FREE Printable Bible Tabs

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I use tabs in all of my Bibles. I have a collection of several for more in depth studies and various translations and every time I add a new one to my collection, the first thing I do is add tabs to each book of the Bible. It makes things a bit easier for me to navigate as I’m still learning where each book is located inside the Bible. And as a Type A personality, it simply makes me happy to have the tabs, ha!

I’ve shared a version of these before (in 2015!) and since then, I’ve been informed that the printable I offered didn’t match the one in my Bible. It seems I uploaded an older version and forgot to update the font before loading them into that post, so I decided to offer the correct version and a new script version as well.

At the beginning of this year, I committed to read through the entire Bible in a year and bough a Beautiful Word Bible for exactly just this purpose. I wanted to steer clear of commentary or study Bibles and just be in God’s Word. I’ve marked down the dates I’ve read each passage along the way and it’s my intention to leave this Bible as a keepsake for my daughter, Evelyn. I’ve been meaning to add tabs to this special keepsake, but haven’t gotten around to it until now. For this particular set of tabs, I used a script font, so I thought I’d share this version with you as well.

I simply printed the file onto scrapbook paper.

Trimmed the tabs out, folded each one in half, and glued them individually to my Bible pages. This was a labor of love and took up quite a chunk of time, which I didn’t mind. But if you’re more pressed for time, I’ve used a Xyron machine in the past and it makes the process go much faster by creating a sticker out of each tab. You can check out my full tutorial from the last post I did on these here.

Download the script font version here (click the image for the higher quality file).

Download the print font version here (click the image for the higher quality file).

I love to Bible journal and enjoy glorifying God through my creative mediums of watercolors, stickers, and doodling. For me, it satisfies my soul to open my Bible and be able to physically see where I was in God’s word, what I learned, and how I executed it into a creation that glorifies our Savior. Naturally, I love for my Bible tabs to reflect that fun part of my personality so I printed my tabs on scrapbook paper that I trimmed down to fit inside my printer. If you prefer them to be on plain white paper, you can simply print them right off these files, but if you love color and patterns, have fun playing with paper and print as many of these off as you so desire!

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Creating a Summer Schedule for Kids

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With five kids at home during the summer, I have to keep things running as smoothly as I can around these parts. As rural desert dwellers, we have limited choices of places to visit and we have to keep our outside play to a minimum (thanks to the desert heat). A lover of organization and schedules, I tap into those strengths to help ensure my children aren’t just entertained during summer break, but also engaged, active, and studious. Creating a summer schedule for kids plays a big part in keeping everyone occupied without taking away too much of the lazy summer days they look forward to during the school year. Over the years, I’ve developed a schedule and system that keep all five of my kiddos happy and healthy during the long desert summer days.

It all starts with a chalkboard. I bought a medium sized board. I flipped it over and used some super glue to attach several strong magnet to the back. This allows me to display our summer schedule on the fridge for the kids to have easy reference to.

I mapped out our daily schedule and a list of must-do activities on a piece of paper before arranging them into time periods. This is where I took into account my family’s personal needs. For instance, all five kiddos can’t shower at one time period or we’ll run out of hot water. My solution was to give the girls time in the morning and the boys time in the evening. I also create a list of activities for us to complete each year, a sort of summer bucket list, and the kids love to do them when dad is home, so I arranged our activity of the day to be done after he returns home from work each day.

Using my favorite chalk markers from Chalkola (seriously, I’m a pen/marker addict and I’ve tried them ALL), I copied over the schedule I had created to my chalk board. I love how smooth they write and how vibrant the colors come through. We love rainbows around here (read: mama loves rainbows) and I love being able to write our schedules (yes, I create a school year one too!) in the colorful hues. These markers (get 15% off with code 15OFFSTR) from Chalkola can also be used on metal, mason jars, glass, mugs, or even as dry erase markers. They’re super fun; especially for moms and teachers since they’re so versatile.

I may have five kiddos home during the summer, but I believe that creating these summer schedules for kids is helpful for families with any number of children. The key is making it flexible enough to accommodate summer spontaneity, but also adding some structure to the kiddos so you can still get through your own to do list each day.

