My LUSH Faves

I first discovered LUSH a few years back when a friend gifted me a Sex Bomb bath bomb. From then on, it was love at first fizz. I’m a full blown LUSH addict now and have experimented with nearly every bath bomb, bubble bar, lotion, shower gel, well…pretty much everything they have to offer. I’ve loved literally every single item I’ve purchased from LUSH, which isn’t something I can say for any other cosmetics or toiletries brand. While I would recommend everything I’ve tried from the vegetarian-based brand, there are a few items that I just never leave the store without grabbing. My LUSH faves feature a little bit of everything and are a great reference for newbies to the brand.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

This was my first LUSH product and the beginning of my addiction. The soft jasmine and ylang ylang scents are soothing while the soy milk moisturizes my skin. This is still one of my favorite bath bombs LUSH offers and I almost never leave the store without grabbing one.

Twilight Bath Bomb

Lavender is my all time favorite scent in the world, so when I was beginning my journey into LUSH I figured Twilight would be a safe bet. The satisfying purple and blue fizz and the instant scent of lavender has made this one a pre-bedtime favorite.

I Love Juicy Shampoo

This brightly scented shampoo features ingredients like papaya, kiwi, pineapple, and mango juices. I love this particular shampoo because it helps with my oily hair. The acids in the fruit juices absorb some of the oil produced by the scalp. My hair always feels light and healthy after washing with I Love Juicy.

Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner

This is a gentle conditioner that’s good for all hair types. I love that it give my hair moisture without being too oily since my hair is already pretty greasy on it’s own.

LUSH is my favorite beauty brand. While it was a gift that prompted me to look more into the company, it’s their animal friendly, environmentally conscious, and natural approach to beauty that keeps me coming back for more. Not only do I feel good about using their products, but they’re effective. They didn’t send me anything or pay me to say this, friends. It’s just genuinely my favorite beauty company and I think everyone should experience at least one of their bath bombs in their lifetime, ha!

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Beauty Test: Peel Off Charcoal Mask

Insanely shocking peel off charcoal masks are a huge trend in the beauty world. They promise ultra clean pores and exfoliated skin, but I’ve seen countless Facebook posts from friends who painfully rip the black mud from their faces. I love a good face mask, but is this one worth the pain? I decided to try for myself to find out.

I ordered my charcoal mask from this website, which seemed legit? I’m not quite sure where to find (or even if you can locate) the particular brand that started the trend, but this version promised all the same peely satisfaction, so I bit the bullet and ordered.

The mask arrived about a week later and when I opened it, the first thing I noticed was the smell. It wasn’t stinky, but it wasn’t pleasant either. Almost spicy? It’s hard to describe, but it made me concerned enough to wonder if I could leave it on my face long enough for it to set with it being as off putting as it was.

The mask went on very gooey and thick.

It felt cool on my face and no worse or better than any other peel off mask I’ve ever used.

Following the instructions, I left the mask on for twenty to thirty minutes before trying to peel it off.

It was about as painful as the viral Facebook videos make it seem. It clung to all my little baby hairs on my face and I was hoping that they’d pull out with the mask, but they didn’t. The mask has all the pain of waxing without any of the benefit. While the peeling was weirdly satisfying, my face didn’t feel or look any cleaner than before. My pores still seemed like they were full of grime and dirt, which was disappointing.

Several pieces of the mask stayed behind on my skin despite my cleaning my face before applying the black layer, but it washed off easily with water and a wash cloth.

I was hoping that I’d at least see some gunk from my pores left behind in the pieces of the mask I pulled from my face, but nothing.

I was hopeful for this product because I do struggle with baby facial hairs on my upper lip and chin. I was hoping it would work as not only a pore cleaner, but also to help remove the facial hairs at the same time, No luck with either. I’m not sure if I just ordered a bad version of the mask or what, but I will likely never buy a charcoal mask again. My verdict: pass on this and buy a soothing facial mask or sugar wax kit instead.

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Milk and Honey Bath Melts

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This summer, my family has some serious plans to get wet. Between traveling to Northern Michigan to splash in the Great Lakes and visiting water parks, our skin will be getting pretty beat up. I’ve had success with gently moisturizing and rehydrating skin in the past with DIY Honey Lavender Bath Melts and thought I’d reimagine them for our summer baths to help our skin heal from all the upcoming wear and tear. These DIY Milk and Honey Bath Melts are soothing, gentle, and moisturize even the driest of skin (trust me, I live in the dry desert, ha!). They’ll be great to have on hand after long days in the summer sun or swimming in the pool and since they’re so gentle, even my kiddos use them.

