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November 4, 2016Holly Sosa

As a one income family, we take careful measures with our budgets make sacrifices to ensure our family’s lifestyle of having a stay at home parent. For three years, we were a one vehicle family that carpooled, picked up, dropped off, and did whatever we had to until we paid off our car and could finance a new-to-us used vehicle. Last year, all our hard work paid off when we were finally able to purchase a second car for our family. After three years of driving just one car with over 100,000 miles on it, we were desperate to get an additional vehicle into our lives. We didn’t have anyone to guide us or give us advice, so we went at it alone. We ended up with a car we loved, but it would have been helpful to have some guidance and to know what exactly we could qualify for before starting the whole process.


Shopping for a car can be overwhelming and other than the idea of a sweet new stereo system, it doesn’t appeal to me much – if at all. But with the Capital One Auto Navigator® site, we can go through each step with ease. From shopping vehicles near us to calculating our payment, they’ve reimagined the car buying experience with a one-stop-shop for everything we need so we can conquer it with confidence.

One of my favorite features is the ability to find your dream car right from their Auto Navigator site. We’re hoping to upgrade within the next year to a Kia Sedona and we were able to search over 12,000 dealerships for the exact make and model for sale and received several results. From there, we are able to find out what our estimated monthly payment would be and even get prequalified without risking our credit score.


When we’re ready to upgrade later next year, my first stop will be the Capital One Auto Navigator site where we will confidently be able step into the dealership with a dream car in mind and financing in-hand. Visit the Capital One Auto Navigator site for more information and to get started today.


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