Office Inspo Board, Plus Wood Photo Prints from

office inspo board1

There’s nothing like having your carpet stretched to remove the lumps and bumps in it. Especially when it gets your procrastinating rear in gear and gets you shuffling furniture around that you’ve been meaning to move for months. As a work from home mom, my office has had to be out in our living areas so that I could keep a close eye on our three kiddos, but now that I have two boys in kinder and a daughter well on her way (and more able to self-entertain), I’m finally able to use all the empty office space in my master bedroom.

You guys, as an organizational freak, this area of my house was such a huge source of stress. It was a mish-mash area of junk and clutter and everything we didn’t have a place for or were too lazy to find a place for. We took a weekend to completely purge and declutter, organized years worth of paperwork, made a space and a place for everything. And after the carpet stretchers came, we finally moved my office into the, well…office, ha!

Just this small move had made a world of difference in my work attitude and changed the flow of our home in a hugely positive way. And now I have a space for work that’s mine. And our dining room is once again a family area. Insert praise hands here.

Now that I have an area that’s all mine, I want to make it feel like mine, too. I want a space that fosters my creativity and reflects my personality. A place that feels like me; where I can be comfortable and inspired while working, writing, shooting, and planning. Currently all of my office furniture is dark and sister, I’m not having any of that. The first thing I want to do is replace my dark desk with a white one. And all the black shelves with white. I inherited a family heirloom cabinet and I cannot bear to let that go. I’m also unsure of if I can bring myself to paint it white to match or not.

office inspo board4

Once I get my white canvas, I’m hoping to find a bright area rug to sort of outline the space and give a feel of separation between my bedroom and office areas. I’m 100% okay with breaking the don’t sleep where you work rule if it gives my family their house back and myself a private place to work, ha!

office inspo board3

And lastly, I plan to fill the walls with art and inspiring photos. A variety of color and texture to get my brain inspired and motivated to create. My work area needs to feel like a place that will foster my creativity while also feeling calming and relaxing enough to sit and pump out a few articles. Watercolors are a great way for me to add color while keeping the overall feel calming; so because I’m impatient and want instant gratification while I wait out this office decorating process, I ordered a gorgeous watercolor print on wood from While they offer prints on traditional high quality photo paper, they’re more modern options, like wood and metal prints add texture and warmth.

office inspo board2

From the website:

“ by Getty Images is a fresh, new design resource offering stunning, expertly framed photography, shipped and ready to hang. Our vast selection of content is built on Getty Images’ unrivaled archive and exclusive photography collections, from iconic photographs by Slim Aarons and The LIFE Picture Collection to news, fashion, sports, entertainment, landscape and travel. Each image can be framed in one of four sizes and five framing materials—canvas, framed paper, aluminum, acrylic, and birchwood—to complement any interior style.”

With such a wide variety of art, photos, and iconic images to choose from, I know is going to be my go-to source while decorating my new space and creating a reflection of my own personality. I cannot wait to get started creating my workspace and I’m feeling so inspired by all of the incredible images available on their website.

Jump start your own room makeover and order your favorite print, poster, wood print, and more from I’d love for you to share your favorite one with me in the comments.

Instagram Gallery Wall

Tiny Mighty Frames provided frames to facilitate this post. I was not financially compensated for this post and all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own.

Gallery walls are trending in home decor and I am all about it. I love seeing a variety of artwork or photos arranged in a beautiful collage. In my own home, displaying several family photos and cherished memories brings me joy, so the fact that it’s what the cool kids are doing makes me nerd out.