To start, I melt together some shea butter, almond oil, and honey in a glass bowl over a pot of boiling water. The honey works as a natural humectant, which is fancy speak for helping to lock in moisture, promotes healing, and supports the skin’s rejuvenating abilities.

Once it has melted together and smooth, I stir in some powdered milk (the result will be a fairly crumbly texture). Milk contains lactic acid that helps to exfoliate, soften, and tone the skin.

Then I measure out about two tablespoon of the mixture with my hands and roll it into a ball. And then I transfer the ball to a sheet of parchment paper to cool and repeat until all the mixture is used.

To finish them off once they’ve cooled, I roll them in some additional powdered milk.

These can be stored in a container next to the bathtub and used all summer long. They’re full of beneficial ingredients and encourage relaxation. I’m planning on packing a few in my suitcase for our upcoming vacation to help keep the kiddos skin less irritated from all of our adventures.


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How This Desert Dweller Gets Her Summer Glow

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Here in the desert, dry skin is practically a given. As someone who already struggles with dry skin, the even dryer climate is a constant battle. I’ve shared about my favorite product to defeat my dry desert dweller skin, Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, pretty frequently. It’s always in my shower and has become a regular part of my skin care routine. My legs and arms have never felt smoother or more moisturized than when I started using Jergens on my skin immediately after showering. It’s made my skin baby soft and never leaves me feeling greasy, which has always been an issue I’ve had with other moisturizers I’ve tried.

As a huge fan of the Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, you can imagine how thrilled this pasty legged gal was when I found out about the new JERGENS® Natural Glow® Wet Skin® Moisturizer that gives me gradual, natural looking color without the harsh desert sun. This new moisturizer helps me to gradually add color and makes me feel like the desert goddess I am, ha! Despite living in an area with plenty of sunshine, I try to stay out of the rays and protect my skin from the damage the sun can cause, which results in some seriously pasty gams. When it’s time for shorts weather, I’m always a little self-conscious and have even used leg makeup in the past.

Jergens® Natural Glow® products allow me to create my own little rays of sunshine right in my shower since it’s specially developed for use on my wet skin. It glides on instantly, locking in moisture, and gradually building natural-looking color each day. It’s available in two shades: fair to medium (which is what this pasty gal uses) or medium to tan that build color over the course of an average of three to five days.

Since the DHA (ingredient that creates color) formula interacts with the proteins in my skin, I don’t have to worry about stains on my towel or shower (since both clearly don’t have proteins, ha!). To use it, I simply apply it to my wet skin immediately after I turn the water off in my shower. I concentrate on the larger areas of my skin and use smaller amounts on my elbow, knee, and ankle areas to give a streak-free and more natural looking color. Then I towel dry off as normal and finish my usual routine.

This summer, I’m looking forward to confidently showing off my natural glow in my dresses and shorts rather than covering up. I’ve even been able to prep my skin with a healthy summer glow (sans tanning bed or sun bathing) before our family vacation!

Try new JERGENS® Natural Glow® Wet Skin® Moisturizer by stopping in at your local Walmart or ordering online. You can also learn more about getting a natural looking summer glow by visiting Jergens on Facebook.

The Spring Essential for Sweaty Girls

Since middle school I’ve been a sweaty girl. I can vividly remember sitting in Health class in the 6th grade and being afraid to raise my hand because by first period I had already sweat a full wet spot into the armpit of my shirt. Since then, I’ve had to be mindful of what fabrics I wear or deal with the mortification of those embarrassing armpit sweat rings. In fact, as an adult I’ve been diagnosed with axillary hyperhidrosis, which is just a fancy term for excessive armpit sweating.

Warmer seasons like spring and summer always bring on an added layer of stress when it comes to knowing how much I’ll sweat in the coming months. Living in the desert, keeping cool in the heat can be problematic and as a woman who deals with excessive armpit sweat, I’ve had to quickly figure out what spring essential helps me to stay dry and smell fresh. Light layers and breathable cotton fabrics are helpful, but an antiperspirant I can depend on is my most depended on friend in the warm months.

Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant offers 48 hours of odor and wetness protection and for this sweaty mama, it’s one of the only deodorants I can depend on; especially in the warmer months. Dove Advanced Care also offers added skincare benefits with NutriumMoisture for softer, smoother underarms.

For me, Dove Advanced Care in the bright and fresh scent of Cool Essentials is my spring essential that I just cannot live without. Not only do my sweaty little armpits feel refreshed, but I can relax knowing that I’ll be dry for hours. My white tank tops and tshirts are never happier than when they can avoid the dreaded yellow ring of sweat, ha!

For more information on Dove Advanced Care and additional Dove products, be sure to visit the Dove website.

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DIY | Soothing Lavender Bath Salts

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I’m a bath gal and always have been. In winter especially, I love to turn on the water as hot as I can stand and just soak in bubbles, salts, or bath bombs. Since I typically enjoy a winter bath right before bed, I love to soak in soothing lavender bath salts that I whip up at home with just three simple ingredients. Lavender calms and relaxes which makes it ideal for pre-bedtime rituals. For me, it’s my preferred way to unwind and melt away my worries, so I thought I’d share how I make these Soothing Lavender Bath Salts.



  • dried lavender
  • epsom salts
  • lavender essential oil
  • glass container

I start by adding about a quarter cup of dried lavender to my glass container.


Next I add just over a cup of epsom salts. These can be found at Walmart in the pharmacy aisles.


Then I drip about 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil over the salts.


Lastly, I cover the container with the lid and give everything a nice good shake to get the oils mixed throughout the salts and to spread around the dried lavender.


Friends, this Soothing Lavender Bath Salts recipe is so convenient to have on hand for sore muscles or after an extra stressful day. Even if you don’t make it ahead of time, it’s a cinch to make right before taking a bath too. Even my bearded-manly-man husband enjoys soaking in these salts.




After a long soak in lavender, I replenish the moisture that the hot water drew out of my skin with Jergens® Wet Skin™ Moisturizer Cherry Almond Essence, a scent exclusive to Walmart. Winter is hard on my skin with dryer weather and after an extra hot bath, I need to ensure I’m replenishing my skin. Moisturizing skin while it’s wet can help to keep my skin hydrated all winter long since it absorbs immediately. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer contains essential oils that work with water to lock in moisture and leave me feeling soft all day. When it comes to my skin and keeping it moisturized, I’m as picky as they come. I can’t handle that after-grease feeling almost every other lotion leaves behind and I constantly forget to moisturize unless I do it right after a shower. I love that Jergens Wet Skin is applied before I even get out and I don’t have to feel that after-grease, just ultra soft and silky skin. Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer is available in five different scents and can be found at Walmart.





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Fall Hair Don’t Care

This post was developed in partnership with Clairol Nice’n Easy, as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.


It might not be officially fall for another week or so, but I’m already elbow deep in copious amounts of PSL, warm leggings, leather boots, and rich fall eyeshadow colors. If all of that is basic, I don’t want to be anything else! With the coming of the cooler weather, I swap out my blonde highlights for warmer toned, milk chocolate colored hair. Over the weekend, I couldn’t wait any longer and went for it, grabbing a box of Nice’n Easy in Natural Light Golden Brown (6G/116A), and yet another PSL to celebrate my miniature transformation.

I frequently experiment with at-home coloring because it’s an easy solution and because I love having control over my hair destiny with the superior natural looking color Clairol gives me. With three salon tones combined in one simple step, I achieve results I’m excited about and I get 100% gray coverage.

Before beginning any at-home process with my hair, I always complete an allergy test. Instructions for this are found inside the box. I’ve never received any concerning results from these tests, but I prefer (and recommend) being safe and testing every single time.


Following the enclosed directions, I mixed my color per the labeled bottles before applying the color.


Starting at my roots, I apply the color and continue over the rest of my head, following the directions enclosed in the box. This is a great look, isn’t it?


Once the color has processed, I rinse out my hair and condition it with the CC Color Seal Cream. My favorite part of the process is slathering this luxurious stuff over my locks. It makes my hair crazy soft, lustrously shiny, and brilliant.

Goodbye highlights.



Hello rich warm chocolate.



Experimenting with my hair for the seasons gives me added confidence and leaves me feeling a little extra fabulous. I love that Clairol encourages women to try new things and be bold in their confidence.



