on top of her little chair to help block leaks or spit ups from staining the fabric on it.
Lastly, I use the bottom left bin to store all of her bath & grooming products.  That way, I can just cut her fingernails after I change her.  And it also works great for bath time, I just grab the entire bin & everything I need is in it.  Her bath chair (it folds down), her wash, her lotion, q-tips, baby powder or anything else she needs.
Did you use a changing table for your babies?  Why or why not do you think they are a good idea?

Our Cleaning Routine

Aside from our inevitable toy-splosions (pictured above) around here, I keep a pretty neat house.  I do get lots of compliments on IG about it & I’m not gonna lie, I go ahead & brush my shoulders off.  Many comments state, “Oh, I don’t know how you do it!” or, “My house is never that clean!  I can never keep up!”

My, “secret,” isn’t a secret at all.  I just keep up with messes daily.  Trash on the floor?  I pick it up when I walk by.  Notice a cobweb, I grab my Swiffer duster & get it.  Dishwasher done?  I empty it.  I try to make the boys’ beds everyday & keep their room clean also.  Do the beds get made every single day?  No.  But I try & in fact, sometimes they will, “help.”  It’s rare & I don’t force them because they are still a bit too small, but I love that they see me doing it & that it encourages them to take pride in their beds & room.

My husband also pitches in when he knows I need the help.  We both really take pride in our home & keeping it tidy & clean.  But please don’t think that that means our house is always spotless.  Let’s be real.  We have two toddlers & an infant.  Sometimes it doesn’t happen.  But for the most part, this helps us make it work.

When I sat down to think about just, “how,” I do it.  I realized we do sort of keep a schedule.  A cleaning calendar, of sorts.  I decided to peruse Pinterest to see some other cleaning printouts & then created my own based on what we do.

This is posted on our fridge so that at a glance, J or myself can easily see what needs to be done that day.  You can print this for your house if you so desire.  For the full size, just click the image.  It prints on 8.5 x 11 paper.
If you do use this, let me know how it works out for you!  I’d love to hear your experience with it.

Where I Work at Home

I can definitely say I’ve made the transition to a work at home Mom.  Which deserves it’s own blog post because, man it’s hard.  Luckily, I enjoy my work.  Who wouldn’t like being on social media most of the time & selling their favorite products from the comfort of their own home?  It’s great!  But it’s been difficult figuring out where in the I should be working.

For awhile, I had the computer in our office extension in our master bedroom.  But with a husband who works grave shifts & two loud toddlers, the only chance I had to work was before they woke up or after they went to sleep.  Then I tried working at the dining room table.  Which worked until we needed all six seats & the full table.  Then, we decided I would just move into the front/formal living room.  It isn’t really being used & I can keep an eye on the boys or turn on some cartoons for about an hour after we do school so I can get bits of work done here & there.  It’s worked out awesome.  I can keep an eye on everything from here & don’t bother J while he is sleeping.

The only thing that was missing from my little corner was some flair.  So I took care of that & got my pink tool kit out (what? you don’t have a pink tool kit?) & hammered some nails into the wall above my computer.  And added me some Holly to these walls.

To the left of my desk is my Scentsy work station.  To the right is all my homeschooling supplied for the boys’ preschool activities.  I still need to figure out a better way to organize those, but for now they are easy & portable.  I can toss them in our bedroom when company comes over.  The same with my Scentsy work station.  That bad boy is on wheels, so it makes it simple for me to move it.

J & I have a stupid, “thing,” where we tell each other, “just sayin.”  It’s sort of evolved into a way to say I love you.  Which I why I have the, “I’m just saying!” sign up.  I have a Michigan print & below it is a print that reads, “It’s called pop, not soda.”  The middle is a print that reads, “I’m kind of a big deal on my blog.”  To the right of that is a vintage mail holder I found while thrifting.  I put up a silly little Facebook quote.  Next to that, a Charles Dickens quote, “Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper than never tires, and a touch that never hurts.”  I just adore that quote.

I sell Scentsy, so I needed a place to store my growing stock.  I hope to outgrow this little shelf very soon, but I love it for now.  I get to keep my supplies close so I can easily & quickly answer any incoming emails or adjust any orders I am inputting.
Aaaaand PS?  All those Scentsy bars on the middle shelf? I got those for free.  Free.  Not joking.  What’s great about Scentsy is that not only do I earn commission, I get free product!  And I’m a Scentsy addict!  So I’m all about free stuff!

As usual, I’m still working on this area.  But it’s so rad to see our home coming along & getting organized.  Sometimes it seems like it will take forever, but when I get to make progress like that, I feel a lot better about everything.  I’m also 89% sure I’m nesting, so I think that helps.

