• Ten Months

    September 10, 2010Holly Sosa

    I know it’s totally cheesy to post monthly updates of your baby’s life on your super hilarious & brilliant blog, (yeah, I just went there) but I’m convinced I can do this & still be completely cool. Besides, Collin is the inspiration for this blog in the first place, right? Collin is ten months old.…

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  • We’re Back!!!

    September 5, 2010Holly Sosa

    Collin & I are back from our three week long Michigan adventure! I loved every moment I was there & have been spending a ton of my time at home looking at & editing all of our photos! I have a proper blog coming soon, I promise (why you should never fly alone with a nine month…

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  • Packing for Baby…& Mama

    August 10, 2010Holly Sosa

    Collin & I will be leaving extremely early in the morning for a flight to Michigan followed by a long drive to my hometown. My Dad bought us a plane ticket & we will be spending three glorious weeks with my family out there. We will also be there on the anniversary of Liam’s second birthday,…

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  • Nose Lovins

    August 5, 2010Holly Sosa

    Collin & I have an amazing relationship. He loves playing with Mama. We have special activities that are just for me & him, but best of all, we have nose lovins. It’s our private little thing; just Mama & Collin. Every morning, when I pull him out of his crib while he’s jumping like a…

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  • August Rush

    August 3, 2010Holly Sosa

    August is here. This used to be a month filled with swimming pools & sticky, strawberry flavored fingers from melted popsicles. This used to be the month filled with last minute barbecues & back to school preparations. This used to be the month spent carefree & sucking in every last second of the Summer. For…

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  • Hello, Lover

    July 31, 2010Holly Sosa

    My Aunt Kristi recently bought me a new lens for my camera. Not just any lens though, one that I have been lusting over for over a year! I don’t want to go into too much detail for those of you who aren’t camera fanatics, but it’s a low light lens that is ideal for…

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  • iPhones & Babies

    July 29, 2010Holly Sosa

    Seriously, folks. I am in love with my new iPhone4. I can promise you, it is the ultimate Mom tool. My Aunt Kristi texted me the other day inviting me spend this afternoon in the pool with her & her boys. Um, hello?!?!? It has consistently been well over 100 degrees for the past few weeks.…

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  • Afternoon Naps

    July 23, 2010Holly Sosa

    I usually work the swing shift at my job. Which means, coming home after Collin has already been put to bed & waking up at the crack of dawn when he does with minimal sleep. And I love my sleep. I’ve always slept between 10-12 hours per night, but Collin has changed that & I…

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  • Cupcake Day

    July 22, 2010Holly Sosa

    Greg’s daughter, Meaghan, has been staying with us. Like myself, Meaghan is a lover of all things yum. In fact, yesterday she made Rice Krispy treats. Any house guest who makes Rice Krispy treats for me to enjoy wins some serious brownie points. Pun intended. Meaghan is famous in Greg’s family for her cupcakes. She always…

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  • Collin’s Birth Story

    November 4, 2009Holly Sosa

    NOTE: Before reading this, you should know that Collin’s pregnancy was high risk.  After the loss of  my first son, Liam, & being diagnosed with an incompetent cervix combined with MTHFR, I was given a cerclage at 12 weeks.  At 20 weeks, I was placed on bed rest due to cervical funneling.  I had to…

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