Clairol Nice’n Easy is available in 45 different shades, which makes finding your perfect shade for fall easy. Clairol Nice’n Easy believes when you do something new, push your boundaries, and break your routines that we all reap the rewards. Our confidence grows and we believe in ourselves just a little bit more each and every time. Whether it’s trying a new yoga pose, or experimenting with a new hair color, doing something new empowers us and gives us that confident bounce in our step. To help celebrate confidence, Clairol has partnered with I-C to host a contest where you can enter for a chance to win one of five TicketMaster gift cards (each valued at $500). From August 21, 2016 through October 7th, 2016. Use the form below to enter.

Nice’n Easy #ColorConfidently Giveaway

*I-C will randomly select winners from all program entries and will handle fulfillment of the winning prizes (5 winners).


Skin Tips from a Desert Dweller

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bioré®. Thank you to Bioré® for partnering with me and thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog and my family.

baking soda cleansing scrub006

Living in the desert comes with it’s own set of skin concerns. Here in the High Desert the climate is hot, dry, dusty, and often windy. As a gal who sweats a lot already, by the end of my day my face is oily and dry all in one weird combination. I’ve had to navigate the issues that come with makeup, sweat, and dust clogging my pores. I’ve got three tried and true methods that (when I stick to regularly!) give me healthier looking skin that not only looks great, but feels amazing.

Deep clean your skin 2-3 times weekly

baking soda cleansing scrub003

I deep clean my face and neck a few times each week with Bioré® Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub. I love how fresh it smells, but more importantly I appreciate that it doesn’t dry out my skin like most face washes. The fizzy baking soda also gives me control over how much or little exfoliation I need over my skin that day because I control how much powder I use.

baking soda cleansing scrub002

The fizzing also gives me weird satisfaction, but more importantly the water activated powder exfoliates, deep cleans my pores, and leaves my skin visibly smoother.


baking soda cleansing scrub004

baking soda cleansing scrub005

I get the benefits of removing flaky dry skin while minimizing oil. Living in the desert, my skin already fights dryness, so having a face wash I can depend on to not dry me out is the bees knees…and feet…and toes!

Use, use, use moisturizer

Moisturizer isn’t an option when you’re living in a dry climate like the desert. Not only does daily application soothe your skin, but moisturized skin doesn’t wrinkle as fast. I shoot for twice daily, once before I apply my makeup and once after I remove it before bed at the end of the day.

Drink water

Drinking water is essential, but especially so when one lives in the desert. There is often little relief from the sizzling sun so staying hydrated keeps you moving. But drinking water also helps to hydrate your skin from the inside out.

When caring for your skin, it’s important to be able to adjust to the climate accordingly. Using products like the Bioré® Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub that give you a little more control over your routine are a great place to start. And whether you’re a desert dweller like me or not, these tips are a great place for you to start taking control over your skin by incorporating them into your own skincare routine.

Enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win.

Biore is giving away a year’s supply of Biore Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub and Biore Baking Soda Pore Cleanser. Enter here!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bioré®.

DIY | Coffee Mud Face Mask

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coffee mud face mask008

Where I live there are no spas. Our small desert town is quiet, sleepy, and the closest thing to a spa around here is the Dollar General where we can pick up household supplies to hold us over until our next trip into town. I’m not complaining. I’ve come to love the quiet, the spectacular mountain views, and especially the community of people here. But I do miss those spa days on occasion. Thankfully I’m pretty crafty and created my own version of a spa day right in my own home with this DIY Coffee Mud Face Mask. We don’t need no stinking spa!

In a small bowl, I combined some bentonite clay and coffee grounds using a wooden spoon. It’s important to use glass and wood here because the clay actually pulls out metals and impurities. Using wood and glass helps keep it at it’s purest absorbency so it will be most effective on your face.

coffee mud face mask002

Next I added some apple cider vinegar and a couple drops of tea tree essential oil, mixing it all together until it formed a paste.

coffee mud face mask003

coffee mud face mask004

Using my fingers I applied the mask to my face (for purposes of this tutorial, I’m showing application on my arm), avoiding the eye area, and let it sit for about eight minutes.

coffee mud face mask006

Just enough so the clay hardens but doesn’t become cracked or dry. That can make skin too dry. All I want is for the mask to have enough time to pull out and absorb impurities while also allowing my skin to absorb the clay’s minerals. If it hardens, it could dehydrate my skin which is exactly the opposite of what we want, right?

