FREE Printable Bible Tabs

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I use tabs in all of my Bibles. I have a collection of several for more in depth studies and various translations and every time I add a new one to my collection, the first thing I do is add tabs to each book of the Bible. It makes things a bit easier for me to navigate as I’m still learning where each book is located inside the Bible. And as a Type A personality, it simply makes me happy to have the tabs, ha!

I’ve shared a version of these before (in 2015!) and since then, I’ve been informed that the printable I offered didn’t match the one in my Bible. It seems I uploaded an older version and forgot to update the font before loading them into that post, so I decided to offer the correct version and a new script version as well.

At the beginning of this year, I committed to read through the entire Bible in a year and bough a Beautiful Word Bible for exactly just this purpose. I wanted to steer clear of commentary or study Bibles and just be in God’s Word. I’ve marked down the dates I’ve read each passage along the way and it’s my intention to leave this Bible as a keepsake for my daughter, Evelyn. I’ve been meaning to add tabs to this special keepsake, but haven’t gotten around to it until now. For this particular set of tabs, I used a script font, so I thought I’d share this version with you as well.

I simply printed the file onto scrapbook paper.

Trimmed the tabs out, folded each one in half, and glued them individually to my Bible pages. This was a labor of love and took up quite a chunk of time, which I didn’t mind. But if you’re more pressed for time, I’ve used a Xyron machine in the past and it makes the process go much faster by creating a sticker out of each tab. You can check out my full tutorial from the last post I did on these here.

Download the script font version here (click the image for the higher quality file).

Download the print font version here (click the image for the higher quality file).

I love to Bible journal and enjoy glorifying God through my creative mediums of watercolors, stickers, and doodling. For me, it satisfies my soul to open my Bible and be able to physically see where I was in God’s word, what I learned, and how I executed it into a creation that glorifies our Savior. Naturally, I love for my Bible tabs to reflect that fun part of my personality so I printed my tabs on scrapbook paper that I trimmed down to fit inside my printer. If you prefer them to be on plain white paper, you can simply print them right off these files, but if you love color and patterns, have fun playing with paper and print as many of these off as you so desire!

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A Boy Named Dennis

I was compensated by World Vision for my time in writing this post. All opinions are my own.

The World Vision Global 6K for Water was just a few days ago and we loved participating through our own family walk on May 6th to participate in this cause close to our hearts.

If your family was unable to participate in the World Vision Global 6K for Water this year, child sponsorship is a great alternative to allow you and your family to be actively involved in bringing solutions and  stability to underdeveloped and poverty stricken communities.

Through World Vision my family has grown in many ways. We sponsor a boy named Dennis through the organization. Dennis lives in Bolivia and shares a birthday with my late son, Liam. Liam (and his brother, Collin) both share Dennis’ Bolivian heritage which makes us feel closer to Dennis. We exchange letters, mail him packages, and share our lives with him. Dennis has given my children perspective and compassion for others who don’t share the benefits of living in a developed country. World Vision has given my family the opportunity to love others whom we wouldn’t normally have the access to.

Sponsoring Dennis is a personal and long-term way for us to get involved with World Vision and share our love with a child in need. Our sponsorship allows us to have a one-on-one relationship with Dennis (and his family and community) while pooling the gifts of all sponsors who support children in the same community where World Vision can provide long-term resources for lasting change.

Since poverty is complex and rarely solved by one intervention, World Vision helps with each community’s specific needs such as clean water, schools, teacher training, agricultural training, immunizations, and more. These solutions help the community to become self-sufficient, which is the ultimate goal.

Child sponsorship is a special way to get involved and help children and communities in need that also creates a personal relationship, allowing you to directly see the impact your sponsorship is making. 

Child sponsorship is a simple process that allows you to find a child you want to help through a preferred country, age, or even birthday. After you find a child, you’ll receive a letter in 6-12 weeks from that child that will be the start of a one on one relationship. Your monthly gift helps your sponsored child and their entire community which translates into long term resources for everyone! The local staff ensures your donations go the extra mile. Since the children cannot receive direct cash benefits, staff create sustainable plans to help keep your child’s community out of poverty, even after World Vision has moved on to help friends in other areas. You can stay connected with your child through hand written letters and even through the World Vision website where you can track the community’s progress, get regular updates, and even send additional gifts (like livestock!).

