June Empties

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june empties008

Empties is a monthly feature here at Our Holly Days where I share products (mostly beauty with some others mixed in!) that I’ve been totally obsessed with throughout the month. In most cases, I’ve used the product completely, leaving me with empty containers that I lovingly refer to as Empties. Hopefully these inspire you try try something new in your own beauty regimen.

Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar from LUSH

june empties006

Shampoo bars were something I was apprehensive to try, but once I did I was a bar convert for life. This Jumping Juniper one from LUSH is dreamy and smells so refreshing. It suds up my hair with loads of bubbles and leaves it feeling smooth and silky. If you’ve never tried a shampoo bar before, but are thinking about it, this is the one I’d recommend trying since it’s gentle and effective.

Dreamy Summer Nights Candle from Yankee Candle

june empties001

I jumped on a sale Yankee was having and without even knowing what to expect, chose this scent because it just sounded awesome. The website describes it as, “a relaxing blend of vanilla bean, heliotrope and a hint of woodiness — it spreads the subtle magic of a warm night in soft bloom.” Really, how could I not have at least tried it? Super glad I did because this is my current favorite scent. It’s light and doesn’t overtake your house like a lot of other scented candles. I’ve been lighting this every night at my desk while I work. Love it!

essential oils roller blend for Migraines

june empties004

This isn’t something you can buy, but I make these from home using my doTERRA essential therapeutic grade oils. We’re in the middle of a heatwave here in the High Desert, which sucks. I already dread summer because heat triggers migraines for me. Thankfully, I’m armed for this heatwave with this roller blend and I glide it over my temples if I feel a migraine coming on.

Baby Lips Lip Balm from Maybelline

june empties005

Another gift bestowed upon me from the summer heat are crazy chapped lips. I’ve been using this Baby Lips all week and love that it doesn’t feel waxy on my lips.

Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray from Not Your Mother’s

june empties002

My hair is at such an awkward length. I’m determined to grow it out though and I’m sticking out this mess on my head. Since it does it’s own thing these days, I’ve been embracing the wildness and just spritzing this sea salt spray in it. It smells a little like coconut and most definitely contains plenty of sea salt. This I know because I had my mouth open when I misfired on my hair and got a nice taste of the stuff. Unlike other beach sea salt sprays, this stuff stays in your hair all day and doesn’t need reapplication, so it’s been a definite favorite of mine.

It seems I’m all about the scented things this month, ha! Though I’m admittedly a smell-goods kinda gal. I’d love to hear about your own empties from June and maybe even the products you advise staying far away from in the comments below.

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My April Ipsy Glam Bag

ipsy glam bag11

There are very few things in my life that are only mine. Showering is done with several emergency interruptions such as requesting an apple or asking how to draw a capital Q. Cooking a meal is done with a three year old at my feet yelling, ” I HEWLP! MOM, I HEWLP!” Even my favorite snacks have to be shared with little humans. But my one monthly thing, my one monthly gift to myself, is my ipsy Glam Bag. Filled with all of my favorite things like lipstick, nail polish, lotions, and more, I get to indulge in beauty samples (usually full sized!) and try out products I would never purchase for myself. Each month, I come to my little Internet couch to share with you, my friends, thoughts on each item in hopes to inspire you to treat yourself as well, whether it be with a Glam Bag, or something else, find something that’s yours and yours alone. Or…hide in the pantry with your favorite snack instead. Both satisfy.

Pretty Woman Nail Polish in Pouty

ipsy glam bag6

ipsy glam bag7

When I opened the bag and saw this color (Pouty), I didn’t think I’d like it. I gravitate more towards pastels when it comes to my nails and was certain this bright color would do little for me. But I was wrong! I swatched it on my thumb and fell in love! It’s a perfect summer color and compliments my lighter skin tone really well. I’ve only been wearing the color for a few days, so I can’t really judge how well it resists chipping, but I’m hopeful.

tarte cosmetics LipSurgence Lip Crème in Wonder

ipsy glam bag4

ipsy glam bag5

Lipsticks have been one of my favorite things to play with lately and I love the color (Wonder). It’s red without being red, if that makes any sense at all, ha! It’s perfect for my skin tone and could easily be an everyday lip color. It’s got a mint smell to it as well and feels like mint does when it’s on your lips, kind of like a lip balm. I love the pointed tip applicator because it allows me to use it as both a lip liner and lipstick. It does not pass my palm kiss test, though, which is a huge bummer because I love everything else about it.

