• Make Out with Me Pasta

    December 26, 2012Holly Sosa

    Why is it that your best meals are always the ones you just pull out of thin air?  The other night, I had to throw something together & I was tired, so I wanted something quick, but healthy (read: not macaroni & cheese or dino chicken). You know how you stare at your pantry or…

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  • Gramma Bonsole’s Beef Stew

    November 6, 2012Holly Sosa

    Most of my family lives in Michigan.  Which means lots of soups & stews in the fall & winter months.  I’m a big soup gal, so I love it!  I could eat soup everyday for dinner.  One of my very favorites is my Grandma Bonsole’s beef stew.  It’s so yummy.  The base of the soup is gravy, so…duh.  I…

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  • Country Crock Thanksgiving Side Dish: Unicorn Corn on the Cob

    November 2, 2012Holly Sosa

    I know what you’re thinking. “Ugh. A sponsored post? No thank you.” But trust me. Stay with me here & you’ll benefit both in your culinary skills & with an awesome giveaway that I’m a little peeved I can’t enter myself in. What would Thanksgiving be without corn?  I know for my family, corn on…

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  • Meal Stretching & Grocery Advice

    October 19, 2012Holly Sosa

    We are a one income family which means we live on a super tight budget once you factor in all of our bills.  By tight I mean tight.  Most people would be shocked to find out how much we can allocate for groceries in any given week. Since I cannot work during my pregnancy, I…

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