Every $1 donated equals $1.30 in impact thanks to grants and product donations. What better way to ensure your money is maximized to help these children and their communities?!

You can find and sponsor a child, or get more information here at the Sponsor a Child portion of the World Vision website.

The World Vision Global 6K for Water

I was compensated by World Vision for my time in writing this post. All opinions are my own.

global 6k for water

This May I’ll be walking in the World Vision Global 6K for Water organized by Team World Vision. As part of the team, we are passionate people who will walk, run, or race to help children get clean drinking water. The Team World Vision’s water projects and initiatives work in harmony with World Vision’s other work in areas of development, such as healthcare, education, food, and economic development. This approach helps to solve the root causes of poverty rather than providing temporary help. On May 6th, Team World Vision members will walk, run, or race a full 6K (3.7 miles) to illustrate the average distance that people in the developing world (often young girls and women) walk for water each day. This walk is often dangerous and the water is typically contaminated with life-threatening diseases. The urgency is real and the need is great, which is why this walk is important. There are four ways you can help now before the race.

Register for the 6K

global 6k for water

To register, a fee of $50 supports these programs and secures your spot in the walk. You’ll also receive a World Vision Global 6K shirt, a race bib with a photo of a child in need of a sponsor, and a race medal. Join a local host site to walk with other Global 6K for Water participants near you.

Become a host site

Work together with your church, school, community center, team, or club to register as a host site (it’s free!) and spread the word. Set a goal of just ten people or even up to one hundred people! World Vision will help and equip you with all of the materials, signage, and race day support to ensure a successful outcome.

Create a virtual team

global 6k for water

Invite your family and friends from across the country to join your team and participate. You can work together, even from far apart! You’ll each be walking or running from your own neighborhoods, but together you can increase your impact.

Do it from home

global 6k for water

Walk or run the Global 6K for Water right at home on your block. You could even do it right from your home gym or on the treadmill at your local gym. Make it a family event and walk together after school with your kiddos (thank to donors, the registration fee for kids 15 and under is only $25).

Team World Vision was founded in 2006 and since then they have helped to raise $30 million for World Vision’s work around the world to support water programs in these developing areas. Walk with me this May and help to get your community involved. Be a part of bringing clean water to children who need it most.

For additional information on Team World Vision, be sure to visit their website. You can also visit World Vision on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for more ways to give.

World Vision Gift Guide

World Vision has always been a cause close to my heart. Two years ago, I decided to sponsor a child through the program. Partly to fulfill a calling the Lord had placed in my heart and partly to help heal my grief. The boy we sponsor has a birthday just a few days shy of my late son, Liam’s, and he lives in Bolivia, a country whose blood ran through Liam’s veins. We receive letters and pictures from our sponsored boy. Sometimes he colors us pictures; in his last letter, he shared that his dream is to become a police officer, a dream I don’t think could have been afforded to him had it not been for the work of World Vision in his village. Sponsoring a child has been both a rewarding and humbling experience for me, but if a monthly donation just isn’t a possibility for your family I’d encourage you to consider purchasing your holiday gifts from their catalogue of beautifully handcrafted options. I’m sharing this World Vision gift guide to inspire you to purchase gifts this season that aren’t only beautiful, but serve a bigger purpose.

Vietnamese Silk Scarf


Vietnam’s Ma Chau villagers weave these traditional silky smooth scarves, helping to provide them with a sustainable income with fair trade wages.

Tree of Life Votive Holder


These artisans in India work hard to raise themselves out of poverty and help light the way for their children’s education.

Turquoise Medallion Necklace


This brightly beaded medallion is handmade by families in Delhi.

Upcycled Artisan Bowl


This stunning bowl is up-cycled from reclaimed industrial waste such as wires and metal. Artisans in India have hand bent and soldered each piece into inspirational shapes to create this artistic and elaborate bowl that is great as a decorative piece or to hold special items.

Silver Vines Cuff


A gorgeous, adjustable silver cuff bracelet with an intricately laced vine pattern, designed by artisans in Old Delhi, India. This stunning piece is the result of once-mistreated jewelry makers banding together to support their families through fair trade practices.