L.A.B.2 Just Blending in Brush

ipsy glam bag1

ipsy glam bag2

Soft, luxurious feeling, and picks up loads of pigment.The fibers are little long for my liking, but they’re stiff enough to get the job done. The handle is rubbery but soft? Whatever the material is, I love it and wish all my brushes had the same handle.

SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Serum

ipsy glam bag3

I’m always annoyed when I get a serum or lotion or cream in my Glam Bag because I’m not sure how I can tell if it works or if I’ll like it with just one or two uses? This serum is anti-aging, but I couldn’t tell you if it really works because the sample is only enough for three uses. In fact, my sample bottle wasn’t even half full on this one, which was a huge bummer. I did sample it and can say that it was silky soft on my skin and smelled positively lovely. It did leave my skin noticeably softer where I applied it and a pea sized dab covered the entire back of my hand.

OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Bohemian

ipsy glam bag8

ipsy glam bag9

Love the color (Bohemian) on this OFRA Eyeshadow. Browns are my everyday go-to and I love to blend and layer them. This sample was actually not a sample and was, in fact, a full sized eyeshadow that snaps into palettes or eyeshadow kits. The color is bold and deeply pigmented with a slight shimmer, which I adore. It’s smooth and glides on effortlessly. I love this shadow and have zero negative things to say about it.

The Dreamers bag

ipsy glam bag10

Watercolors are really on trend right now and I’m all for it. I love the bright bold summer colors. It’s a heavy canvas type bag and large enough to hold all of my necessities.

If you’re interested in trying out the monthly ipsy Glam Bag subscription, use my referral link for a discount on your first month. Hopefully you’ll get to enjoy things you wouldn’t normally try and pamper yourself with the fun products included. It’s kind of a big deal for me to get one of these surprises in my mailbox each month. I know it’s a little lame, but it’s a gift that’s just for me filled with things I enjoy and it’s just a fun change of pace from bills and ads filling up my mailbox.

Do you get an ipsy Glam Bag each month? What was your favorite item in April?

March Empties

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march empties6

Empties is a monthly feature here at Our Holly Days where I share products (mostly beauty with some others mixed in!) that I’ve been totally obsessed with throughout the month. In most cases, I’ve used the product completely, leaving me with empty containers that I lovingly refer to as Empties. Hopefully these inspire you try try something new in your own beauty regimen.

Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

march empties4

This conditioner is my ultimate favorite ever. Since it’s on the expensive side, I usually only purchase it once a year and try to stretch it out over several months. It’s by LUSH, one of my most beloved cosmetics stores. It smells just…insanely good. It’s got rose water and orange blossom oils in it, but it doesn’t smell overly feminine. My husband also uses it. It conditions my hair better than any of those deep conditioning treatments you can buy at drug stores and doesn’t weigh down my hair either with gunk or leftover oil. Plus it makes my hair smell fresh for two or three days! My hair is ultra dry and this is the only conditioner I’ve ever used that makes it feel soft and moisturized and extra shiny. Love, love, love this product. I have zero negative things to say about it other than it’s price point.

Coconut Citrus Candle (Target Dollar Spot)

march empties1

I found this candle at my local Target’s Dollar Spot and love the fresh scent. It’s been burning on my desk for several days now and it just seems to uplift my mood and inspire creativity. They had several scents available, but this one was my favorite.

e.l.f. Cream Contour Palette

march empties2

march empties3

Lately I’ve been dabbling a bit in trying to contour and with just the few times I’ve tried, I’ve had great results with this palette from e.l.f. Cosmetics. Whenever I want to try a new technique or a new method out, e.l.f. is my go to place to shop since their products are affordable and usually work great! I’ve had very few bad experiences. This particular palette is cream and easy to brush on with my makeup brushes, but I’d be interested to try their powder one as well. My face does get oily when I put cream makeup on it. However, this palette has been awesome and really helpful as I experiment with contouring.

