Cookies & Scream Milkshake

You guys, Halloween is right around the corner & I’m getting so excited! So excited, in fact, that I’m already spook-ifying (not a real word, I know), fun snacks for my kids to get them in the Halloween spirit along with me. My latest creation is both silly & ghoulish all at once, which has even me wondering if I should gobble this milkshake down or just stare at it in wonder. Ha!
I created this Cookies & Scream Milkshake recipe using TruMoo’s Orange Scream flavored milk. I love TruMoo products not only because they are holiday freaks like myself & create spooky milk for Halloween, but also because they are a wholesome company that provides milk fresh from my trusted dairy that does not contain artificial growth hormones & no high fructose corn syrup. Did you know that one eight ounce glass of TruMoo provides as much calcium as five cups of broccoli & as much potassium as one small banana? Plus, look how much fun this Orange Scream flavor is? You don’t even need to add it to ice cream to make it special, just toss in a straw & let your kid go to town. I won’t tell them it’s good for them if you don’t. Ha!
Ingredients: TruMoo Orange Scream flavored milk, cookies & cream ice cream, cream sandwich cookies, creepy gummies (mine are all from Target’s Halloween section)
Directions: Scoop ice cream into a cup, pour TruMoo over top & give it a few rough stirs. Next, crumble up a few cookies in a plastic baggie & sprinkle on top. Add your creepy gummy candies & a fun straw (optional…kind of) & enjoy. You could also blend your milk & ice cream in a blender, but we like our milkshakes nice & thick here in the Sosa house. Plus, my kiddos love seeing that orange milk in all it’s Halloween glory as they enjoy their treat.

These milkshakes are super fun, tasty, & a great way to get your kids involved in the kitchen. I mean, what kid wouldn’t just love to slurp down their very own milkshake monster? Ha! You can find TruMoo Orange Scream at your local Target along with all of the other ingredients, including these creepy gummy candies!
Can’t get enough of TruMoo? Follow TruMoo on Pinterest for more delicious recipes and enter the Facebook contest for a chance to win weekly cash prizes through October 31! You can also enter the TruMoo Sweepstakes for a chance to win a family trip for four!

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4 Warm & Boozy Fall Cocktails

With Fall nearly here, I’ve been dreaming of soothing, heated cocktails to wrap my hands around for warmth & enjoy the turning leaves, cooler weather, & cozy sweaters. It’s always fun to get a little boozy while honoring your favorite season, am I right? Head over to where these four boozy & warm fall cocktails to help you do just that.

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Adding Sparkle to Your Planner

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August is here! With it comes hectic back to school schedules, lists, birthdays, church groups, & more! Since I’m a planner junkie, it makes for a busy planning session with my trusty companion. It can get monotonous & boring which is why I like to add some sparkle with colored pens, washi tape, stickers, & this month, with Canada Dry Sparkling Water. #AddSparkle
It may sound silly to some, but sitting down each month/week to plan out our family schedules is where I wind down & relax. Getting everything down on paper & out of my head clears my mind & allows me to be with my family distraction free. But no one likes to sit & write down appointments, karate lessons, school hours, doctor appointments, & more. So, I add sparkle with fun accessories to make planning feel more like a scrapbook or journal of our lives as a family.
Playing with my stickers & washi is made even more fabulous when I add Canada Dry Sparkling water to my routine. Adding in fresh fruit gives it a burst of color & a hint of extra flavor. Can you tell I’l use any excuse to add color to my life? Ha! Plus, the fruit at the end of your drink is delicious!

I have found that the best use for my monthly spreads is for planning out my blog posts for the month. Between sponsors, recipes, & my personal content, it can get overwhelming. Seeing it all listed out like this makes it a great reference point for me.
Walmart is an awesome resource for fun planner supplies. From washi tape to sticky notes & fresh fruit to sparkling water, they have everything you need for a fabulous afternoon of planning! I’m a bit washi obsessed, can you tell?