To remove the mask I used warm water and a cloth, patted my face dry with a clean towel, and then applied moisturizer (the apple cider vinegar already toned my skin for me!).

My skin always feel so soft, refreshed, and exfoliated after one of these masks. This one is so easy to make and the bentonite clay offers several benefits like circulation stimulation, exfoliation, and bacteria removal.

coffee mud face mask007

Coffee Mud Face Mask
  • 2 teaspoons bentonite clay
  • 1 teaspoon coffee grounds
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 2 drops tea tree essential oil
  1. In a glass bowl, using a wood spoon, combine clay and coffee.
  2. Add vinegar and essential oil.
  3. Mix until paste forms.
  4. Apply to face with fingers.
  5. Allow mask to set for 5-10 minutes until hard, but not dry or flaky.
  6. Remove with warm water and towel.
  7. Store leftover mask in air tight container in fridge for up to seven days.

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My Top 3 Hair Secrets | Bold, Fearless, and Beautiful

hair secrets002

My hair is one of my favorite things about myself and it’s one of the things about my appearance that I’m complimented the most on. I haven’t always loved my hair. We’ve had quite the tumultuous relationship: from bleaching to hair dye and even thinning. But at thirty, I’ve developed a self-confidence that comes only with trial and error…and a whole lot of self-love. Today, I’m sharing my hair secrets in hopes I’ll inspire you to embrace what I like to call my greatest accessory, and even share my biggest secret for combating my hereditary hair loss. Let’s get a little hairy, shall we friends (Ha! I love a good pun!)?

I use Women’s ROGAINE® Foam

hair secrets006

hair secrets004

At thirty, I’m beginning to notice small signs of aging, including hereditary hair loss. While I know hair thinning is not uncommon (up to 42% of women will notice some hair loss in her lifetime), it was a little alarming. Of women who notice thinning, 76% notice after the age of thirty, so I’m definitely not alone. And contrary to common belief, the leading cause of hair loss among women is genetics that can come from either the mother’s or the father’s side of the family. Arming myself with this knowledge and the right tools have been essential in keeping my confidence in tact. With over 25 years of results and numerous clinical trials, the ROGAINE® brand is the #1 dermatologist and #1 stylist-recommended brand for hair regrowth. It was common sense for me to start using the Women’s ROGAINE® Foam and adding it to my daily routine. Unlike cosmetic thickeners, which just coat hair and temporarily mask the issue, Women’s ROGAINE® 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol helps prevent further thinning by regrowing fuller, thicker hair. With daily direct application to the scalp once a day, every day, I started regrowing fuller, thicker hair in 12-13 weeks. The new hairs come in up to 48% thicker than before (based on mean hair strand diameter). Friends, this stuff really works and has been one of my best kept hair secrets for months now!

I’m not afraid to experiment

hair secrets005

You guys, I’ve had long mermaid hair and a short pixie. I’ve gone from preppy blonde highlights to bold red, funky purple, and most recently, mermaid teal. I’m different in that I treat my hair as an accessory that I can use to reflect my personality. A lover of color, I love to experiment and have fun with my hair. If an experiment goes awry, I remember that it’s just hair and I can grow it back (see below for my secret to keeping it full).

I embrace the hair I have

hair secrets001

It seems like no matter what cut or color I have, I’m long for something else. When I had my long hair, I wanted short hair for the ease of care and shorter styling time. Now that I have shorter hair, I miss having long flowing locks. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve taught myself to embrace the hair I have and love it for what is. Currently, I’m loving the teal color and playing with tight vintage curls. And when it grows longer, I’ll have fun with hippie beach waves and maybe go bubblegum pink!

hair secrets003

While I may not be a beauty expert, I am a gal who has experimented time and again with her hair. I feel like I have a good grip on what does and doesn’t work and these three little hair secrets are tried and true. All you need is a little self-love and some pixie dust…in the form of Women’s ROGAINE®, ha! Hopefully now that you’re armed with knowledge and a little extra confidence, you’ll be inspired to take a fun hair risk and embrace the bold, fearless, and beautiful part of your personality and reflect it in those gorgeous locks!

Be sure to visit the Women’s ROGAINE® website to learn more about female hereditary hair loss and how you can treat it. If you’re dealing with hair thinning and want to try Women’s ROGAINE® Foam for yourself, use this coupon to get $5 off on any one (1) Women’s ROGAINE® Foam.

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