These gifts will encourage local economy growth in the villages while helping to provide the needs so many children and their families desperately need. They encourage children to learn trades, help get them into schools, and provide them with food and clean water to live. World Vision helps families achieve their full potential by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice. They’re child focused and community based work has helped nearly one hundred countries. So, if you can’t sponsor a child I’d ask that you please consider their catalogue this holiday season and purchase a gift that gives twice over.

Journaling Bible | Bible Tabs by Halin

I received a set of Bible tabs to facilitate this post.

bible tabs008

Bible journaling has become one of my favorite ways to connect with the Bible. While I believe strongly in daily scripture writing and reading, this sort of hybrid art/scrapbooking version of worship is close to my heart. It’s where I get to combine my love of art and creating with my Creator’s Word. When I’m painting or doodling in the margins I’m mediating on His Word and praying. It’s a form of worship where I’m at my most stripped down for Him. Journaling inside my Bible is one of the first ways I was encouraged to go deeper and learn more about the truth in the pages.

I’ve always been a fan of Bible tabs. In fact, I think every Bible I own (four!) has tabs to divide each book. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I still occasionally struggle with where exactly each book is when my pastor asks us to open our Bibles in church. Having tabs helps me to navigate a little more quickly as I clumsily fumble through the pages. While plain tabs work perfectly fine in my study Bible, I knew I wanted something much more fun and a little extra special for my journaling Bible.

These beautifully created tabs were made by my friend, Halin. She has an Etsy shop where she creates tabs by hand for people like me who rely on our tabs to navigate our Bibles. She offers them in a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Each tab is crafted carefully by her, trimmed out to size, and then laminated for protection and durability. My favorite part is that they come completely ready to peel and stick right into my Bible.

bible tabs001

bible tabs004

I spent the afternoon yesterday sitting by a window, mediating on God’s Word, and sticking these Bible tabs by Halin in their proper place inside my journaling Bible. Every so often, I would stop to read a small passage and pray. I am so grateful for God’s grace and that each and every day, knowing I need salvation, that it’s given to me. I’m so grateful to even have a Bible in my hands when we have entire missions dedicated to getting Bibles into the hands of people who have never seen one.

bible tabs007

bible tabs010

Friends, I encourage you to find a method of Bible study or worship that speaks to your passions as I have. There’s no greater fun to be had than sharing that passion with Jesus Christ and using it as a form of worship.


To check out the variety of Bible tabs by Halin, visit her shop on Etsy where you can purchase your own set or browse through her other creations like bookmarks, Bible covers, and more.

Farewell to Summer Party | CLIF Kid

Summer is coming to a close and for us school is back in session. As a firm believer in soaking in all of life, including what each season has to offer, I wanted to get together with some friends and their kiddos for a Farewell to Summer Party. Here in the High Desert temperatures are still pretty warm, so I brainstormed a few fun water game ideas and texted our community group to meet us at the park last week for a date with the summer sun.

The party was inspired by CLIF Kid and their dedication to reclaiming outside play so for snacks I loaded a party table with our favorite CLIF Kid items. CLIF Kid makes nutritious snacks from organic ingredients that are specially-crafted for kids’ developing taste buds and active lives. I stacked plenty of Iced Oatmeal Cookie and Chocolate Mint (which the kids demolished) and loads of ZFruit twists. I love that CLIF Kids encourages boys and girls everywhere to get back outside, push their boundaries and feed their adventures, so I thought I’d share their love of outdoors with my friends while serving their nutritious snacks.


I also had giant mason jars filled with lemonade and fresh iced tea. Because what’s a party without a mason jar or two?

clif kid006

At the table I placed a bubble machine behind all the food to add some sensory fun to our party table.

clif kid001

The kiddos created sock bubbles using old plastic cups and the toes snipped off of socks (those I bought new, don’t worry…though stinky old ones would have been pretty humorous). I mixed together dish soap with just a little water and the kids dipped their new bubble blowers in and went to creating all kinds of fun things. Bubble cake, bubble beards, and even a bubble mohawk!

clif kid002

I also filled up about 200 water balloons and we all had a good old fashioned water balloon fight. I think the dads were way more into it than the kids. Those grown ups were taking it seriously!

clif kid003


Our last little farewell to summer activity was a fun way for the kids to cool down. I took a bunch of t-shirts and soaked them in water and then stuck them in my freezer for several hours. The kids each got a frozen t-shirt and their goal was to be the first one to open the shirt up and put it on. They were banging shirts on tress trying to get theirs to open up!

clif kid005



This gathering was one for the record books. Saying goodbye to summer was never more bittersweet. While I’m excited for the structure the school year brings, I know I’ll long for hot summer evenings like this one.

