A “Gween Injure”

Collin saw Santa last week.  And he promptly asked him for Monster Jams & a, “gween injure.”  Monster Jams are in the bag.  I know first hand Santa will be bringing some for Collin on Christmas Day.  But as for the, “gween injure.”  I mean.  I don’t even know where I could procure such an item.

Clearly, there is a toddler-adult language barrier going on here.  Collin knows what he wants.  Santa said he knows.  But everyone knows Santa speaks every language ever & I’m pretty confident that includes toddler-ese.

Everyday, we wake up & since Christmas is all around us, he talks about Santa & how he is going to bring his precious, “gween injure.”  How he is so, “cited.”  And how many more days, Mom Mom.  And Santa is coming with my injure, Mom Mom.  And injure is awesome Mom Mom.  Each statement like fingernails on a chalkboard because I desperately want to make sure his Christmas wish comes true.

In an effort to get a better idea of what he wanted for Christmas, I asked again & this time I videoed it for my FB Mamas to help me translate.

I got all kinds of comments.  “Green turtle.  Green engine.  Green ranger.  Green lantern.”  They said.  I tried showing pictures of all of those things.  He said no.  To all the things.
The next morning, I grabbed Collin’s beanie before we left for the day to visit my sister in 29 Palms.  “Oh!! Dat’s a aw-sum red injure, Mom Mom!”
“WHAT?! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! WHAT IS THIS?” I demanded excitedly as I waved the beanie in the air.
“Mom Mom!!! I say dat’s red injure!  You so silly!”
HE WANTS A NINJA TURTLE FOR CHRISTMAS, YOU GUYS!!!  It’s a NINJA TURTLE!!! And now that I know this, I can be absolutely sure Santa has this under the tree for Collin.

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Holly is a self-described SoCal Mama with a Michigan heart. The mother of a blended family, she is passionate about normalizing step-mother and step-children relationships and bringing awareness to the ever growing blended family lifestyle. Holly is the creator of popular lifestyle blog OurHollyDays.com and writes for her local and regional newspapers as a recipe columnist. She is a lover of holidays and a stationery addict who is never without her trusty planner.

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  1. So flippin cute. Those days of trying to “guess” what they are saying- loved that time! And I still LOVE ninja turtles, too. lol!

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