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As a believer in soaking up everything this life has to offer me, I have a deep appreciation for each of the four seasons and the gifts they bring to me. Fall for it’s sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes; winter for it’s crackling fireplaces and hot cocoa; spring for it’s blooming flowers and marshmallow chicks; and summer for it’s pool days and perfectly acceptable activity of day drinking. They all bring special gifts, but I’d be lying if I didn’t confess that I’m sort of digging on summer and the permission it gives me to have a glass of JaM Cellars wine in hand anytime after noon (reminder to please drink responsibly, friends!).

Soaking in all of life, aside from a little day drinking, also includes copious amounts of puns, the cornier the better. And since it’s summer and I’m all about embracing both of these gifts of life, I thought I’d create some Boozy Wine Glasses to gift some of my friends who get me in all my weird glory.

Friends, gather your supplies and flip on this playlist from the JaM Cellars blog. Let’s get these boozy wine glasses started!


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  • wine glasses (dollar store is fine, let’s be real they’re just a vehicle)
  • oil based markers
  • JaM Cellars Cabernet (the most essential part, find it near you)

To start, use an alcohol pad to ensure the area you’re going to write on is cleaned and allow it to dry.

Choose a marker, channel your inner pun goddess, and think of a boozy phrase. I had four wine glasses and my phrases were: Hakuna Cabernet (it means drink wine); Sip me baby, one more time; Mommy’s sippy cup; Time to wine down.

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If you don’t love your handwriting, type up your phrase in a word document and print it out. Trim the paper down and insert it into the wine glass to use as a template.

Next, place your glasses on a cookie sheet and put them into a cold oven. Set the temperature to 350F degrees and let them bake for thirty minutes. Remove them from the oven and allow them to cool. The glasses will be hand washing safe, but I wouldn’t trust the paint to stay on in the dishwasher.

Finally, fill up your glasses and enjoy JaM Cab with your fellow pun-loving friends.

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JaM Cellars gets me in that they take their wines seriously, but they don’t take themselves seriously! They make three easy-to-love, everyday California wines: Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet, and Toast Sparkling. Made in the tradition of great California winemaking—rich, bold and luscious, but doesn’t need to wait for a gourmet meal or perfect cheese. It’s right at home in the sunshine, at sunset, or with a burger or BBQ; it’s totally my kinda JaM!

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Find a location near you that sells JaM Cellars and be sure to visit the JaM Cellars Facebook page for more wine inspiration for your summer.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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