• Gummy Bear Popsicles

    July 22, 2013Holly Sosa

    We stay inside as much as we can during the summer months.  Desert summers are harsh & honestly?  A bit scary.  So, we keep inside where our skin can stay protected from the sun rays & we can stay hydrated.  The problem with this is that I have five kids with me during the summer…

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  • Stupid Easy Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

    July 18, 2013Holly Sosa

    For serious, this shouldn’t even be a real recipe it’s that easy.  I posted it on my IG & FB the other day & received a lot of requests for the recipe.  I feel like a total hack, though.  My secret?  Three ingredients, people.  Three.   Ingredients 3-5 frozen chicken breasts one can of broth…

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  • Toddler Lunch, Tortilla Pizza

    July 12, 2013Holly Sosa

    This is basically the most toddler friendly lunch you will ever make for/with your kids.  I love letting the kids help with things.  I feel like it gives them a sense of independence & pride when they can help do, “grown up stuff,” like making their own lunch. This particular version isn’t the healthiest, but…

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  • Toddler Lunch & Playdate, Two Birds One Stone

    June 27, 2013Holly Sosa

    When the kids are all together in our house it’s kind of a zoo.  Everyone is off doing different things & needing different things & hungry at different times & totally bored Mo-om at different times.  Because of this, I need to plan our activities & our meals ahead of time.  Partly because making a…

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  • S’mores Brownies

    June 7, 2013Holly Sosa

    On a whim the other night, I decided we needed s’mores brownies.  My only problem was that I didn’t want to spend extra time making a graham cracker crust on the bottom which is typical in most recipes.  I knew there had to be a faster way to get my s’more & brownie fix, so…

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  • Fresh & Easy, F&Easy

    May 24, 2013Holly Sosa

    I’ve written about Fresh & Easy on my blog before because they’re so awesome & save me so much money.  I cannot say enough good things about this store.  I shopped there all the time when I lived alone because they have tons of quick & easy pre-portioned meals/meats ready to go.  Plus, they have the…

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  • Great Grandma Lang’s Banana Bread

    April 16, 2013Holly Sosa

    Do you guys remember when I shared my Great Aunt Pat’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies?  This woman is a cooking/baking goddess!  The cookies were the best I’ve ever made.  Aunt Pat knows what she is doing, man.  Anyway, when she sent me the recipe for the cookies (handwritten & sent in the snail mail,…

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  • Peeps S’mores

    March 30, 2013Holly Sosa

    The girls got a sweet little Easter gift from both my Ma & J’s Ma, so the other night when Andie asked me for the 8th time what we were having for dessert (& home girl DGAF that there doesn’t have to be dessert every night, she wants dessert), so I decided to try to…

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  • Lickity Split Beef Stir Fry via Minute Rice

    March 13, 2013Holly Sosa

    If you’re anything like me, when dinner involves rice, you’ll forget to start it until after everything else is ready & then you end up just nixing the rice altogether because it takes too long to make.  I never tried Minute Rice before until this campaign & I am so happy I did because if…

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  • Great Aunt Pat’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

    March 7, 2013Holly Sosa

    About a week or so ago, I asked for a good banana bread recipe on Facebook & I got quite a few replies from friends & family.  My Great Aunt Pat, who used to own a restaurant & who happens to be the most amazing cook I know, sent me a private message telling me…

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