DIY | Mason Jar Lid Magnets

January 4, 2017Holly Sosa

These little Mason Jar Lid Magnets are a simple craft that can be doubled as a gift or kept for yourself to add some family love to the fridge. I created these in under 15 minutes and loved my results. I switched it up using family pictures we had printed for our Christmas cards and some fun patterned paper to accent the photos. This would also be a great way to use those Christmas cards you received in the mail with your family and friends smiling faces on them.


  • mason jar lids
  • hot glue gun (and glue)
  • scissors
  • photos
  • magnets

To start I used the inside part of the lid and traced around our photo.

Then I trimmed out the picture.

Next I secure the inner part of the lid to the ring using hot glue in the inner rim.

Then I glued the picture to the inside lid.

Lastly, I flipped over the lid and secured the magnet to the back using my hot glue gun.

The finished product resulted in these delightful magnets that I packaged up to mail to my dad up in Michigan. He lives several states away and I thought these would bring him a little grandbaby sunshine. I love them so much though that I’ve already got plans to make more for my own fridge.

Pictures could easily be subbed out for different things like washing instructions on your washing machine, clean/dirty labels for your dishwasher, and they even make great additions to lockers (tip: print out your class schedule and place it inside the lid).

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