Since I had raspberries in my drink, it was only fitting that Evelyn get to enjoy our afternoon snack. And boy, did she enjoy them! Just gander at those sticky sweet fingers & cheeks. Is there anything more adorable?

If you are interested in trying out these fabulous flavored sparkling waters from Canada Dry, be sure to print this money saving coupon (up to $1.75 for sharing!) before you head out to Walmart!
How do you add sparkle to your everyday routines? I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

9 Perfect Summer Watermelon Recipes

Watermelon is an ideal health food because it doesn’t contain any fat or cholesterol, is high in fiber and vitamins A & C and is a good source of potassium. Plus, watermelon is just the quintessential summer fruit & who doesn’t love indulging in it’s sweet & juicy fruit meat? With summer in full swing, I wanted to share some fabulous watermelon recipes that you maybe haven’t thought of yet such as a savory salad or appetizer! Enjoy this week’s round-up of watermelon recipes perfect for summer! As usual, head over to to get the full list in all it’s sweet glory!

6 Sinful Summer Cocktails

Nothing says summer quite like a cold, stiff drink. And with several summer fruits & herbs at our fingertips, we’d be crazy not to infuse a cocktail or two with their flavors. This week, I’m rounding up six sinful summer cocktails that are sure to please your palate.

1. Raspberry Beer Cocktail via Inspired by Charm  |  2. Watermelon Sangria Bar via A Fabulous Fete  |  3. Sangria Punch via A Night Owl  |  4. Strawberries & Cream Cocktail via Cake n Knife  |  5. Chamomile Honey & Whiskey Cocktail via A Cozy Kitchen  |  6. Vodka Mint Limeade via Laylita’s Recipes

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6 4th of July Eats & Treats

With Independence Day a few weeks away, I know several families will be celebrating with barbecues & potlucks. Dazzle your guests or fellow guests with one of these six fabulously patriotic recipes perfect for the 4th of July!

1. Red, White, & Blueberry Poke Cake via Taste of Home  |  2. Uncle Sam Mustache Pops via No. 2 Pencil  |  3. Red, White, & Blue Bark via Lil Luna  |  4. Patriotic Oreo Pops via Makoodle  |  5. Patriotic Punch via No. 2 Pencil  |  6. 4th of July Fruit Wands via Weelicious

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Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of Our Military with Coffee-mate

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With Independence Day approaching, it’s important to take time out to remember what the holiday is all about & those we are honoring. Military ties run deep in my family from my Grandpa being an Air Force retiree, to my cousin fighting in the Iraq war, to Jacob’s younger brother serving overseas in the Army right at this very moment, to my own sister serving in the Navy. Teaching my kids about military service, those that serve, & what sacrifices they make on a daily basis is important to me. Fortunately, I don’t have to go far to show them exactly what that means & sometimes it’s as simple as a coffee date with my sister. #CMSalutingHeroes

My little sister (& best friend!) served in the United States Navy for three years before leaving to become a police officer. We joke that she just couldn’t stay away from military life because she married a US Marine shortly after her police academy graduation. Because she married a Marine, it meant that she would have to leave her career as a police officer if they wanted their new family to stay together. A pillar of strength for her husband & new son, she did it without looking back. Now, her husband serves as a drill instructor at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego.

Cortney & I have always been close & after we both became mothers, our bond grew even tighter. Together with our Mom, we would spend every weekend together with our families, husbands & each other. After Cortney’s move, & then mine shortly after, our normal everyday routine of seeing one another has dwindled down to every few months. Thankfully, Skype is a thing & we can chat via video together as we enjoy our momentary escape from tantrums & dirty dishes to sip on coffee & wish we were closer to swap babysitting duty.

Cortney is an unsung & forgotten military hero. You never hear about the daily struggles these wives & mothers have to make on a daily basis. There are weeks when Cortney isn’t sure if she will see her husband. Days when she has not an inking of if he will be able to tuck their kids into bed at night. She keeps the home front together so that her husband can mold & create the future of our Marine Corps. She works hard every single day without her partner home with her to give her just five minutes of solitude. Every grocery trip, every errand, every task is done alone.