Most days, people take their family photos with their iPhones and then Instagram them and that’s where they stay, but I like to rotate out prints of our family photos from Instagram and put them in small displays like this DIY Clothespin Gallery wall in my master bedroom. Our living room is pretty dated and as much as I treasure my display of thrifted finds, it needed an overhaul and I wanted to display some of our favorite family memories over our loveseat.

instagram gallery wall1

When I found Tiny Mighty Frames, I loved the modern and clean look of their frames. The basic styles allow the photos to shine. And since they cater to square prints, they make it a cinch to create a gorgeous gallery wall using their frames.

instagram gallery wall2

Lover of white, I went with white on white frames and ordered twenty to create a grid gallery above my living room loveseat. I ordered all my prints from Origrami since they were one of the only places I could find who printed in the size I wanted.

instagram gallery wall5

instagram gallery wall4

When ordering the prints for this display, I wanted to make sure I had individual photos of each child, group photos, and a few artsy photos from family events like fourth of July fireworks and scenery during our family trip to Michigan.

And when it was time to hang them, I enlisted my husband’s help. He measured and gridded off our wall to create the gallery design I was dreaming of. A few of the frames ended up crooked or tweaked because of the center hooks they hang from, but I secured the bottoms evenly using some sticky tack.

instagram gallery wall3

This is now one of my most favorite wall displays in my home. Since it’s simple and quick to order prints directly from Instagram these days, it will be easy to switch out the photos whenever I feel like it and as the kiddos get older and we create more family memories.

Follow my family and me during our daily life an adventures via the Our Holly Days Instagram. And for your own family gallery wall, be sure to visit Tiny Mighty Frames to make it a project you’ll love and enjoy.

5 Ways to Make Your Master Feel More Luxurious

you are lovely

Your master bedroom is one of, if not, the most important space in your home. It’s where you sleep, where you retreat from the world; your space of seclusion and relaxation. It’s where you should feel the most comfortable and most pampered. These simple ways to make your master feel more luxurious include pampering, texture, and small, “happies,” to ensure your space is somewhere you’ll love to be.

Quality linens

perfect linens3

perfect linens5

Linens of high quality can make a world of difference where decent sleep is concerned. These sheets by Perfect Linens are 100% Egyptian mercerized cotton and sateen woven. These microfiber sheets are known for their pliability and feel like a second skin covering your body, giving you a snug feeling as you drift away. With three embroidered options for these Second Skin sheets, Perfect Linen brings the highest quality luxury to your bed and make your master bedroom a retreat you will feel pampered in.


DSC_0325What’s On My Nightstand by Liz Marie Blog

No, not the Ikea nightstands you bought in college. And not the small little circle side tables you got from your mom, But real, grown up nightstands. A place to keep your evening necessities within reach and a lamp to read by.

Small “happy place” luxuries

Side-Table-Decor-Ideas.-How-decorate-side-table-or-bedroom-nightstand.-Interior-Design-by-Beth-Webb-Interiors.-Interior Design Ideas by Home Bunch

Whatever is your happy trigger. If its a quality candle or a small bouquet of fresh flowers, or tray of perfumes, you should have one or more of them in your master. It’s your retreat, your escape, your place of solitude, and the environment should reflect the small things that make you happy.

A full length mirror

Bedroom-Mini-Makeover-Rustic-Barnwood-Mirror-668x1024Rustic Chic Mini Master Reveal by City Farmhouse

Reflective surfaces ooze luxury. And every master needs a full length mirror in it to ensure you’ve got a place to check on your clothing choices, personal grooming, and other needs.

Floor length curtains

Master-Bedroom.-Master-Bedroom-with-neutral-decor-and-fireplace.-The-arm-chairs-in-the-master-bedroom-are-from-Bungalow-Classic-Interior Design Ideas by Home Bunch

Floor length curtains add texture and comfort to any room, which is why they’re especially luxurious in a master bedroom.

Visit Perfect Linens to transform your master bed into a sanctuary for restful sleep.

Holiday Decorating With Neutrals

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holiday decorating with neutrals8

If I had things my way, my family’s Christmas tree would be glittering in all it’s lighted glory the moment costumes are tucked away after collecting candy from the neighborhood. IT’S WHO I AM PEOPLE, ACCEPT ME. I’ve got the soul of one of Santa’s elves living inside me and decking the halls is a part of me that I can’t wait to let run wild, tinsel in hand, candy cane earrings dangling in the wind.

