• Summer Cocktails, Refreshing Spirits for Your Summer

    May 17, 2016Holly Sosa

    With summer on the horizon, I’m looking forward to fireworks, evenings in the backyard with some good BBQ, and lots of fun at the pool. Of course in each of these situations, I’d ideally have a stiff cocktail in my hand. This week’s Dream Create Inspire was filled with summer cocktails and even recipes for…

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  • Weeknight Dinner Ideas, Simple Solutions for Your Busy Schedule

    May 10, 2016Holly Sosa

    This week’s Dream Create Inspire link up was filled with loads of awesome ideas and solutions for busy schedules and weeknight meals. As a work from home mom of a blended family of seven, my weeknights can get a little hectic. I definitely bookmarked several of these delicious weeknight dinner ideas to help me plan…

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  • Clever Organizational DIYs

    May 3, 2016Holly Sosa

    My inner Monica Gellar cannot resist a good organizational project. Neat and tidy. Everything in it’s place. A place for everything. This week’s Dream Create Inspire is brought to you by my inner cleaning nerd with several clever organizational DIYs to inspire your next task! Carpet Freshener from Crystal & Co. How to Clean a…

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  • Decadent Dessert Recipes, Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

    April 26, 2016Holly Sosa

    I know, I know! We’re all working on getting our summer bods back, but I just could not help myself when I saw all of your dessert recipes in last week’s Dream Create Inspire link up. I mean, Brownie Batter Milkshakes?! Goodness you friends can make a dessert! This week, I satisfied my sweet tooth…

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  • Stationery & Paper Craft Ideas

    April 19, 2016Holly Sosa

    I know I shout from the rooftops nearly weekly about my love for paper and stationery products, but apparently I’m not the only one! This week’s Dream Create Inspire link up was filled with all types of creative paper craft ideas, stationery organization tips, and even some projects for the kiddos. I rounded up my favorites from…

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  • Creative Dessert Ideas for Your Next Spring Picnic

    April 12, 2016Holly Sosa

    Who doesn’t love a good dessert? For me, spending time in the kitchen is how I best share my love for someone. Food is the best way I can express my affection. And dessert? Well, that’s the best kind of lovin’, friends! This week’s Dream Create Inspire round up features a ton of clever and…

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  • Easy Crafts for Spring

    April 5, 2016Holly Sosa

    Spring brings out the crafting bug in me. Once the weather starts to get warmer and the house is purged after all the spring cleaning, my brain wants to create and craft all the things! This week’s Dream Create Inspire round up features plenty of inspiration and easy crafts to inspire your next project or…

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  • Easter Treats for Your Holiday Celebrations

    March 22, 2016Holly Sosa

    I’ve been helping my mom plan her annual Easter party for a few weeks now and I just have to say that you guys really brought it with the inspiration this week! We’ve been wondering what dishes to make for a large crowd and what sorts of Easter treats we could make and I had…

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  • Fun & Simple Easter Crafts

    March 15, 2016Holly Sosa

    This week I’ve been crazy busy with zero time for crafting, but I’ve had daydreams of ModPodge and scissors and fabrics galore! With this fun Dream Create Inspire blog party, I’m never short on fun ideas because all of you are just so creative! This week’s round up features tons of fun and simple Easter…

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  • Easter Crafts & Food Ideas

    March 8, 2016Holly Sosa

    Easter is in the air and with it comes visions of fluffy bunny rabbits, chocolate eggs, and the familiar smell of vinegar in little cups with food coloring waiting to transform hard boiled eggs. Easter crafts were a tradition of my childhood and I eagerly anticipated the holiday and all the familiar craft kits and…

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