Yes, what these men & women serving in our military do is immeasurable, but let’s not forget the ones who stand behind them & give them the support they need to do their jobs in this patriotic holiday season. Much love to you, Seester!

Coffee-mate is donating to an incredible organization called Operation Homefront, which helps to provide assistance to wounded military members and their families. Join Coffee-mate, Seester, & myself & share a coffee moment in celebration & honor of your military service members. Coffee-mate has decorated their French Vanilla & Hazelnut liquid creamer & their Original powder creamer in patriotic stars and stripes. These bottles will only be available at Walmart from Memorial Day through Independence Day while supplies last.

Summer Pasta Salad & Liption Iced Tea #TEArifficPairs

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For those of you who follow me via social media, you know that iced tea & I, we have a relationship. She is there for me every single morning & during the summer, she is there all day long to keep me cool & satisfied as I sip her down to nothing. I drink my Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Tea straight up. I usually don’t like to add anything in aside from maybe a lemon on occasion. This summer, I’ll definitely be pairing it up with as many dishes as I can. #TEArifficPairs

You can pick up Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Teas at your local Walmart! Right now, they are easy to find in the promotional set ups!

With temperatures warming up, one of my favorite summer dishes is a cool, refreshing pasta salad, Growing up, my mother made this or some version of it for just about every barbecue, party, or summer event. I love it because it’s so versatile & can be totally customized to your family’s likes & dislikes. It’s also pairs up perfectly with my daily nectar Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Tea, so it’s a win in my book all around!
  • one pound of pasta, preferably rotini
  • one bottle of Italian dressing
  • one large cucumber
  • one package cherry or baby tomatoes
  • mozzarella (I find that stealing a few of my kid’s string cheese works perfectly!)
  • bacon
  • black olives
  • Aside from the pasta itself & the dressing, everything in this dish is totally up to you. Like mushrooms? Toss some in. Want to make it a bigger meal for dinner? Add in some diced chicken breasts. Don’t like tomatoes? Omit them. One of my favorite add-ins not used today is pepperoni. Yum!
Cook your pasta as usual. When you drain it, kit it with cold water. If you plan on serving this immediately, toss in some ice cubes. This is a cold pasta dish & the water/ice will help bring the temperature down so we don’t have any melty cheese or wilted veggies. Place in a large bowl, cover, & place in fridge.
Peel & slice your cucumbers into bite sized pieces. For me, it works best when I slice up the whole cucumber, then cut each slice into quarters a few at a time. You also want to half the tomatoes. This just makes them easier to eat with a fork. Also slice your mozzarella into small chunks. Using my kid’s string cheese has been the best trick here. It’s the perfect width & all I have to do is cut it into small slices.  If you want to add in mushrooms or pepperonis, now is the time to get all of that prep out of the way.

Once all of your veggies are diced up, pull out your pasta bowl, & toss all of the ingredients on top. I like to use the already cooked bacon, nuke it, dice it up real fine, & add it in once it’s cool. Drain your olives & add those in, too. Next, pour the entire bottle of Italian dressing on top. Yes, the entire bottle. The noodles soak up a lot of the dressing, so it won’t be nearly as zesty as you think. 

If you’re serving this immediately, go ahead & toss it & serve. If you’re making this for later, toss everything until it’s coated in dressing, cover, & pop in the fridge. When it’s time to serve, you may want to have another bottle of dressing within arms reach just in case. Those noodles really absorb up that dressing.
Lastly, pour yourself a large cup of Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Tea, add in a fun straw, pat yourself on the back, & sip yourself into bliss. The pairing of refreshing iced tea with this cold pasta salad is a perfect way to bring in summer.

How do you prefer to drink your Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Tea? Do you like yours black like me? Or with sugar in it? Maybe some fruits to sweeten it up naturally?

