6 Creative DIY Homework Stations

My boys are both in second grade this year and with the advancement to a new grade comes a bit more homework. I’ve found that this year I need to ensure that they have a dedicated space for homework; so I’ve been on the hunt for inspiring DIY Homework Stations that I can draw inspiration from to create our own. These are some of my favorites that I’ve discovered, for both small spaces and large areas, during my search.

DIY Homework Station from Lil Luna

Upcycled Kid’s Craft Station from So You Think You’re Crafty

Vintage Library Cart Homework Station from 4 Men 1 Lady

Fridge Homework Station from The 36th Avenue

Kids Homework Area from Postbox Designs

Small Homework Station from Curbly

I think I’ve decided on a station similar to one like Lil Luna’s, a tray filled with well organized jars and plenty of accessible supplies. Since we don’t have the extra space for an actual homework room like the beautifully put together one in Postbox Designs home (one day!), a portable station would be a great solution for my family.

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4 Simple Steps to a Mega Bathroom Refresh

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My guest bathroom gets some heavy use. We love hosting family and friends for movie nights, community group, and just to hang out; so the bathroom gets it’s fair share of traffic. Since it’s a small area, it’s easy to give it a quick facelift. I don’t have to renovate my entire bathroom to make it feel refreshed and new. Inspired by one of the Quilted Northern® character, Little Miss Puffy Tail, I decided to update my bathroom with a farmhouse feel this summer. Just a few simple changes can help to create a mega bathroom refresh.

Shower curtain

Swapping out the shower curtain is a small change that completely changes the look and feel of my bathroom. Since I’m totally obsessed with farmhouse decor, I went with a neutral curtain to replace my older more bold curtain.

Hand towel storage

Continuing with my farmhouse refresh, I added a galvanized container that I picked up at my local Target’s dollar section. I’m using this for hand towel storage. I also tucked a small bottle of lotion in side for guests to use.


Adding some foliage or florals to the back of the toilet pulls the room together. For me, I think it makes the toilet look a little less obvious.

Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong® Mega Rolls

Here’s what my bathroom looked like before.

With all the people who use my guest bathroom, I need a good supply of toilet paper. My favorite will forever be the Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Mega Rolls. These bad boys have four regular rolls in one! It lasts forever and I rarely have to swap out an empty roll. It seriously goes on and on and on…and on. The plump rolls also look great displayed in my refreshed farmhouse bathroom. I saved 10% off my Quilted Northern Mega Toilet Paper by using the Cartwheel offer, valid 6/20-7/8.

Save and buy 3 packs of Quilted Northern Mega Toilet Paper to get a $5 Target Gift Card (valid 6/18-6/24).

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#MegaSummerRefresh #Sweepstakes (6/19 to 7/31)

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Guest Bedroom, From Kid-Friendly to Guest-Welcoming

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The holidays are coming and I’m already practicing my best fa-la-la and jingle bells. The holidays make me feel nostalgic, warm, and they’re always filled with anticipation of seeing family and friends I’ve gone far too long without laying my eyes on. In our blended family, we have plenty of relatives who pay their visits and bring their best cuddles for the kiddos. I’ve found over the years that transforming a little boy’s bedroom into a guest oasis is easier than one would think. Creating a space that feels adult-like and less like a ninja turtle could be stowed away in the covers makes my guests feel welcomed and at ease during the holidays so they can spend more time cuddling and less time digging super heroes out from their sheets.

This holiday season, I prepped with supplies from my local Big Lots to transform my son, Collin’s, bedroom into a guest sanctuary. I purchased a bedding set reserved only for my guests that I can swap out with his brightly colored bed clothing. I picked up a scented candle. We all know October is an ode to all things pumpkin, so naturally I went with a Yankee Candle in pumpkin scent. And perhaps the biggest change and upgrade was a brand new bookshelf to store Collin’s little library and toys away from sight. Now the room can be transformed with just a few quick armfuls of toys placed in their new little bins.