For more information on CLIF Kid including fun back to school lunch ideas, outdoor play activities, and more, be sure to visit the CLIF Kid page on Facebook.

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3 Ways to Wear a Shirt Dress

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ways to wear a shirt dress004

Last summer, I was all about the romper. I wore them everywhere and while there is still a place in my heart for the romper, this summer has quickly become the year of the shirt dress. It’s practically pajamas only more socially acceptable. And as someone who always needs to be comfortable in her clothes, I’m having some serious feels for the shirt dress. At first, I have to admit, it was hard to figure out how to style it so that it doesn’t just look like a potato sack, but with some experimenting, it’s become one of my most fashion forward pieces. Today I’m sharing three ways to wear a shirt dress that are my trusty go to styles in hopes you’ll be inspired to try this comfy chic dress.

Throw it back to the 90’s

ways to wear a shirt dress002

Grab a plaid top and cinch it around your waist 90’s-style. Add some sneakers for the ultimate casual look that’s also comfy for running errands. Bonus points for rocking some 90’s sunnies, like these full circle ones and a fabulous black velvet choker like this one.

Glam it up with a skirt

ways to wear a shirt dress003

If you’re wanting a more pulled together look for work or school, just slip a skirt on over the top of your shirt dress. Wear a pair of heels and add some beachy waves to your hair for a gorgeous glam casual ensemble. For sunnies, there’s no better choice than a pair of cat eyes with big lenses.

Get boho chic

ways to wear a shirt dress001

Grab your favorite kimono and rock some booties for a boho chic look. Accessorize with a chunky necklace and some aviators.

The shirt dress in each of these styles is by Fight Apparel. It’s roomy, comfy, and breathes well (which in the desert is important). I own several pieces from this fun faith-based shop and recommend it to everyone who compliments my outfit when I’m wearing one of their pieces. This particular piece is versatile and works with any of these looks, which is why I adore it so much!

Hopefully my little ode to the shirt dress inspires you to add one to your wardrobe this summer. But hey, if you don’t like being comfortable and looking fabulous at the same time, that’s on you (sarcasm).

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Blessings Bags, Why I Make Them

blessings bags004

Community is important to me. I’ve always felt a responsibility to those around me and try to step up and take action using the God given gifts I’ve been blessed with to bless others around me. One of those gifts is hospitality and I use it to host a weekly community group with our church members and on holidays, I reach out with an invitation to anyone who has no one else to celebrate with, to come and celebrate with my family. During the summer, my children and I band together to create Blessings Bags, which are gallon zip closure bags filled with necessities someone who is homeless may have extra need for. It’s our small way of blessing someone in our community who may have been overlooked or misplaced.

blessings bags005

Inspired by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company’s Band Together campaign, we gathered supplies for our yearly summer tradition to create these Blessings Bags. One for a female and one for a male, filled with a variety of necessities, toiletries, and some creature comforts:

blessings bags001

  • mouthwash
  • mints
  • a toothbrush
  • a small first aid kit
  • wet wipes
  • granola bars
  • sunscreen (extra important during the summer months here in the High Desert)
  • lotion
  • lollipops
  • cotton swabs
  • deodorant
  • tampons/pads (for the female bag)
  • dry shampoo

We filled the bags with all of the items and used a marker to identify if the bag had female or male contents inside. We’ll keep the bags in the car until we see someone in need and then we’ll gladly hand one out to them in hopes the contents will bless them in some small way. Our bags may not make a huge impact, but I believe our small gesture helps to uplift our community and at least touches the recipients, if nothing else. These Blessings Bags have also been a teaching tool for my children, who help me choose items and pack them, to give them mindfulness with compassion and share some community responsibility together.

blessings bags002

blessings bags003

Jeweler Mutual is also passionate about community and with their Band Together campaign are set to donate a total of $2 million to three important causes: health, home, and hunger. Based on our votes, they’ll divide the funds between the three nonprofits: St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, and Food Banks Canada & Feeding America. We can all vote once daily, from July 11, 2016 at 11am CT through July 31, 2016 at 11pm CT, and be entered for a chance to win some jewelry from STACKED New York at the same time. The cause with the most votes at the end will receive a $1 million donation, the runner-up will receive $700,000, and $300,000 will go to third place.

