Beat Bugs Premiere and How I Fail at Being Hollywood

August 1, 2016Holly Sosa

Netflix invited me to the premiere of their new original animated series, Beat Bugs. They’ve also given me a free subscription to their service to facilitate this post. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own. Thank you to Netflix for partnering with me and thank you readers for supporting the brands that support my family and this blog.

Last week, the kiddos and I loaded up our Chevy and drove from our sleepy desert town towards Hollywood. We were invited to attend the Beat Bugs premiere with Netflix and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to jam to some of our favorite Beatles tunes via the new animated Netflix Original Series.

My littlest kiddos were super stoked to be invited to an event that was created around them and I was just excited because I heard there’d be booze. The event was held at the Los Angeles restaurant Au Fudge and Netflix had set up complimentary valet for the event. I felt very high class.

When we walked in we were greeted by friendly faces and a fun green carpet. And I was promptly handed a white sangria while the kids were served fruit boxes on a silver tray.

beat bugs premiere002

The kiddos got to choose fun hats based on the characters from the series and Netflix also had a little photo area set up for the kids to pose. I’m never one to pass up a good cheesy photo op.

beat bugs premiere004

The screening room was one of the spaces in the restaurant that they had cleared out and tossed a ton of bean bags into for the kids. Pretty much optimum kid watching setting. Evelyn wasted no time before jumping into the pile and dancing around.

beat bugs premiere001

beat bugs premiere007

Netflix had set up a fun coloring book station and tattoo station with temporary tattoos of the Beat Bugs characters.

beat bugs premiere008

We were served all kinds of goodies like flatbread pizza, sliders, and macaroni and cheese balls.

beat bugs premiere005

And Evelyn drank no less than twelve juice boxes.

beat bugs premiere006

The show was awesome and it made my heart happy to hear so many young kiddos singing Beatles songs together. Each episode is what I like to call snack sized, which just means they were 10-15 minute episodes perfect for the attention span of a snacking toddler. They played three episodes, which was a good choice because the little room ended up being packed to the gills with people. We were all sitting extra close to each other. We got personal. I got sweaty.

Once the screening was over, Evelyn informed me she took her shoes off and put them in Andie’s room. Only Andie’s room was 90 miles away at home. I then turned over every bean bag searching for the brand new moccasins that I purchased the literal week before. And it was then that I discovered my three year old is a magician because that whole restaurant couldn’t find her shoes.

I gave up because I was sweaty and hot and by myself with my four kids. Read: no backup and now that I know my three year old is magic, I need to keep close watch in case she decided to make herself disappear next. We did a few dance moves in the DJ room, shoeless and sweaty.

beat bugs premiere009

After we all busted a move on the dance floor, I decided it was time for us to bid farewell to Hollywood. Really though, I was sweaty and gross and worried I was starting to stink. The Netflix staff gave the kids each a box full of swag and I forced my kids to stop for this picture.

beat bugs premiere010

Evelyn, shoeless, on the front steps of the restaurant while I waited for valet to bring our car around. At least we got some super rad swag for each of the kids! It totally made up for the lost shoes!

beat bugs premiere003

While my kiddos and I did, at the end of it all, have a total blast, I couldn’t help but feel that I totally and completely failed at being a fun Hollywood mom. All of the other moms there looked effortless and fun and put together. By the end of the screening, I had stripped down to just a stained white tank top that I was previously hiding under a kimono. My daughter lost her shoes and that family we got up close and personal with? Ended up being Jackson Rathbone with his wife and two children. I can’t even Twilight right, you guys.

Whine, whine, whine. I know, wah, wah, wah you got to go to a Hollywood event and you’re complaining, Holly. Ha! I’m actually super grateful for the opportunity and I hope I’ll be invited to more events. I’ll always promise to keep it real here for you guys. Even when I fail like I did here. But I hope I at least made you laugh at my blunders.

You can catch the new animated series, Beat Bugs, now on Netflix. Be sure to come back here and tell me who your favorite character was!


  • Beat Bugs Premiere and How I Fail at Being Hollywood

    August 1, 2016 at 6:27 AM

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  • Amanda

    August 2, 2016 at 1:56 PM

    Omg. I just totally found your blog on your facebook. And atually i jave mo idea who the beat bigs are my youngest is 6. And you know her, lil Missah pink. Lol and same age as Collin right?
    Anyhow i have totally got to follow you, and cheet up other hollywood momz have professional assistants and makeup artist. Us moms from Mommywood use lipstick as blush, lose shoes.. and have stains that look like they belong. (Does this stain go with my shoes) Dont be to hard on yourself we all know Holly rocks with or without the palmtreez. Lol miss ya girl!!!

    1. Holly Sosa

      August 3, 2016 at 12:18 PM

      Yes, Collin is six too now! Going to be seven in November!!! Thanks for making me feel better. Miss you too, girlie!

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