One of my favorite places to shop for Christmas decorations is at my local Big Lots. And this year they did not disappoint. I spent a full hour deciding which direction I wanted to take for my buffet table this year. Between the adorable holiday marquee signs and chalkboard accents, I had the hardest time and developed a case of in-and-then-out-of-my-cart-syndrome.

big lots holiday decor

Since I live in the desert and I can only dream of a white Christmas, I found myself attracted most to the white and neutral colors. Once I realized that was what was happening, I loaded my cart with all of the gorgeous items Big Lots had to offer (styles and assortment vary by store). Reflective surfaces, battery operated candles, twinkle lights, gorgeous textured trees, and even a rhinestone studded reindeer. Then my Holy grail: a white lantern that was not only a lovely holiday addition, but an item I knew I could use year round. My mom has one similar that I’ve long wanted.

Decorating with neutrals may seem boring at first, but my newly decorated buffet table begs to differ. Combining holiday whites, silvers, and golds with reflective surfaces and natural textures creates a luxurious setting. And yes, you can get luxury from Big Lots. Want to know how to decorate with neutrals without getting beige fever? Here are some of my tips.

holiday decorating with neutrals1

holiday decorating with neutrals2

holiday decorating with neutrals3


Create a light source using candles and twinkle lights

Adding soft light dazzles up a neutral pallet and gives it a sort of romantic and luxurious feel. Use battery operated candles or twinkle lights to reflect off of surfaces and other decorative items in your display.

holiday decorating with neutrals6

holiday decorating with neutrals7

Use reflective surfaces and items

My favorite find was the rhinestone studded reindeer. I loved that it was reflective, which makes it perfect to display with twinkle lights and (battery operated) candles. The lights gently beam off the rhinestones on the deer, my silver tray, and the other reflective accents in my display.

holiday decorating with neutrals9

holiday decorating with neutrals10

Use several neutral colors and textures

Don’t stick to just one color. Instead choose several neutrals like brown, copper, gold, and creamy whites. Add in texture with candle vases, like this honeycomb one I found at Big Lots. I also added some texture with the feathered and bark covered trees shown here.

holiday decorating with neutrals12

holiday decorating with neutrals11

Despite what you may think, neutrals can be a stunning way to embrace the holidays and welcome guests into your home. Don’t be afraid of them and use my tips, I promise you’ll love the results!

holiday decorating with neutrals5

Be sure to check out the Big Lots website for more holiday decorating inspiration. You can also visit their Pinterest for more ideas from bloggers like me. Join in National Decorate Your Home for the holidays week and transform your home into a Winter Wonderland with Big Lots November 16th through the 22nd.

DIY No-Sew Shower Curtain, a Bathroom Design Craft!

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We have a large four bedroom home, but it only has two bathrooms. For our family, this works and we have no complaints, but since our guests use the same bathroom my kiddos do, I try to keep the design neutral and spa-like. Without getting too kitschy, I’ve kept the design nautical, using a couple octopus prints and calming ocean blues.

diy no-sew shower curtain10

diy no-sew shower curtain11

The shower curtain in this bathroom has evolved over the years because it’s right next to the toilet. I’ve got two boys. And a shower curtain nestled next to the toilet. I’ll leave you to figure out the dilemma that leaves me with. We’ve gone through three shower curtains in three tears thanks to missed targets. And every single time I purchase I new one, it’s an undertaking. The ones I want are well over $50 and it’s hard to find shower curtains in a spa-like palette.

Can you guess where this is going? You bet your rear end I DIY-ed my own. I couldn’t believe I had never tried to do this before. Fabric choices are endless, which means I’ll have a shower curtain I love, guaranteed. This project is no-sew for those of you who are afraid of your sewing machine (if you even own one!) and produces a DIY no-sew shower curtain you’ll impress your guests and yourself with!