And yes, even his stinky boy closet got organized and ready for the holidays. In a grand adventure one evening, Collin and his brother managed to totally demolish his original bookshelf. They worked off the expense with yard work and plenty of weed pulling (little do they know I got the new one at Big Lots at a great deal). While they worked to buy a new shelf, Collin’s entire library had to be stored up in his closet, keeping most of his books well out of reach. He also previously was using one of my old craft racks as shoe storage and had a laundry bin that had no handles left on it after years of use had cracked them off one by one. It wasn’t really a place I felt would say, “Welcome to our home. Come as you are. Stay as long as you want.” Instead, it said more of, “This is where we keep broken home goods and stinky socks. Oh, and kids don’t need to read. Read schmead. Books are much better used out of reach.”


Thankfully, I was able to grab everything I needed to tackle Collin’s closet at Big Lots without going over my budget. I got an actual shoe rack to corral his shoes, a new laundry basket that actually functions, and a coat rack for the inside door of his closet. The books were finally removed from closet jail and placed neatly in their new bookshelf home along with the pumpkin candle. The coat hanger now keeps coats and hats off of the floor while also giving guests somewhere to hang towels, belts, or anything they need. The closet now feel strangely empty. In a great way because that means there is plenty of space for guests to be able to make themselves right at home. Big Lots has everything I need for organization projects like this one. Plus, they’re employees are the most helpful! One of the gentleman who was working there when I purchased my new bookshelf even wheeled it out to my car and loaded it for me. From a new bookshelf to a scented candle, they’ve got all my needs covered (even snacks!) this holiday season.



Shop your space and prep your home for the upcoming holidays with Big Lots by visiting their Shop By Space page on their website for inspiration, ideas, and more.

Dining Room Rug | Wayfair



Our little dining room has long been the neglected area in our home. In fact, we didn’t even have curtains in there until this year (and we’ve been here for four years!). We’ve been so focused on the rest of the house, getting kid’s bedrooms organized, creating a relaxing master, that we’ve forgotten all about the dining room. But the dining room is finally having her glory day in the hot sun (comment Nacho if you get the reference) here at Casa de Sosa and she’s been given her crowning jewel: a rug.

Wayfair always has a wide selection of rugs available at prices we can afford, so they were the first place we went to when the time came to choose a new rug. We have dark fake wood floors (they’re actually peel and stick panels that are textured and feel like real wood!), so we knew we wanted a lighter colored rug, but it couldn’t be too light because KIDS. And we already have curtains up that we love that have blues and creams, so we tried to coordinate and pattern mix off of the curtains without being too matchy matchy.


While browsing through Wayfair’s Home Dynamix selection, we narrowed it down to these three beauties.

In the end, we chose the Tremont Blue/White Area Rug. The 7’10” by 10’5″ size was under $200, which is such a steal for a quality rug that size! Our new rug completely transformed our dining room from casual to a little more adult-feeling and overall the space looks much more put together.




Here in the desert, hard surface floors need to be dusted frequently, so I’m also loving that the rug can easily be vacuumed instead, ha! With such great prices on quality rugs like Dynamix, Wayfair has us wondering what other rooms can be totally transformed by just adding a new rug to the area.

Browse Wayfair’s huge selection of Dynamix rugs and transform a room in your home without breaking your budget. You can also check out their wide variety of home goods and decor.

DIY Office Art for the Girl Boss

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I’m a paper gal. There’s hardly ever a stationery collaboration or greeting card release that ever gets by me. I salivate walking down the stationery aisle at Target and the greeting card aisle is what gets me out of bed everyday. Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but my love for paper? Sister that’s soul mate stuff.