Iced Coffee Recipes

Last week, I shared my iced coffee recipe (& my hot coffee discontent) with all of you & it has inspired me to share some other cold coffee recipes from around the Internet. With warmer temperatures right around the bend, what better way to get your morning jump start than with an ice cold glass of the sweet Mom juice? Currently, I am drinking my coffee from a straw filled with half-chewed cheese crackers because what’s mine is well, community property, & apparently, if I need to use the restroom, I can expect to return to find my coffee hijacked by Evelyn. One day, I won’t have to share my morning treat with anyone. Until then, I will gaze lovingly at these 9 works of coffee splendor.

1. This low-calorie iced mocha coffee by All in a Day’s Work looks indulgent, but without the extra calories! | 2. This condensed milk coffee by Delicious Shots looks like perfectly creamy way to start your day. | 3. Cherishes Bliss’ last-minute iced coffee recipe is similar to mine; it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who much prefers iced to hot coffee! | 4. How Sweet It Is really knows what’s up because this mocha coconut iced coffee recipe looks absolutely divine! | 5. I will definitely be trying this Skinny Caramel Frappe recipe from The Best Blog Recipes. | 6. Kitchen Concoction’s chocolate hazelnut frappe looks like it was created in a high-end coffee shop. | 7. This round up wouldn’t be complete without The Pioneer Woman’s perfect iced coffee recipe added in! | 8. Almond Joy’s are one of my favorite candies ever; so I’m all over this skinny Almond Joy iced coffee recipe from Domestic Fashionista. | 9. Naturally, my own iced vanilla coffee recipe is my favorite. I recently shared it here, at Our Holly Days.

Which recipe do you most want to try? Do you prefer your morning coffee warm or cold? I’d love to hear about your coffee routine  in the comments below. 


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Living in the desert, our mornings are warm & sometimes even downright hot. Personally, on those mornings, I prefer an iced flavored coffee or frappe to a warm cup of joe. One of my favorite Summer pick-me-ups is my vanilla iced coffee & today, with help from Mr. Coffee’s® best coffee maker ever & Millstone®, I’m here to bestow this gift of creamy coffee goodness onto all of you.

Naturally, a new coffee maker calls for a fabulous new coffee cup & carefully crafted Millstone® coffee; so we headed down to Walmart to pick up our coffee shopping list. I love that the Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™Thermal Coffee Maker was a cinch to find in the kitchen appliance section of the store. And conveniently, the bright & fun coffee cups weren’t far either. In the grocery section, Millstone’s® Kona coffee screamed buy me, I’m sure of it!

I know at this point you are salivating to know my recipe. But really, this is so easy, I feel guilty calling it a, “recipe.” Nonetheless, here it is!

Millstone® Kona Blend Premium Ground Coffee
vanilla flavoring syrup
french vanilla creamer
ice…. maybe Princess Elsa could help with that part

Brew Millstone® coffee at double strength in your Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™Thermal Coffee Maker. Don’t have one? Enter below for your chance to win this exact model! In a large cup, add vanilla flavoring to taste (I prefer 2 pumps, roughly 2 teaspoons) & vanilla creamer to your preference. Next, add in your coffee, stir & pour over another cup filled to the top with ice. Drink from your favorite, most fabulous cup & enjoy a nice, cool Summer morning moment before the kids go crazy…who am I kidding, they already are. But all is well now that you’ve got your creamy vanilla coffee in hand! You can tackle anything with that sweet vanilla nectar!

Jacob & I like our coffee in completely opposite ways. He prefers piping hot, strong coffee with a smidge of creamer added while I prefer cold, rich, & creamy coffee. I love that our new Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal Coffee Maker uses a thermal carafe for that exact reason. The coffee stays nice & hot for him & I can easily pour it over ice for my satisfying vanilla iced coffee. My coffee time is my daily, five-minute me-time to breathe & mentally prepare myself for a day filled with Mom-ing. What is your coffee journey/moment like?

Want one of your own Mr. Coffee® 10-cup Optimal Brew™ Thermal Coffee Makers? Use the form below & enter for your chance to win one! I’m even throwing in a bag of that perfectly roasted Millstone® Kona Blend Premium Ground Coffee to give you the ultimate coffee experience. Entries will close on May 9th, 2014 at 12:00AM PST.

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