Meal Stretching & Grocery Advice

We are a one income family which means we live on a super tight budget once you factor in all of our bills.  By tight I mean tight.  Most people would be shocked to find out how much we can allocate for groceries in any given week.

Since I cannot work during my pregnancy, I strongly believe it is my job to create ways we can save money.  Clipping coupons, scouring store ads & coming up with creative ways to stretch our meals while also trying to stay as organic & natural as possible.

I thought I would share one of the ways I stretched our meals/leftovers in a super delicious & crazy easy way.

We have a grocery chain here called WinCo where you can buy a ton of stuff in bulk & at super cheap prices.  I got these vermicelli noodles in the Latino foods aisle for $0.50 each.  They also sell organic broths there for around $1.00-2.00 depending on what sales they have.  
I also frequent Fresh & Easy for our veggies.  I buy frozen mostly so that we can stretch them out without worrying about spoiling.  A bag of mixed California veggies at Fresh & Easy runs about $1.50.  This particular bag got us through two meals.  Fresh & Easy also has a rewards program where you earn points & can convert them to cash.  I once saved enough points for $25.00 & did all of our grocery shopping for a week there in just that $25.00!!!
Collin & Aiden love anything that has broth in it.  They are both into soups & this one is always a hit when I have the right amount of leftovers to make it.
I had some left over chicken broth that I used in my mashed potatoes the night before.  I also had these mixed veggies from a couple of nights ago.  And you can almost always find a bunch of pasta in my pantry at any given time.  Pasta = cheap, easy & you can almost always find a coupon for it.
I didn’t have a ton of broth left, so I filled my pot with the broth, added some water until I got the desired amount & then tossed in a small amount of bouillon since the broth would be watered down.  I boiled my noodles right in with the broth until they were tender.  Then I removed them from the heat & added the veggies.  The veggies were still cold, but the soup was hot & I knew the veggies would help cool the soup down a bit before giving it to the boys.  Voila!
The only item in this dish that was exclusively purchased for it was the vermicelli.  so this meal cost me a whopping $0.50!!!  And the boys ate it up!
Here are some other ways I save on our grocery bill & stretch our budget:
We almost never buy beef.  It’s pretty expensive & I swear to you that ground turkey tastes exactly the same once cooked.  Ground turkey is significantly cheaper than ground beef.  My turkey meatloaf is always a huge hit with J & the boys.  I almost never have leftovers when I make it.
Buy frozen veggies.  They are cheaper, you get more for your money & they last longer.  I sometimes forget when I have fresh veggies in the fridge or end up not using them in time before they go bad.
Don’t eat out.  We never eat out.  Period.  We don’t have the option since we live in such a rural community.  So I have to make sure that all of our food is purchased for meals & there is no such thing as, “I don’t feel up to cooking tonight, let’s go to McDonald’s.”  
Almost all meat departments will have meat on clearance.  Fresh & Easy is a big one for me.  They have a special clearance section in the back of their store with everything that’s about to expire.  Often times, food is 50% – 70% off!  Meat, produce, dairy.  You have to eat or freeze it right away, but usually grocery store expiration dates are super generous anyway & meat stays pretty fresh for a few days after the listed dates.  I once got whipping cream in the clearance section for $0.99!!! Whipping cream is crazy expensive, so I was pretty proud of that find.
Rewards cards may seem annoying, but they really do help you get more bang for your buck.  Especially Fresh & Easy’s program.  They often have certain foods worth more points on special weeks.  100 points = one dollar & you can load them on to your card once you earn $10.00.  It works just like a gift card.  I mean free food, people!  I ain’t too proud to beg!
Coupons, people.  Coupons can save you tons at the end of a grocery trip.  The downside to Fresh & Easy is that their prices are too low to accept any coupons, but they frequently email out $5 off $25 purchase coupons.  Those little suckers really add up at the end of the day.
Buy store brands.  Nine times out of ten you can’t tell the difference.  I think it’s silly to pay nearly $1.00 more for the same product that is a store brand.  It’s the same stuff, people.
Snacks.  We don’t snack a ton in our house.  Snacks are costly, typically bad for you & a huge way to help minimize your grocery bill.  I buy a couple boxes of store brand Ritz or Saltines & a couple boxes of store brand graham crackers when we shop & that’s it for snacks.  Sometimes we splurge if there is a sale & get a bag of chips, but only if they are on sale & if I have a coupon.  I will also get whatever fruit is on sale for snacks.  For instance, our last shopping trip, strawberries were on sale for $1.00 a box.  I picked up two boxes & sliced them up right when we got home.  That way, they were easily accessible for snacks or to add to the boys’ lunch.  Scour your ads & you can almost always find fruit at a great price.
I love sharing my ghetto recipes & I love getting them from friends, so if you have a recipe I should try out, let me know or link me to your blog post!