When I found out one of my favorite greeting card and gift giving accessory brands, Papyrus, was working on a line of greeting cards inspired by Taylor Swift, I was super excited because Taylor is sparkles and shine and I just knew that they’d bring that through in their designs. When I saw the cards on display at my local Target, they were everything I’d hoped for. Girly, glitzy, and fabulously fun; embossed in metallics and loaded with fun personality, these cards would make any recipient feel special. Though I’m selfish and took extra for myself because I knew I needed these cards as a permanent fixture in my life; so I created some DIY Office Art to display the bold and girly designs where they could inspire me where I do my girl boss thing everyday.



Is this even a real tutorial? I mean, you just stick the cards inside the frames and secure them with tape, ha! But nonetheless it’s a creative way to display these bright and personality-filled cards and it’s easy to do. Plus, I bet no one else will have this art on their walls (unless it’s me, because I definitely do!).


I love that this DIY Office Art embraces what makes me unique and shows off my personal style with bold colors, glitter, and jewels. There are times when I’m feeling overwhelmed or uninspired with my work and it’s just scientifically impossible to be bummed out when you’ve got these beauties hanging above your desk, I just know it, ha!





The Taylor Swift cards for Papyrus are offered for all of life’s little celebrations, but the main focus is on friendships. My little sister is my best friend and since we live so far away, I loved that I could send a little sparkle and shine her way with these perfectly embellished little lovelies. There are a total of 44 designs and each is uniquely numbered so you can create your own collection. Gallery wall anyone?! The collaboration is exclusive to Target, so if you’re wanting to grab some of these for yourself, you’ll have to head there.

Check out the entire Taylor Swift cards for Papyrus collection here and be sure to follow Papyrus on Facebook for more paper loving fun!


How to Protect Your Couches

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protect your couches007

As a family of five, our home is not ever going to be a picture of perfection. We have walls that have been colored on, curtain rods that are slightly bent from little hands pulling on them, and our couches have taken quite a beating over the years. As a self-proclaimed neat freak, it’s been quite the growing experience for me to learn how to accept my home’s little personality traits. But it also doesn’t mean that I don’t do my best to protect what I can to ensure we get the most life out of our upholstered furniture while also embracing the new wall art my three year old made after discovering a rogue marker.

Of all the furniture in our home, our couches have taken on the worst wear and tear. With small children still growing and making messes, we aren’t ready to make the move to purchase new ones. Instead we hire cleaners to come steam clean them every year or so and afterwards I protect the fresh fabric with a coat of Scotchgard™ Fabric & Upholstery Protector. It’s pure magic for people like me who cringe at a spilled sippy cup or a clumsy husband with a fresh milkshake on the couch.

Print off a coupon for $2.00 off Scotchgard™ Fabric Protector here.

Scotchgard™ Fabric Protector keeps my couches looking their best by repeling liquids and by blocking stains by pushing them away from the fabric fibers so stains release easily. It doesn’t change the look, feel or breathability of fabrics and it’s safe to use on delicate and dry clean fabrics. It’s a perfect solution for families like mine (or really anyone!) who wants to get the most out of their stuff while the kiddos are still little destroyers, ha!

protect your couches004

protect your couches002

To apply I simply shake the can and apply a light coat over the upholstery of the couch (after removing blankets and other fabrics, of course). I pay special attention to the areas with the most wear and tear like the arms.

protect your couches005

protect your couches006

Using a slow, sweeping motion I cover the couch with one light coat and then let it dry before applying an additional light coat.

protect your couches001

Because I have small kiddos, we have plenty of fabrics and upholstery that needs protection from accidental spills and they’re all protected with a layer of Scotchgard™ Fabric Protector. We use it on our bean bags, desk chairs, curtains, backpacks, and my boys’ hats. It’s so versatile and because it works so well, I want to apply it on ALL THE THINGS! Plus it’s available at Target, which we moms know is pretty much a daily stop.

For more information on how to protect your everything with Scotchgard™ Fabric & Upholstery Protector, be sure to visit them here.