  • two yards of fabric
  • white fabric shower curtain
  • iron
  • heat activated tape
  • scissors

To start, you’ll measure out your fabric on the shower curtain. I wanted a large patterned stripe & made my cuts about two inches longer than the curtain itself so I could fold it under.

diy no-sew shower curtain1

diy no-sew shower curtain2

Line the edges of your folds with the heat tape.

diy no-sew shower curtain3

Fold the patterned fabric back over and use your iron to activate the glue and seal all the edges.

diy no-sew shower curtain4

diy no-sew shower curtain5

Finally, once the glue has cooled completely, you can hang the shower curtain. Don’t forget to use a liner to help avoid mold and mildew. If you want to be extra safe, they make waterproof treatments for fabric.
diy no-sew shower curtain8

diy no-sew shower curtain12

When designing and stocking your bathroom, consider creating an environment that mimics a spa. It’s relaxing and calming. Don’t forget the toilet paper! Your booty deserves a little pampering too! We are toilet paper snobs in my house. It’s the one household item I’m particular about and I’ll never compromise on and it’s resulted in my husband and kids being the same way. Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® with Cleanstretch® toilet paper, available at Walmart, is created with paper that limits tissue ripping and separation. It’s designed to be strong, and silky soft for a durable comfort that leaves you clean and refreshed. My spa bathroom uses only Quilted Northern, a 100 year old company that knows their bums.

diy no-sew shower curtain9

Are you toilet paper snobs in your home, too? For more information on Quilted Northern’s softly strong toilet paper, be sure to visit them here.

toilet paper

DIY Yarn Wreath, a Festive Fall Craft

diy yarn wreath11

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a DIY yarn wreath, one of my trademark home decorations. I don’t know why I’ve taken this long to share another wreath because I love creating them. Believe it or not, I actually find creating a yarn wrath relaxing, so I was super excited to put this festive fall wreath together to welcome the cooler weather. If you haven’t tried to make a yarn wreath before, I’d love to show you my process so you can make one for your home. It’s less expensive than pre-made wreaths and it’s more fun because you get to let a little of your personality shine.


  • two skeins of yarn
  • a styrofoam wreath
  • embellishments (fall flowers, leaves, or crafty items)
  • a hot glue gun (and glue sticks)

To start you’ll place a dab of hot glue on the back of your styrofoam wreath and place a piece of yarn directly on it.

diy yarn wreath1

diy yarn wreath2

Allow the yarn to dry and then simply start wrapping it around the wreath, moving around the entire circle.

diy yarn wreath4

Some people like perfectly straight yarn lines, but I prefer a more natural look; especially with this fall wreath since I want a cozy sweater type of look. Once you use your entire skein, simply secure the end of the yarn with hot glue. Start the new skein where you left off and finish wrapping until your wreath is completely covered. Do a really go look over to ensure no styrofoam can be seen.

Once you’ve got your wreath completely wrapped, add some fun fall embellishments. I found some fakey sunflowers and fun little mushrooms at my local craft store and secured them with hot glue.

diy yarn wreath5

Once your glue is dry, it’s ready to hang for display.

diy yarn wreath10

diy yarn wreath12

diy yarn wreath9

diy yarn wreath8

diy yarn wreath7

These yarn wreaths are always fun to make and they’re adorable on your front door to welcome guests to your home. I love having fun with the seasons and holidays when creating one of these for my home. They also make great inexpensive gifts for neighbors, family, and friends (I made one for my sister as a wedding gift many years ago).

For more fall inspiration and craft ideas, be sure to visit Our Holly Days on Pinterest.

Visit Our Holly Days’s profile on Pinterest.

A DIY IG Clothespin Gallery, Showcase Your Favorite Memories!

diy ig clothespin gallery3

We have a space above our bedroom dresser that is uninspired and, as a result, it’s been left blank for three years. When it comes to where I sleep, I’m incredibly indecisive about the art I keep on the walls. I never know if I should go with a large piece, several small pieces, put up photos, or keep it minimal. For awhile now, I’ve seen adorable little gallery walls popping up on my Pinterest feed and I’ve admired them. They are simple to hang and easy to swap out for new photos if you want to rotate them.