Jergen’s Wet Moisturizer

march empties5

I purchased this for a sponsored blog post a couple of months back and I’ve since become completely obsessed with this product. In fact, I gave my mom a bottle because it’s worked so well for me. Lotion is just not my thing. I despise the greasy feeling I get after applying and as a result, I never apply lotion. Which…in the desert….you can only imagine how scaly and rough my legs have become. This wet moisturizer goes on right after the shower, so I slather it all over my body right after I shut off the water and before I get out. I gently pat dry and my skin absorbs in all the moisture while I proceed with my morning routine. And there’s not greasy feeling since you put it on wet skin. I’m almost completely out of the green tea scent and want to try the coconut one next. If you have weird sensory issues with lotions like I do, you must try this product!

Is there a beauty product you’ve especially loved in March? I’d love to hear about it! Let’s chat favorite beauty products in the comments below.

Wild Orange Body Butter

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wild orange body butter7

This year, I sort of dove head first into making my own beauty products. As a creative and crafter, when I discovered essential oils and how they could help me create my own beauty products catered to my own specific needs, I couldn’t wait to try my own stuff. From Lavender Bath Melts, to Orange Creamsicle Lip Scrub, I’ve been creating my own versions of my favorite beauty products, experimenting along the way and sharing my recipes when they succeed.

After making a fruit salad one morning (I used fresh squeezed oranges over the top), I was crazy-Mary-Catherine-Gallagher-sniffing my hands for the rest of the day and realized how neglected my little bottle of wild orange essential oil was. And why? Orange is uplifting and mood-boosting! I created this Wild Orange Body Butter to apply after a shower to help me with motivation and energy. This body butter uses only three, all natural ingredients, which also relieves my anxiety-ridden brain of worrying about chemicals that go into my blood stream after I apply lotion.


To start, I added about a cup of coconut oil to a mixing bowl.

wild orange body butter3

And I added in 20 drops of my wild orange essential oil.

wild orange body butter1

And then about a quarter cup of olive oil.

wild orange body butter2

I used the whisk attachment and blended it all together until the coconut oil became fluffy and had a butter-like texture.

wild orange body butter4

Then I transferred the refreshing Wild Orange Body Butter to a glass jar. When working with essential oils, it’s important to store the product in glass containers as plastic or rubber containers contain components that can be damaged and deteriorated by essential oils. Remember, essential oils are super concentrated and just one drop of wild orange essential oil is equivalent to a dozen oranges.

wild orange body butter6

wild orange body butter8

wild orange body butter9

wild orange body butter5

If you’re just getting into essential oils or your curious, but overwhelmed by what to purchase or where to start, this starter kit was where I began. And it includes the most commonly used oils for making your own health and beauty products like body butter. It does not include the lime essential oil, however you can swap out lime for any essential oil (hello lavender – my fave!).

For more DIY beauty and home tutorials, be sure to follow Our Holly Days via Facebook and check back here daily.

3 Tips on Caring for Your Toddlers Hair

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aring for your toddlers hair11

With warmer spring weather here, my kiddos are spending more time outside in the warm sun and roughing around in the desert dirt. By the end of the day they’re worn out, covered in scuz, and ready for a bath. My sweet little daughter is usually shaking pebbles out of her curly soft brown locks and I cringe knowing the tangles and knots I’ll have to comb out later. This spring, I’ve armed myself with all the essentials to ensure a no tears hair brushing (for both of us, ha!). These tips on caring for your toddlers hair are tried and true with first hand experience from me and my little curly-haired girl.

Use Goody Ouchless Elastics

aring for your toddlers hair4

aring for your toddlers hair8

aring for your toddlers hair9

Using these Ouchless Elastics from Goody has made all the difference when doing Evelyn’s hair in a ponytail or my husband’s favorite, pigtails. Since there’s no metal band, they slip right out of her hair at the end of the day with no snagging or pulling. Anyone else remember the gobs of hair that would yank out attached to the metal clip elastics? Plus, with 10x more ponytails per elastic (versus the leading value brand), Goody Ouchless is our number one choice for a comfortable, secure hold on our toddler’s (and my!) hair.