7 Free Scripture Printables for Your Home

Scripture printables are such creative little works of art. I love seeing how different people illustrate God’s word on paper. And for me, I use the ones I find on Pinterest for a variety of purposes. The most obvious to print and display in my home, but I also use them as journal inserts and planner covers. This round up features several of my favorite scripture printables (and a couple of quotes from scholars) from other bloggers of faith like myself.

scripture printables

Holy Spirit Printable from Sweet to the Soul Ministries
Psalm 119:32 Printable from Faith Barista
Restoration Printable from The House of Wood
Ephesians 2:10 Printable from Art by Erin
Hebrews 13:8 Printable from Dawson Church
1 Peter 5:7 Printable from Lost Bumblebee
Tozer Quote Printable from Lauren Carns

These make for great planner covers or journal covers if you’re into paper as much as I am and love to DIY your own. And if not, they are perfect for printing out and hanging in a frame or with some washi tape somewhere in your home.

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Engineer Prints, a Home Decor Hack


Large artwork has a way of making a room feel more upscale and luxurious. Only, large pieces of art also come with an upscale price tag. From watercolored canvases to bold typography, large pieces add personality to a space, but all tend to be costly. Engineer prints offer a more affordable price tag and with a little elbow grease and DIY motivation, you can transform them into one of a kind art pieces to dazzle your home.

engineer prints004

And that’s exactly what I did to freshen up my master bedroom.

Inspired by this woman’s viral mural painting of the first page of the first Harry Potter book, I brainstormed for a few days. I mulled over several ideas that would reflect both my husband’s personality and mine before settling on some sheet music for our song. Go ahead and awwwww. I know you want to. For us, music has always been a part of our relationship and Jason Mraz’s song, I Won’t Give Up was a song we often would listen to during the long periods of separation a long distance relationship inevitably results in.

A quick Google search provided several options for me to choose from and I simply opened one up in PhotoShop to crop and add some distress to. I liked the idea of having slightly damaged sheet music artwork rather than a pure and clean slate. A sort of metaphor for our relationship.

Then I uploaded the art to my local office supply store’s website and ordered an engineer print. These websites often state that these prints are not image quality and shouldn’t be used as such, but they always turn out high quality and they only cost between $3 and $10! Affordable statement art for the win, friends!

engineer prints002

To hang it, you can simply tape it up, but I glued mine to the back of a piece of project board to help sturdy it up. You could also easily DIY a frame for one if you prefer a framed look.

engineer prints003

My husband was super gooey-eyed when he saw the finished product. And admittedly, so was I when I saw such a deeply personal piece of music displayed where we lay our heads each night.

engineer prints005

engineer prints006

engineer prints007

engineer prints009

engineer prints008

I’m resisting the urge to hang engineer prints all over our home. Quotes, Bible verses, more sheet music, typography, family photos, there is no limit to what these affordable engineer prints can offer a home.

Get inspired and save big on your DIY projects with Wayfair’s Budget Buys for DIYs including ready-to finish furniture, hardware, nursery supplies, and more.

Industrial Chic Hand Towel Holder

This post is sponsored by National Hardware. Thank you to National Hardware for partnering with me. And thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog and my family.

industrial chic hand towel holder4

In our two bathroom home, guests share a bathroom with our five kiddos. Trust me when I tell you that the struggle is very real when it comes to keeping it presentable and welcoming (read no pee on the toilet seat) for when we have our weekly community group and other gatherings throughout the week. Rather than have the decor geared towards kitschy kid themed items, we’ve opted for a more modern and industrial feel to help welcome guests in hopes they won’t feel like they’re crashing in on a kid’s only area.

One glaring problem we have in the guest bathroom is no space for a hand towel; and more often than not, I believe our guests have had to opt to use the kids towels hanging up. Not fun for all parties involved. As a temporary solution, I’ve been rolling up a few hand towels spa-style and stacking them in the middle of the two sinks. The design in the space is industrial modern and I haven’t found a towel holder I love enough to put in there as of yet; never mind when I do it doesn’t fit in the narrow space between the two mirrors.