After some research I found a company, Social Print Studio, that not only will print your Instagram photos for you, but they also have display kits available. Ordering was simple and easy and I added on a clothespin kit all for under $25. Boo yah! Social Print Studio isn’t paying me to share this with you and they did not give me free items to talk about them. I’m just really pumped about this discovery and my new little gallery wall. I’m also ordering these giant photo strips for the kids’ bedrooms too and they’re totally awesome.

diy ig clothespin gallery1

To hang them, I simply hammered a couple small nails into the wall and strung the twine from each. Then I used the clothespins to hang each print.

diy ig clothespin gallery2

The kit comes with 20 clothespins, so I decided to hang them in four rows of five.

diy ig clothespin gallery4

diy ig clothespin gallery9

diy ig clothespin gallery8

diy ig clothespin gallery6

diy ig clothespin gallery7

diy ig clothespin gallery5

The display was a cinch to hang up. If you don’t want to spent the $8 on the kit, I believe you can find some similar mini-clothespins at your local craft stores for roughly the same cost. You can also pick up some twine while you’re there and choose from a variety of colors and thickness. I’m pretty happy with what the kit came with and it was less work for me since I was already ordering my prints from the same company.

To stay up to date with more DIYs, crafty crafts, and recipes, be sure to subscribe to the Our Holly Days newsletter. It comes out once monthly and I won’t fill your inbox with unwanted emails. Promise.

A DIY Plush Corral, Repurposing a Clearance Side Table

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diy plush corral4

Our plush situation has quickly gotten out of hand here at Casa de Sosa. Five kids equals five times the stuffed friends and I am not one who enjoys the clutter that comes with 132153612 of them. Okay, maybe it’s not quite that many, but we do have quite the collection. They’re well-loved and often played with (and quiet!) toys that I don’t mind the kids having, so rather than purge a bunch of their beloved friends, I instead decided to create a fun solution to corral the plushies to one place.

Using a metal side table I found on clearance at a local craft store for just $13, I had the genius idea to turn it upside down and spray paint it. Just two steps to an instant DIY plush corral that’s lovely to look at, easy for the kids to access for play (and clean up!).

diy plush corral1

It’s times like this that I’m thankful to live in the desert. No prep work necessary to spray paint this little side table. I just set it down in the backyard and went to town with my lilac (did you really think I’d chose any other color) spray paint.

diy plush corral8

Once it was dry, I brought it in the house and filled it with plush friends. It was literally that simple.

diy plush corral5

diy plush corral6

diy plush corral3

diy plush corral2

It was only natural to welcome our new plush holder with a few new Inside Out friends. I’m all about Joy, but the other characters, like Disgust and Sadness, are just as loveable.

As for a fun after clean up treat once our beloved characters are placed in their new home? These Inside Out fruit snacks are a hit with my kiddos. What can I say? You friends know what a theme lover I am.

diy plush corral7

With all five kiddos at home this summer, its’ all I can do to not hear about the release of new film Inside Out. I have to admit, I am excited about it too. Not only is it a family friendly movie, but it’s opened up a dialogue with my children about feelings and experiencing all different kinds of them. In a blended family, you can imagine just how many feelings we all experience everyday. The Inside Out plush items from Walmart are engaging tools for when one child is having an especially emotional day. We can use the plushies to share our feelings and why we are feeling that way. Plus, who doesn’t love to cuddle?

How do you talk to your kids about feelings and emotion? Let’s chat in the comments below.

diy plush corral10

A Pop of Color with Wayfair

This post is sponsored by Wayfair. Thank you to Wayfair for partnering with me. And thank you readers for supporting the companies that support this blog and my family.