Use a detangler (or make your own!)

aring for your toddlers hair5

Brushing my daughter’s hair is a major life event here at Casa de Sosa. Little miss drama queen dreads even the tiniest tangle. We started making our own detangler that doubles as lice repellent and it’s made all the difference. Plus she smells lovely all day long.

Get a Goody Ouchless Girls Brush

aring for your toddlers hair2

aring for your toddlers hair6

aring for your toddlers hair7

Using our Goody Ouchless Girls Brush alongside our detangler has transformed our hair brushing events into a much more manageable task. Evelyn has curly hair, which is a recipe for tangles, but the FlexGlide Bristles are strong enough to get through her matted hair and gentle enough to work through tangles without pain. No tears for Evelyn AND mommy, ha!

aring for your toddlers hair1

Target carries all of our Goody favorites and from 3/20 – 3/26 Cartwheel is offering buy two get one free on in-store Goody items. They’ve also got a great opportunity to get 20% off Kids Accessories from 3/13 – 3/19. There’s more to come, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on the Cartwheel app for awesome hair care deals for Goody items (I adore their round brushes for volume!).

Caring for toddler hair can be quite the undertaking. It’s hard enough to get a squirmy little kiddo to be still without also having to have them be put through the pain of tangles and matted hair. With these tips for keeping hair smooth and detangled, now all I need to do is find ways to keep Evelyn still while I brush, ha! Anyone else use cookies as bribery?

aring for your toddlers hair12

For more information on Goody products, including tips and fun ways to style your own daughters hair, visit the Goody Facebook page.

aring for your toddlers hair13

February Empties

february empties11

Empties is a monthly feature here at Our Holly Days where I share products (mostly beauty with some others mixed in!) that I’ve been totally obsessed with throughout the month. In most cases, I’ve used the product completely, leaving me with empty containers that I lovingly refer to as Empties. My February Empties feature everything from eyeshadow to an accessory! Hopefully these inspire you try try something new!

Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

february empties2

february empties1

My husband gifted me this Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette for Valentine’s Day, which is my favorite kind of Valentine gift! And as always, Too Faced nails it with this eyeshadow palette. It smells so yummy and applies smoothly. My last palette, the Natural Eyes, was my Valentine’s Day gift last year and it’s the only shadow I used most of the year. It was also featured in one of my previous monthly empties posts.

Yes to Cucumbers Moisturizer

february empties3

february empties4

My beloved Burt’s Bees was nowhere to be found at my local Target or Ulta, so I had to purchase something else when I ran out of it. I tried the Jergen’s Tinted Moisturizer and it was so awful I tossed it. My hands turned orange, my skin actually dried out, and it was just awful. But the Say Yes products were all displayed next to the Burt’s Bees and all seem to have the same natural ingredients, so I thought I’ve give them a try. I purchased the Yes to Cucumbers Moisturizer and love it. In fact, I’ll have a hard time deciding whether to go back to Burt’s Bees or continue to use this Yes to Cucumbers. It cools and calms my skin and feels soft under my makeup. It’s just awesome stuff.

Fieldcrest Zebrawood & Maple Watch by JORD

february empties5

february empties6

Technically not a beauty product, but I’m obsessed with my Fieldcrest watch. It’s beautiful, goes with everything, and I’ve been wearing it non-stop lately. I love that it can be dressed up (I wore it to the Fuller House premiere) or worn with a casual pair of jeans effortlessly. It’s also an affordable price point coming in under $130. Plus, I’ve got $25 gift cards to give you guys when you sign up here. I’ve got a really limited supply, but they’re free and they’re all for you if you love these wood watches as much as I do. Get your $25 Jord gift card!

Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo

february empties7

february empties8

I know I’ve shared about this product before, but I’m just completely smitten with this dry shampoo by Herbal Essence. I’ve tried just about every dry shampoo on the market. From mousse versions to powders. This stuff is the best by far and gets the grease out without weighing my hair down.