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Hibiscus Oatmeal Bath Tea

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Mother’s Day is all about family. I shop for my mother’s card each and every year, carefully opening several to read the inside before settling on the perfect card. This year while shopping for mom’s special card at Walmart, I picked up this amazing card from PS Hello and the inside had me giggling because it reminded me of a few close mom friends of mine. Our group consists of four of us and we’ve lovingly dubbed ourselves Majestic Mess. We text and video chat daily, sharing our struggles, triumphs, and even bodily functions (believe it or not, ha!). These women and I are bonded in motherhood and have come to love each other as deeply as sisters. They’re my family. They’re my tribe.

The fun card, while hilariously calling out a love of spirits also sends a message of how grateful I am to be mothering alongside them in life. I’ve come to build relationships with these girls where I can be truly transparent, share my transgressions, confess my shortfalls, and not feel judged. Instead, their love wraps me up and helps me to be a batter wife and mother. My Majestic Mess gals are truly a blessing in my life.

This Mother’s Day I wanted to celebrate our bond and friendship, so I decided to create some relaxing Hibiscus Oatmeal Bath Tea for my ladies in opes it would encourage them to slow down, relax, and take some time for themselves. This simple DIY makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift, or just because gift.


  • dried hibiscus and tea leaves
  • oats
  • epsom salt
  • mason jar
  • cheesecloth

I start by adding a couple tablespoons of epsom salt to a small mason jar.

Next I add about a quarter of a cup of oats.

And then about a third a cup of dried hibiscus and tea leaves.

I layer them in my jar, close the lid, and give it all a good shake to combine.

The fragrant bath tea is filled with relaxing elements for my friends to soothe aching muscles, relieve dry or itchy skin, and the hibiscus will help to chill them out after a long day of mommin’. To use the Hibiscus Oatmeal Bath Tea, they’ll simply add a few spoonfuls to a cheesecloth and tie it shut using floss or twine. Then they can just drop it right into the warm bath water.

I wrapped up the sealed jar in tissue paper and sweetly designed bags from American Greetings to make it extra special for my three friends. I loved choosing bags that reflected each of their personalities and the aisle was filled with plenty of beautiful gift wrapping options, cards, and even small gifts. The PS Hello section is always filled with plenty of fun options for all of life’s celebrations year round. When you use the Ibotta app, you can earn $2 when you buy two cards!

See how American Greetings can help you make Mother’s Day extra special for your own tribe or mother.

Netflix Letter Board

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Our little letter board has become quite the star of our home lately. I’ve been getting creative by placing quotes from some of our favorite movies and series on it and trying to get my husband and friends to guess what it’s from. Inspired by my current favorites on Netflix, I thought I’d share five of my favorite movie and TV quotes with you to see if you can guess where they’re from.

Let’s start with an easy one. This one is probably my number one favorite Netflix Original and I’m so stoked for the second season coming this October.

This revival was released this Thanksgiving and I totally fangirled.

Who’s that girrrrrrlllll?

When a friend helps you move a couch up several flights of stairs.

A little Scranton humor.

I have a sneaky suspicion that this letter board will display quotes from our Netflix Originals for many moons. What’s your current Netflix fave? What quote from it would you put on my Netflix letter board?

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Upcycled Bird Feeder

My kiddos love to watch the little critters we have here in our little rural desert home. Living in a small town that’s surrounded by desert, they’ve experienced a variety of animals. One of our favorite things to do is to feed the birds since we get to enjoy them all year long. While Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders continue to be a favorite around here, the kiddos love to get involved with different ways to feed their little winged friends. We enjoy repurposing old wood and household items when we can; so when it came time to purge some of my old kitchen tools, I held onto one of my old ladles until we could figure out how to reuse it. With the help of the kiddos, we dreamed up a simple little DIY Upcycled Bird Feeder using my old ladle and a piece of old weathered wood they discovered in our yard.

Using a drill, my husband made a hole in the bottom of the ladle handle for a screw to fit.

Then he secured the bottom portion of the ladle into the piece of wood using a screw.

Next he used a screw with a washer to secure the top portion of the handle, utilizing the hole that was already there to secure the top to the wood.

And lastly, he secured it to the tree using longer screws in both the top and bottom areas of the wood.

No measuring necessary, which made this project so easy. We finished it in under ten minutes with an excited Evelyn ready to fill up the ladle with bird seed.

