• Things I Love About Dad Gift Bag

    June 7, 2017Holly Sosa

    Father’s Day is next week, friends, and I’m all about getting personal when it comes to such a meaningful holiday. My husband works hard at his blue collar job providing for our little big family. More than that, he’s a dedicated father. In our blended family, it gets hard to spend time with everyone, but…

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  • Celebrate Dad with Oral-B This Father’s Day & Win a $250 Target Gift Card!

    June 14, 2014Holly Sosa

    You guys, Father’s Day is tomorrow! Most of you know by now that I love a holiday. And make it about the men in my life & I’m all about it! I feel like the men that raise us & our children don’t get enough credit. Yes, Moms are fabulous, but Dad’s are more involved…

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  • 8 DIY Gifts for Dad

    June 10, 2014Holly Sosa

    Eeks! Father’s Day is right around the corner! When did that even happen? If time has gotten away from you & you need some fabulous ways to show Dad you love him this list of DIYs will be of great help! I did some Internet scouring & rounded-up eight easy DIY gifts for Father’s Day…

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  • 25 Free Ways to Celebrate Dad

    June 3, 2014Holly Sosa

    Father’s Day is around the corner & if I’m being honest, I probably haven’t shown my husband just how much he is appreciated & loved around these parts. While brainstorming some fun &  cheap free ways to show him just how much his fatherly love is treasured, I thought I’d share my list with all of you. It seems…

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  • 10 Cheeky Father’s Day Cards

    May 20, 2014Holly Sosa

    Father’s Day is in just a couple short weeks & let’s be honest, your husband/father loves immature jokes. At least, the men in my family do & if I’m being brutally honest, my sense of humor is pretty immature as well! Rather than running into Target the day before Father’s Day to pick up one…

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  • Father’s Day Trip to Oxnard

    June 19, 2013Holly Sosa

    For Father’s Day, all J wanted was to go visit MJ & Andie in Oxnard.  So that’s exactly what we did (I also got him a barbecue grill he has been eyeballing).  J’s Abuelo’s birthday is the day after Father’s Day, so we had lunch with them & the girls.  It was a sweet afternoon with family…

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