Bath & Body Works Beach Perfume

february empties9

february empties10

Current favorite scent to put on my body is this Beach Breeze spray from Bath & Body Works. I’m feeling ready for warmer days, longer hours, and the smell of sunblock and beach wind. This scent has a light coconut smell and tropical floral overtone. It’s uplifting and getting me through these final weeks of winter blues. Bring on the summer breezes and margaritas!

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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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how to clean your makeup brushes1

I’ve been getting more into makeup in recent years. I love to play with it and create fun looks. For several years, I applied most of my makeup with my fingers. Knowing what I know now, that horrifies me, ha! The power of a good makeup brush is unmatched when it comes to makeup application, but it’s important to keep all my tools clean to ensure they’re working to their full potential.

It’s important to keep makeup brushes clean for a number of reasons. The most important is for sanitation. A dirty brush can cause breakouts and even spread bacteria. Typically, I clean my makeup brushes once every other week since I don’t wear makeup every single day. If I was using them daily, I’d clean them once weekly.

To clean my makeup brushes, I keep things simple with baby shampoo. I use a simple mixture of warm water and roughly a half a tablespoon of baby shampoo.

how to clean your makeup brushes3

I dip each brush in the mixture gently, swishing slightly to ensure it gets soapy.

how to clean your makeup brushes5

Next, I gently run the brush in circular motions over the palm of my hand in the sink, rinsing as the makeup washes out.

how to clean your makeup brushes6

I repeat the process until the makeup no longer comes out onto my hand and the water runs clear.

how to clean your makeup brushes8

To dry, I prop my brushes up, bristles down, over a paper towel. Doing it this way help to ensure that the water drains away from the glue holding the brush fibers in place, which could cause the brush to break or bristles to fall out.

how to clean your makeup brushes7

I allow my brushes to dry for a good 24 hours before using them again.

If you’re a finger applicator when it comes to makeup, you really must try using makeup brushes (I use this set from e.l.f. cosmetics). For most beauty lovers, it’s a given, but I never knew what a huge difference they made until I tried one for myself. Now I’ll never go back to using my fingers and am a loyal brush user and lover.

How do you clean your makeup brushes? Do you have any tried and true techniques? Let’s chat brushes in the comments below.

Shades of Red Lipstick

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I’m a long time fan of a fabulous red lip. I’m not stranger to feeling extra fancy and gliding on my favorite lip shade. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’m feeling all the red shades and just can’t help but browse my favorite cosmetics companies for their latest shades of red to pucker my lips for the holiday. While I covet that Velvet Red from Mr. Louboutin, I’ll never allow myself to spend that much on a lipstick, but I had to include it in this round up along with much more affordable brands and colors that I adore. There is something for every budget in this Shades of Red Lipstick round up that I hope inspires you to rock some fierce red soon.

shades  of red lipstick

  1. Velvet Red from Christian Louboutin, $124
  2. Melted Velvet from Too Faced, $38
  3. Ruby Red from elf Cosmetics, $3
  4. Stiletto Red from Too Faced, $30
  5. Brave Red from MAC, $16
  6. Scarlet Soaked from Burt’s Bees, $9

There is something to be said for a wearing a confident red lip. And everyone can rock it, that’s probably why it was so popular in the 50’s-60’s, I mean just look at how glam everyone was then. Whether rocking a red lip in jeans or a dazzling cocktail dress, it goes with everything.


What’s your favorite shade to wear on your lips? Have you ever tried a bright red lip before? What’s stopping you? Let’s chat lovely lips in the comments below.

Valentine Nail Art, Get Inspired for Your Next Mani!

valentine nail art ideas

There are very few things I indulge in, as a mother, that are just for myself. But when I can, getting a manicure is one of them. Having freshly groomed nails with pretty polish somehow breathes new life into me and even makes me take better care of myself. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I’ve been dreaming up festive manicure ideas to celebrate the holiday. I thought I’d share some of my favorite discoveries with you to inspire your own Valentine Nail Art mani!

valentine nail art8image source

valentine nail art5image source

valentine nail art3image source

valentine nail art7image source

valentine nail art4image source

valentine nail art6image source

valentine nail art1image source

valentine nail art2image source

Oh, hello there gorgeous oxblood red matte finish! I think I’ll be seeing that lovely color at my next appointment! If that’s not enough inspiration to get lovey dovey with your next manicure idea, I’m not sure what is, ha! But just in case, I’d love to see any Valentine Nail Art inspiration you’ve found in the comments below.