A pop of color can completely transform a room or freshen up an old look you’ve been wanting to change. Small and simple changes can make a big difference thanks to a fun color or pattern. I’ve been working hard finalizing details in Aiden’s new bedroom design and something just wasn’t flowing for me. I wasn’t feeling the crisp clean, flowing vibe I wanted for him in his space. I quickly realized it was a clear lack of color and decided to warm up the bedroom with some bold red hues. The results were perfection. Just a quick comforter swap and an added bean bag chair in red and the room was given new life. Just take a look!

americana boys room2

Aiden’s reading nook is complete with a new bean bag chair placed just underneath his baskets. Easy access to his books and a comfy place to snuggle in and read. I wanted this space to foster an early love for literature and encourage him to read as often as he desires.

americana boys room1

americana boys room4

The old bedspreads were blue and dull. They washed out the room and just left it feeling a little drab. Adding a pop of color in red made a huge difference, warmed up the space, and gave a seamless look to everything. These light and breathable quilts from Wayfair are fantastic for our desert climate and would make great summer bedspreads for any home.

americana boys room3

Are you loving Aiden’s bedroom as much as I am? Be sure to check out my inspiration board here at Wayfair’s website to see where I drew inspiration and get your hands on several of the items (including his bunk beds!) that I used in this space.

Boy Bedroom Inspiration Board with Carpet One (+ a Sneak Peek at Aiden’s Bedroom!)

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high desert carpet deals3

Currently, we are doing some bedroom switches and have been dedicating much of our time to creating a space for Aiden, my step-son, to have all to himself. Jacob and I have been working hard the past few months to give him a space he can relax in and that will grow with him. We are about halfway there, but need to consider our flooring options and want a product that will last him through his adolescence. Our goal is to create a space that can grow with him in all the stages of his life, carpet included. When redesigning a room, I always recommend starting with an inspiration board and thought I’d share mine for Aiden’s. Going with an industrial western feel, we felt it would be the easiest way to get him through childhood to teenage years and up through early adulthood without being overly childish or overly mature for him.

industrial boy bedroomcarpet is Standing Firm by Carpet One

The room was previously Evelyn’s and we’ve been at work painting, assembling a new bunk bed and putting together what we have on hand to create his space and make it uniquely his.

before bedroom

high desert carpet deals4

high desert carpet deals6

high desert carpet deals7

This week, while researching some flooring options here in the High Desert, I had the privilege of meeting Bill, the owner of my local Carpet One store. Bill is just about the sweetest kind of person one could meet. Passionate about his company, the services he offers, and his employees, I genuinely felt blessed to be able to meet him, interview him, and get to know more about what his Carpet One location offered. Bill, originally from Arizona, told me he ended up here in Hesperia back in 1962 after his car broke down. With no money to fix it, he found a job (at the cement plant my husband works at now!) and between his graveyard shifts, started up his company. Fifty three years later, Bill is a successful business owner with a booming flooring company here in the High Desert that offers affordable pricing, quality products, and even installation from a crew he employs himself.

high desert carpet deals1

high desert carpet deals2

high desert carpet deals5
After touring his store (via golf cart!) and talking with him about how he installs and prices out his carpet, I couldn’t wait for my free in-home measurement. When Jacob and I moved into our home a few years back, we tried to DIY the flooring in our kitchen and baths. While motivated and meticulous, we lacked the experience necessary when installing our peel and stick vinyl. Three years later, our vinyl is lifting and bubbling up in some areas. I strongly believe that flooring is most definitely a DDIY (don’t do it yourself) project (check out these hilarious DDIY videos), which is why meeting Bill and checking out his store was especially exciting for me. It was refreshing to walk into a business where the owner happily shares an office space with his employees, displays passion for customer service, and clearly takes pride in what he does. The pricing was phenomenal and Bill, rather than pricing per foot, prices carpet by the piece, making it a simple process for you to understand once your measurements have been taken.

From March 06 through April 19, 2015, be sure to check out the #DDIY Lee’s Promotion where you can receive up to 50% off select Lee’s carpets or up to a $500 instant rebate (10% off) on select hardwood, tile, laminate, LVT, and more!

Do you have a #DDIY nightmare you’d like to share? I want to hear all about it in the comments below!