This project is simple, fast, and easy to whip together over an afternoon. Plus, the birds really seemed to appreciate it. I’m a fan of having birds around because they like to eat bugs. And bugs are not things I like to mess around with, so birds are a friendly way to help me manage them. The kids also love watching the birds from the window and learning about how they can stand on cacti, what different colors they come in, and how they eat the bird seed. Sneaky mom, helping them learn about things.

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DIY Food Journal

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As a work from home mom, lunch time is usually spent multi-tasking while I enjoy my meal. When I’m out shopping my my local Walmart for weekly groceries, I never forget to swing down the soup aisle to see what Campbell’s has in store for me. They always seem to have simple solutions for mealtime that are delicious and satisfying. With a new year in store, I was excited to find their new line of Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soups that are made with nutritious ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors, or ingredients. Staying on track with these tasty options will be a breeze this new year.

With a shiny new year in front of me, I’m motivated to get back on track. As a busy mom, running two small businesses from my home office, remembering to take care of myself often comes at the very end of my priorities list. One way I ensure I can clear my mind and get my priorities in order is through my planner. Planning my meals ahead of time has been helpful for me to stay on track and ensure I’m eating throughout the day. Because if I’m being honest here, I often forget to eat until it’s 3PM and my stomach is rumbling.

This DIY Food Journal is made with just a few supplies, most of which I had on hand already (craft hoarder!). To create this, I used the following supplies:

  • printer paper (about eight pieces)
  • a piece of scrapbook paper
  • letter stickers
  • a stapler

To start, I simply trimmed my scrapbook paper to the same size as my printer paper.

I folded my scrapbook paper in half and then repeated with each piece of printer paper.

Next I stacked my printer paper on top of my scrapbook paper and used my stapler to secure them together in the middle.

This created a simple notebook.

I used letter stickers on the front to label the notebook.

And from there, I use it as a sort of mini bullet journal to track my food for each day. I prefer to plan my weeks ahead of time. If I don’t have to think about my food for the day, it makes it easier for me to stop working and grab what I set aside rather than to halt what I’m doing and figure out what to do for my meals.

Lately one of my favorite mealtime solutions has been adding Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Tomato Carrot Bisque to my journal ahead of time. It’s full of yummy flavor, has just a touch of cream, and contains two full cups of vegetables.

Later this week, I’ll be enjoying Hearty Lentil with Vegetable Soup which has chickpeas and roasted garlic (yes, please!) and the Sweet Potato Corn Chowder which contains red peppers and wild rice. Each soup is crafted with care and contains purposeful ingredients (I can read and pronounce them all!). Logging these in my food journal always gives me something to look forward to!

For more information on Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soups and where you can find them at a Walmart near you, be sure to visit You can also find out more on the Campbell’s Well Yes! Facebook page.

Box of Crayons Valentines

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Since Valentine’s Day is full of more than it’s fair share of candy, when I help my kiddos put together their class Valentines, we try to think of something that doesn’t involve candy. This year we made these adorable Box of Crayons Valentines using labels I already had in my home office. It was simple to make and fresh crayons are a fun gift for younger kiddos to receive. Inspired by the rainbow of colors that our favorite Netflix Original, Storybots, features, we took to making our own version of colorful gifts that we could sing our hearts out to.


To create these fun Valentines, we opened a Word Doc and formatted it for the labels. Then we used a fun print font and changed the colors to create a rainbow effect.

We printed the labels and stuck them on each box of crayons.

For added embellishments we used yarn and washi tape to dazzle them up a little more.

This Box of Crayons Valentines craft was easier than some of the store bought ones and I think it results in a gift that the kiddos in my boys classes will get practical use out of. The crayons could easily be swapped out with colored pencils, markers, or even Sharpies for teachers (or stationery addicts like myself!).

Storybots is one of our family favorites on Netflix right now, what’s yours? Comment below with your Netflix faves and visit to check out more Storybots fun for yourself.

DIY | Mason Jar Lid Magnets

These little Mason Jar Lid Magnets are a simple craft that can be doubled as a gift or kept for yourself to add some family love to the fridge. I created these in under 15 minutes and loved my results. I switched it up using family pictures we had printed for our Christmas cards and some fun patterned paper to accent the photos. This would also be a great way to use those Christmas cards you received in the mail with your family and friends smiling faces on them.