Occasionally I’ll have a creative epiphany, and when I saw the spear pulls from National Hardware, I swear angels sang. It’s the perfect size for the narrow space and it compliments the industrial design. Oh, hey there brain! Nice to see you still work from time to time!

If you want to recreate this Industrial Chic Towel Holder in your bathroom, all you need is a drill and one spear pull from National Hardware, which has all the necessary hardware included.

industrial chic hand towel holder1

industrial chic hand towel holder2

industrial chic hand towel holder3

industrial chic hand towel holder5

industrial chic hand towel holder6

With the wide variety of pulls offered at National Hardware, the possibilities for this are endless. Small spaces and even RVs can use this simple hack of turning a spear pull horizontally to store hand towels or even in kitchens for dish towels.

National Hardware is the leader in builders hardware and strives to manufacture high quality products that exceed regulatory standards. While I repurposed a spear pull for a hand towel holder, they’re the obvious choice for home improvement like gate hardware, screen/storm door hardware, and more.

Be sure to visit the National Hardware website to check out all of their hardware for your next home improvement project. You can also visit them on Facebook for more fun tutorials and hack from bloggers like me.

Family Faith, Our DIY Prayer Wall

diy prayer wall1

As Christians, my family and I pray regularly. But it wasn’t until recently that we realized our prayers needed to be deeper, more strategic, and should be happening much more often than just at meals and before bed. In an effort to inspire more frequent and daily family prayer time, we created our own DIY Prayer Wall as a family. It is my hope that having this wall to sit underneath will help each of us to meditate in prayer, reflect on what we want to say to God, and really think about how we are praying and what we are praying for. And as our prayers go up and the wall gets more filled, it is my hope to see more and more answered (and some unanswered) prayers. The blessings we’ve received and where we’ve come from as our prayers change.


  • five six foot wood planks
  • stain (color of choice)
  • ten wall hooks
  • hanging wire
  • binder clips (we are starting with 25)
  • letters (optional)

To start, sand down any rough edges or areas of the wood.

Stain it in your color of choice. We chose a darker stain since our wall color is light.

prayer wall1

Hang the planks on your wall, leaving four inches in between each plank. You can do this any number of ways. My husband created countersink holes on each side of the planks and we secured them to the wall with anchors and screws through those holes.

prayer wall2

diy pray wall1

Using a drill, create small holes for the wall hooks to be screwed into and then screw them all in.

prayer wall3

String hanging wire between each hook and add your binder clips on the wire.

diy prayer wall4

If you have letters, hang them above the planks like we did here. We were originally going to spell out prayer wall, but prayers fit the length of the planks better. I’ve also seem similar walls that read answered prayers or simply pray.

diy pray wall2

I found my letters at a local craft store and just pieced together different colors and sizes. I wanted a variety of textures to give it a farmhouse look. It’s also a perfectly imperfect way to display our prayers and I think it’s representative of how we may feel imperfect, but in God’s eyes we are perfectly loved in our mish mash and mess.

diy prayer wall3

We each had a hand in making the DIY Prayer Wall in our home. Evelyn excitedly handed him each letter as they were hung to spell out prayers. Collin helped drill the holes for the hooks that hold the wire for the prayers to be secured to, safety goggles and all. My husband and I had only three or four fights going into the making of this project which, if you’ve ever done a home improvement project with your spouse is a miracle, ha!

diy prayer wall6

diy prayer wall8

diy prayer wall2

diy prayer wall7

Our family prayer wall will be our place to go for weekly Bible readings (hopefully daily eventually!), prayer together and alone, a place to share a verse that spoke to us, photos, art, and all of the things that bring us closer to the Lord and his word. It will also be a place for our church community group to gather each week and pray for each other and fill prayer requests. I’d encourage you to think about creating your own family wall. A place you can gather to worship, praise, and come to the Lord together as a family and community.

diy prayer wall5

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