Etsy Love: 8 Must-Have Pillows for Kids

I’ve been redecorating my house room by room & I have discovered that the spaces I am most excited about are my kids’ bedrooms. I just love the whimsical items & bright colors that are ideal fro children’s rooms. I find myself spending entirely too much time on Etsy creating fave boards for each of my kids so that I can refer back to them later. One of my favorite decor items for kid rooms are pillows. They are great for creating a little reading nook & even fun personality to their bedding. Head over to for a feature on eight of my favorite pillows for kids rooms.

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6 Inspiring Fall Mantles

With Fall around the corner, I’ve been dreaming up ways to dress our fireplace mantle. I am in a predicament because a couple winters ago, one of our fireplace glass panes burst & we have yet to replace it because it’s a rather large expense. While it’s clean & safe when not lit, it’s rather unsightly; so I keep an armchair in front of the fireplace right now. I will have to incorporate items to help conceal the broken panel. Thankfully, bloggers have me covered & I have found quote a few fun ideas. In my search, I discovered several gorgeous mantles that inspired me & I decided to share them all in a round up post. Here are six inspiring fall mantles to help you bring your home into the cooler season.

I love the antlers on this rustic design by Miss Kopy Kat. It makes me think of my home state, Michigan. If anyone is reading this & has access to antlers, I would love to purchase some from you!

Evelyn is still too little for me to be able to decorate the bottom portion of our fireplace, but I still adore this mantle by The Frugal Homemaker.

This simple design by Thistlewood Farms is easy to customize & add touches to for Halloween & Thanksgiving. I love that it will take you all the way through the Fall holidays with little effort.

Life & Linda‘s use of large vases at the ends of her fireplace make a big impact. I love how warm & inviting her entire design is.

Since we have several pallets laying around, this design from The Frugal Homemaker is especially appealing to me. This may be a project I try to tackle for our own fireplace this year.

I love the nature elements in this set up from Hometalk. Fall is all about the harvest & this mantle brings the harvest indoors for a rustic & warm feel.

Do you have a fireplace mantle? What tips can you give me on decorating mine for Fall this year? I’d love to hear your tips in the comment section below.

Wayfair Rug to Room Sale

This post is sponsored by Wayfair. All thoughts, opinions, & ideas are my own. Thank you to Wayfair for partnering with me & thank you readers for supporting companies that support this family & my blog.
Dash & Albert Rug in Light Blue & Ivory via

With our slow (emphasis on slow) redesign of our home, I’m learning a ton about design & how to transform a room. In particular, I’m learning about how a rug can completely transform a room with big impact. In fact, I ordered a new rug for our laundry room for this reason. Since it’s such a small space, a rug can really help to brighten it up & transform it into a room that feels less like a laundry room & more like an extension of our home.

For inspiration, I have found myself turning towards Wayfair’s Shop the Look images & taking from there ideas, color inspiration & more. They have several types of rooms you can feast your eyes on & even offer links on where to purchase items/pieces featured in the rooms.

This nautical mud room, designed by Garrison Hullinger, showcases just how a rug can transform an often neglected area into a welcoming part of your home.

My laundry room is much smaller than this, but I still took tips & ideas from Harrison’s design into account when I chose our rug from I decided on a large blue & white rug with a vintage design all over to help add detail & feel of luxury to the small area. I cannot wait to paint & wallpaper the accent wall so that we can lay our gorgeous new rug down & admire it.
Dash & Albert Rug in Light Blue & Ivory via

Right now, Wayfair is promoting their new Rug to Room sale. Use code RUGLUV17 for 15% off all area rugs. Yes, all of them! This coupon will only be valid from July 31st until August 4th, 2014. Be sure you use this exclusive opportunity at a coupon code because Wayfair seldom offers them up & this one covers all rugs (even sale items!). Get inspired by rugs like these Jute & Sisal area rugs from & refresh your floors now!

Wayfair Daily Sales

I touched a little on the subject of our new laundry room rug yesterday in my weekly & monthly wishes. I was super lucky & snagged it at an amazing price from the new Wayfair Daily Sales, which are curated events with discounted items that last for 72 hours. Can I just say how stoked I am that I discovered these sales before completing this laundry room reno? I won’t have to compromise quality or style over price & can create the laundry room I really want to. Each day that I browse the sales, I inevitably find items I love. For instance, these tubs would work perfectly for storage on our new shelves. And this garden table would be a darling way to store a small vase, dryer sheets, & stain remover on top of the dryer. I’ve also fallen in love with this gorgeous canvas art by Mapamundi that I think would be an awesome addition to MJ & Andria’s room. I love getting the daily reminders in my email because if I have the time, I can browse & shop for items I want or I can save it for later since the sales run for 72 hours! To sign up, use the form below & run over to check out the daily sales happening now.


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I was not financially compensated for the following post. Rug was provided by Messy Marvin. All thoughts, opinions, & ideas are my own. Thank you to Messy Marvin for partnering with me. And thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog & my family.
Tea parties aren’t just for little girls. My dudes love them as much, if not more than most girls. Normally, we play with water & tea cookies or graham crackers, but ever since we received our Messy Marvin rug, tea parties have been taken to an entirely new level. Plus, if you’re looking to jazz up snack time or to try to get your kid to try a new/healthy food, try a tea party. I have noticed that my kids will eat pretty much anything that’s on a fancy plate while playing pretend.
Messy Marvin’s durable fabric & stain resistant seal makes this perfect for instances like this one! Collin was free to play, pour, learn, & experiment thanks to the freedom the easily wipeable rug provides. It’s versatile & lightweight so it’s easy to move around if necessary. We also use it underneath Evelyn’s high chair since she has been self-feeding & experimenting with new foods & with food pouches.