For more manicure inspiration and nail art ideas, be sure to follow Our Holly Days on Pinterest.

Four Ways to Style an Overgrown Pixie

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ways to style an overgrown pixie9

A couple of years ago, I shed my mermaid length locks for a pixie cut. I was inspired by my grandmother, who had been diagnosed with lung cancer at the time and I wanted to donate my long hair as a gesture of solidarity that I was in the fight alongside grandma, even though we were across the country. Since then, I’ve gone back and forth between growing out my pixie and returning to the days of my long, flowing locks, or keeping it pixie short and easy to maintain. Currently I’m in the phase of I-want-to-grow-it-out-and-have-mermaid-hair phase, which means I’ve got an overgrown pixie that’s next to impossible to style without looking like a big ol’ hot mess. Thankfully, I’ve created four go to hair styles that have become my go-to’s to hold me over until my overgrown pixie can become a bob, which will then become a lob, and then finally mermaid hair! Today I’m sharing my favorite ways to style an overgrown pixie to inspire all of my fellow pixies when they’re feeling discouraged about growing their own cut out.

Side pinned bangs

ways to style an overgrown pixie3

ways to style an overgrown pixie6

One of the most frustrating parts about growing out my pixie has been my bangs. They’re forever falling in my face and it makes me bananas. A couple of bobby pins, a quick twist of the bang, and booyah! A delicate look that doubles as the perfect work hairstyle.

Sleek and smooth

ways to style an overgrown pixie1

This one took some getting used to for me, but after I wore it a few times, I really love it. Typically this only works for a day, the first day of a hair wash, because pixies are infamous for the crazy bed head, which makes this style next to impossible after sleeping on it.

Wild and curly

ways to style an overgrown pixie4

This is one of my favorite looks because it hides any of the grown out cut that looks odd or misshapen. It’s also fun and girly.

Wear a scarf

ways to style an overgrown pixie2

ways to style an overgrown pixie8

Channeling my inner hippie has never been more welcome than throughout my growing out process. This is especially great for day two or three after hair washing day. Wear it with some jeans and a flowy kimono and you’ve got hippie chic nailed!

For me, the key to growing out a pixie has been willpower and avoiding the salon at all costs. I know once I walk through those doors and sit down at my stylists chair, the urge to have her chop it all off again will be irresistible, so I take care of my hair as best as I can at home until my hair is long enough to shape into a bob. This means I dye my own hair at home to keep the grey away (what even is life, I have grey hair?!) and I keep my color bright  and deep with John Frieda Colour Care from Target, which allows me to adjust my hair color right in the shower. Since keeping my hair dark works best for me while I’m avoiding the salon, I use the Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ Subtle Lightening Shampoo/Conditioner and Brilliant Brunette® Visibly Brighter™ In-Shower Treatment.

ways to style an overgrown pixie5

Find these John Frieda Colour Care products at Target on a special in-store end cap through March 5th. And when you buy three, you’ll receive a $5 Target gift card.

Target is a mom’s best friend, right guys? I’ll be using my gift card for some extra makeup to help me rock my brighter hair color! The John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo/Conditioner gradually brightens for natural-looking sun-kissed brunette and illuminates glowing tones, which makes it awesome for keeping my colored hair luminous and glowing. And the In-Shower treatment only lightens your natural spectrum, so hair won’t appear bleached or orange and instantly lightens one shade for a sun-kissed brunette color. They also have a system for my blonde gals and deeper brunette gals who are looking for a color care solution.

ways to style an overgrown pixie7

Fellow post-pixie friends, these hairstyles paired with the John Frieda Colour Care collection have been the recipe to keeping my hair looking fresh and salon-styled without actually having to step foot in one. My lack of willpower requires an at home routine I can depend on and that I really love, which is why I’m so excited about these products.

For more hair, beauty, and style tips from bloggers like me who use and love the John Frieda Colour Care collection, be sure to check out their social hub where we are sharing tons of great ideas and tutorials.