• Five Quick & Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

    August 28, 2013Holly Sosa

    In our home, we love a good slow cooker meal. I have a relationship with my slow cooker. Having her is like having one of those neighbors that drops by unexpectedly with a meal. Pure unadulterated awesome. I put stuff in it & every single time it comes out delicious. here are five of our…

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  • Gummy Bear Popsicles

    July 22, 2013Holly Sosa

    We stay inside as much as we can during the summer months.  Desert summers are harsh & honestly?  A bit scary.  So, we keep inside where our skin can stay protected from the sun rays & we can stay hydrated.  The problem with this is that I have five kids with me during the summer…

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  • S’mores Brownies

    June 7, 2013Holly Sosa

    On a whim the other night, I decided we needed s’mores brownies.  My only problem was that I didn’t want to spend extra time making a graham cracker crust on the bottom which is typical in most recipes.  I knew there had to be a faster way to get my s’more & brownie fix, so…

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  • Peeps S’mores

    March 30, 2013Holly Sosa

    The girls got a sweet little Easter gift from both my Ma & J’s Ma, so the other night when Andie asked me for the 8th time what we were having for dessert (& home girl DGAF that there doesn’t have to be dessert every night, she wants dessert), so I decided to try to…

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  • Great Aunt Pat’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

    March 7, 2013Holly Sosa

    About a week or so ago, I asked for a good banana bread recipe on Facebook & I got quite a few replies from friends & family.  My Great Aunt Pat, who used to own a restaurant & who happens to be the most amazing cook I know, sent me a private message telling me…

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  • Two Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins

    November 13, 2012Holly Sosa

    You read that correctly.  Your eyes are not, in fact, deceiving you.  Two ingredient pumpkin muffins.  And they are fantastic…& husband approved. All you need is a box of cake mix & a can of pumpkin.  That’s it.  Cheap.  Easy.  Delicious.  And just imagine the variations!!!  We used classic yellow, but now I wished I’d…

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  • Magical Pumpkin Pie Guest Post at Crosbie Crew

    October 23, 2012Holly Sosa

    I am guest posting today over at Crosbie Crew for her Mama Makes series.  I share the recipe for my pumpkin pie with graham cracker topping.  Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on it!  Head over there to find me today.

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  • Apple Butter Recipe

    October 5, 2012Holly Sosa

    “It’s like apple pie in a jar!” J said to me after he tasted my apple butter this morning.  People, by now you know that I am all about the holidays & seasons.  I am not afraid to celebrate & a change of weather or holiday is a perfect excuse.  Fall is creeping up on…

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