Luckily, you don’t need much for a tea party other than some stuffed animals, some snacks, & some imagination. We emptied out a toy bin, grabbed some pillows, a chair, & I let him use some of our normal coffee/tea cups & saucers. It’s all a kid needs to feel special & give them a renewed way to play. I allowed Collin to have some natural sparkling orange pop because I sort of wanted to test the limit of this fabulous rug.
It passed. Not a single stain on this bad boy. I even left some droplets on the rug for an hour to see what would happen. You cannot even tell it had an orange pop tea party on it!

The sweet folks over at Messy Marvin have offered to give one of my readers a Starvin’ Marvin bib from their line. The bib is made up of the same magical fabric as our rug. Clean up is a cinch with Messy Marvin, so be sure to enter for your chance to win!

Do you play tea party with your kiddos? What snacks or special items do you use? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!


When Jacob & I moved into our home, it needed some serious work. New carpet, fresh paint, new kitchen & bathroom floors. We did the bare minimum to get the house ready for the kids & Evelyn (who was baking in my belly at the time).
Now that our lives have settled down & we have started making plans for our family’s future, we want to start renovating rooms one by one. We know that we will be in this house for the long haul. At least until Jacob retires & maybe even until we die. This is home for us & for our kids. This is where they will grow up. 
The first room on our list is the laundry room. It is super tiny & I don’t even know if you can cal it an actual room. Currently, it isn’t functional. It’s where we keep all of our cleaning supplies, dog food, bulk foods, etc so that they are away from little hands. We keep it gated & protected from the kids because of everything that is housed there. It is the one safe zone in the house. But there is next to zero storage for all of it. 
Since we are a one income family & since we live several miles away from a major town where we can purchase items we need, we are spreading out this project over the next several months & hope to have it finished by the end of July. 
This month, we started brainstorming what we need/want/require in our space & I have started gathering some inspiration for what we would like in the end. Oh, Pinterest & Polyvore, you complete me.
Since the laundry room is typically my domain, I am taking the reigns with the decor & I’m getting floral & bright & fabulous. I want the room to have a bright & vintage feel.
  • a rug, preferably a bright, floral one
  • a tall wire shelf to store cleaning supplies, dog food, etc
  • new, larger cabinets than what we currently have (they’re teensy)
  • shelving in between the cabinets
  • a new door (with a window), our current door isn’t installed or sealed properly & allows lots of dust to enter the room
Just so you can fully comprehend the disaster we are dealing with, here are some before photos I took this afternoon. It’s clear that we need better storage, better utilization of space (hello cabinets… who even makes them that short?), & damn it, it just needs to be prettier. 

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I love getting my decorate on for the holidays. But I don’t always have the time or the money to spend in town on fun decorations. One way I create a holiday environment in my home is with free printables from other creative & talented bloggers & artists. Today you can find me sharing eight of my favorite free Valentine’s Day printables over at So Fawned.

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You guys know how much I love a good DIY project! I have rounded up eight DIY projects to help deck your halls for Valentine’s Day that I know you’ll love as much as I do. Find my round up post over at So Fawned today.
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The Perfect Quilt

In provincial Russia before the revolution the name Matryona or Matriyosha was a very popular female name. It was derived from the Latin root ‘mater’ which means ‘mother’. This name was associated with the image of a mother of a big family who was very healthy and had a portly figure. Subsequently, it became a symbolic name and was used specially to describe brightly painted wooden dolls made in such a way that they could be taken apart to reveal smaller dolls fitting inside one another.

Even now nesting doll is considered to be a symbol of motherhood and fertility. A mother doll with numerous dolls-children perfectly expresses the oldest symbol of human culture.” (source)

It’s not a secret that I love Matryoshka dolls, or rather, nesting dolls. I’m borderline clinical over them. I even have one tattooed on my arm to represent Evelyn. I love their symbolism & I identify myself with them. Recently, they’ve grown in popularity. Which is great because it gives me access to really fun Matryoshka items for my home! However, when I was searching for a perfect quilt for Evie’s nursery, I came up short. Instead I opted for a vintage quilt I found at a thrift store to hold us over until I could get my hands on the perfect quilt.

In high school, my boyfriend lived with a family & I grew close with them. I have since kept in touch with them & in fact, my step-sister married one of the sons! But I have especially kept in touch with their mother, Terri. Recently, she retired & decided to start her own business hand crafting items like quilts, purses, & even baby moccs (only $5-10)! I knew instantly that she would be the only person who could create our dream quilt.

And Terri delivered. Oh, did she deliver. I showed her a fabric I loved & she created such an incredible & special quilt for Evelyn using the exact fabric I picked out.

Terri updated me every step of the way, ensuring I was happy with the direction she was going with the quilt. I was involved with the entire process & Terri was so patient with me. I wanted an heirloom for Evie. Something we could pass on from mother to mother. I envision this special quilt making it’s way to great great great granddaughters. This was important to me & Terri treated it in the same respect.

I highly recommend Terri for any of your moccasin/quilt/sewing desires. Her prices are extremely fair…$10 for leather/suede moccs?! That’s unheard of! And she treats every project with love & care. Like her shop on Facebook to keep up with her creations or buy from her shop directly here.
I was not compensated for this post. Quilt was provided by Terri’s Handcrafted Treasures. All thoughts, opinions, & ideas are my own.
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