• Toddler Lunch, Tortilla Pizza

    July 12, 2013Holly Sosa

    This is basically the most toddler friendly lunch you will ever make for/with your kids.  I love letting the kids help with things.  I feel like it gives them a sense of independence & pride when they can help do, “grown up stuff,” like making their own lunch. This particular version isn’t the healthiest, but…

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  • Toddler Lunch & Playdate, Two Birds One Stone

    June 27, 2013Holly Sosa

    When the kids are all together in our house it’s kind of a zoo.  Everyone is off doing different things & needing different things & hungry at different times & totally bored Mo-om at different times.  Because of this, I need to plan our activities & our meals ahead of time.  Partly because making a…

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  • Meal Stretching & Grocery Advice

    October 19, 2012Holly Sosa

    We are a one income family which means we live on a super tight budget once you factor in all of our bills.  By tight I mean tight.  Most people would be shocked to find out how much we can allocate for groceries in any given week. Since I cannot work during my pregnancy, I…

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