Whether you’re inspired by these Blessings Bags or by Jewelers Mutual’s huge Band Together campaign, I hope you’ll be inspired to do something to give back to your community. If nothing else, you can do something right this very moment by placing your daily vote right now over at the Band Together website.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

7 Free Scripture Printables for Your Home

Scripture printables are such creative little works of art. I love seeing how different people illustrate God’s word on paper. And for me, I use the ones I find on Pinterest for a variety of purposes. The most obvious to print and display in my home, but I also use them as journal inserts and planner covers. This round up features several of my favorite scripture printables (and a couple of quotes from scholars) from other bloggers of faith like myself.

scripture printables

Holy Spirit Printable from Sweet to the Soul Ministries
Psalm 119:32 Printable from Faith Barista
Restoration Printable from The House of Wood
Ephesians 2:10 Printable from Art by Erin
Hebrews 13:8 Printable from Dawson Church
1 Peter 5:7 Printable from Lost Bumblebee
Tozer Quote Printable from Lauren Carns

These make for great planner covers or journal covers if you’re into paper as much as I am and love to DIY your own. And if not, they are perfect for printing out and hanging in a frame or with some washi tape somewhere in your home.

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My Journaling Bible | Psalm 78 32-38

psalm 78 32-38002

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a journaling Bible entry with you friends. Truthfully, I fell out of daily scripture reading for awhile there. As someone who is always trying to work towards becoming a mature Christian, it was discouraging and I knew it was something I needed to make a priority again. It wasn’t until I was sitting in a sermon at church when our pastor talked about how there are people who say the love God, but won’t open their Bible to read His book that I realized how not being in scripture daily was affecting me. I looked down at nails that were being pulled away from the skin underneath, a nervous habit I do when I have anxiety, and I saw physical results of what falling away from my personal relationship with Jesus had on me. I know this all sounds very dramatic, but for me, not being in my Bible isn’t really an option. I know how it affects my mind and how it leads me astray. Daily Bible studying is important; especially so for me.

Thankfully, the Lord answered my prayers to help refresh my mind towards him and I have jumped back into my daily study which also inspires my journaling. They go hand in hand, which meant that if I wasn’t reading I wasn’t journaling. I’ve been following the daily prompts for scripture writing passages from Middle Places. I love that little community and it’s been helpful for getting me motivated and back into the Word. Earlier this week, the scripture writing was for Psalm 78 32-38 and as I wrote, I was thinking about a friend’s current struggle. Jacob and I have been praying daily about this friend and this person has been heavy on my mind. When I read the verses, I had one of those moments where words jump off of the page at you with neon lights and arrow signs.

32 In spite of all this, they kept on sinning;
    in spite of his wonders, they did not believe.
33 So he ended their days in futility
    and their years in terror.
34 Whenever God slew them, they would seek him;
    they eagerly turned to him again.
35 They remembered that God was their Rock,
    that God Most High was their Redeemer.
36 But then they would flatter him with their mouths,
    lying to him with their tongues;
37 their hearts were not loyal to him,
    they were not faithful to his covenant.
38 Yet he was merciful;
    he forgave their iniquities
    and did not destroy them.
Time after time he restrained his anger
    and did not stir up his full wrath.

Verse 37 beamed it’s neon off of the page at me. And you guys, I had this realization: how can we ever ask for loyalty from people around us…how can we expect to be able to give loyalty to those close to us…if we aren’t first loyal to Him? It took my friend’s current struggle for me to read this passage in this light, and while I am heartbroken for my friend, I am amazed at how God worked through my empathy for the situation to make these neon lights jump off of the page.

psalm 78 32-38001

psalm 78 32-38003

Coming to the realization that my loyalty to God speaks on my loyalty to those in my life was a hard pill to swallow. It made me examine how my relationships were effected when I’m not in an obedient relationship with Christ; making excuse after excuse for myself and pointing fingers at everyone around me. But it also showed me the goodness I can share when I reflect God’s love and loyalty to those around me when I am in reverence of Him.

Have you ever had a neon lights verse jump off the page at you when reading your Bible? I’d love to hear about how God used that moment to teach you something in the comments below.