Box of Crayons Valentines

January 25, 2017Holly Sosa

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Since Valentine’s Day is full of more than it’s fair share of candy, when I help my kiddos put together their class Valentines, we try to think of something that doesn’t involve candy. This year we made these adorable Box of Crayons Valentines using labels I already had in my home office. It was simple to make and fresh crayons are a fun gift for younger kiddos to receive. Inspired by the rainbow of colors that our favorite Netflix Original, Storybots, features, we took to making our own version of colorful gifts that we could sing our hearts out to.


To create these fun Valentines, we opened a Word Doc and formatted it for the labels. Then we used a fun print font and changed the colors to create a rainbow effect.

We printed the labels and stuck them on each box of crayons.

For added embellishments we used yarn and washi tape to dazzle them up a little more.

This Box of Crayons Valentines craft was easier than some of the store bought ones and I think it results in a gift that the kiddos in my boys classes will get practical use out of. The crayons could easily be swapped out with colored pencils, markers, or even Sharpies for teachers (or stationery addicts like myself!).

Storybots is one of our family favorites on Netflix right now, what’s yours? Comment below with your Netflix faves and visit to check out more Storybots fun for yourself.


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