  • mason jar lids
  • hot glue gun (and glue)
  • scissors
  • photos
  • magnets

To start I used the inside part of the lid and traced around our photo.

Then I trimmed out the picture.

Next I secure the inner part of the lid to the ring using hot glue in the inner rim.

Then I glued the picture to the inside lid.

Lastly, I flipped over the lid and secured the magnet to the back using my hot glue gun.

The finished product resulted in these delightful magnets that I packaged up to mail to my dad up in Michigan. He lives several states away and I thought these would bring him a little grandbaby sunshine. I love them so much though that I’ve already got plans to make more for my own fridge.

Pictures could easily be subbed out for different things like washing instructions on your washing machine, clean/dirty labels for your dishwasher, and they even make great additions to lockers (tip: print out your class schedule and place it inside the lid).

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Breast Cancer Awareness Christmas Tree

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I partnered with Tree Classics to decorate one of their Classic Fraser Fir trees in pink to help bring awareness to the cause. I think you could stop anyone on the street and ask them how breast cancer has affected their lives and you’d get an answer. Virtually everyone has a story about how it’s happened to someone close to them, someone they know, or even themselves. One of my good friends went through a battle of her own and her story touched me deeply. It’s her story I think about when I do my own self-exams at home. Breast cancer has touched my own family with my aunt and my husband’s cousin. Decorating a tree to promote awareness of this cause in partnership with Tree Classics was special for me.

The tree I created was simple and understated, but still feminine with plenty of sparkle. I chose blush pink, pearl white, and dusty glitter ornaments to adorn the branches.



I used a baby pink ribbon as garland to dedicate the tree to the pink ribbon cause most are familiar with, weaving it through the needles and boughs.



Collaborating with Tree Classics to further awareness for a cause entrenched in lives today was an experience that made me think deeper about how it’s affected countless women and their families. This tree is pretty to look at, but cancer is anything but pretty. It is my hope that Tree Classics and myself can bring a little hope in the form sparkle and shine along with awareness to the families so deeply impacted by the burden of this disease.

DIY | Soothing Lavender Bath Salts

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I’m a bath gal and always have been. In winter especially, I love to turn on the water as hot as I can stand and just soak in bubbles, salts, or bath bombs. Since I typically enjoy a winter bath right before bed, I love to soak in soothing lavender bath salts that I whip up at home with just three simple ingredients. Lavender calms and relaxes which makes it ideal for pre-bedtime rituals. For me, it’s my preferred way to unwind and melt away my worries, so I thought I’d share how I make these Soothing Lavender Bath Salts.



  • dried lavender
  • epsom salts
  • lavender essential oil
  • glass container

I start by adding about a quarter cup of dried lavender to my glass container.


Next I add just over a cup of epsom salts. These can be found at Walmart in the pharmacy aisles.


Then I drip about 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil over the salts.


Lastly, I cover the container with the lid and give everything a nice good shake to get the oils mixed throughout the salts and to spread around the dried lavender.


Friends, this Soothing Lavender Bath Salts recipe is so convenient to have on hand for sore muscles or after an extra stressful day. Even if you don’t make it ahead of time, it’s a cinch to make right before taking a bath too. Even my bearded-manly-man husband enjoys soaking in these salts.




After a long soak in lavender, I replenish the moisture that the hot water drew out of my skin with Jergens® Wet Skin™ Moisturizer Cherry Almond Essence, a scent exclusive to Walmart. Winter is hard on my skin with dryer weather and after an extra hot bath, I need to ensure I’m replenishing my skin. Moisturizing skin while it’s wet can help to keep my skin hydrated all winter long since it absorbs immediately. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer contains essential oils that work with water to lock in moisture and leave me feeling soft all day. When it comes to my skin and keeping it moisturized, I’m as picky as they come. I can’t handle that after-grease feeling almost every other lotion leaves behind and I constantly forget to moisturize unless I do it right after a shower. I love that Jergens Wet Skin is applied before I even get out and I don’t have to feel that after-grease, just ultra soft and silky skin. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer is available in five different scents and can be found at Walmart.





For more awesome ideas on caring for your winter skin, click here for more tips, tricks, and tutorials from bloggers like me.