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I’m Holly and before any other role in life, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a lover of holidays, a stationery addict, and food is my love language. I believe in bright colors, mismatched prints, and that the scent of lavender can cure any bad day. When I visit a thrift store, I beeline for the blankets in hopes I’ll find a granny square afghan or floral quilt. The way to my heart is through the color lilac and florals… and there’s also gravy.

As the mother of a blended family, I strive to normalize stepparent and stepchild relationships. Despite being large and blended, my family is pretty similar to yours, and I promise I’m no evil-stepmother.

This is my online couch (Kelle nailed it!) and it’s where you’ll find me obsessing over makeup, churning out my latest recipes, sharing pictures of my planner, counting down the days until my next Michigan visit, and talking about our family life with you.

I lost my oldest son, Liam, in August of 2008 due to prematurity. He is the reason I started this blog. You can read about him here. If you’ve found me because you’ve lost a child or baby, I’ve compiled a list of resources that were helpful with my healing here.

Grab a cozy afghan and a glass of white wine, sister. Stay awhile.

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