2017 Erin Condren Hourly Planner

June 10, 2016Holly Sosa

I did not receive financial compensation for this post. However, Erin Condren did provide me with a 2017 planner and accessories to facilitate this post. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own. Thank you to Erin Condren for partnering with me. And thank you readers for supporting the brands that support this blog and my family. 

The new 2017 Erin Condren Life Planners are here and we’re all kind of freaking out. Erin Condren is the Oprah of the planner community and when her latest design is released, we planner nerds get a little crazy. And I’m no exception. I was able to get my hands on my very own 2017 hourly planner from her collection and I’m sharing every nitty gritty detail of the Erin Condren Hourly Planner today. If you’re not into planners, move along. But if you are as planner obsessed as I am, this post is going to give you all the heart eyes.

The newly launched website allows you to completely customize your new planner. You get to choose your coil, your cover, your colorway (colorful or neutral), and personalize your cover with a live preview! You get to choose between the hourly, the weekly, and the horizontal formats, but I’m forever #TeamHourly!

erin condren hourly planner001

The planner itself has stayed pretty much the same, save for a few small design details. The fonts are a little different, the transition designs are now watercolors (which are gorgeous!), and the square check mark boxes are now circles. The biggest difference is that the hourly now has a thankful though box in the upper left corner of each week. This is my one and only gripe for the planner. And unfortunately it’s a big gripe in my weird brain. One of the reasons I preferred the hourly is because it looked cleaner without the thankful box and I had more space to write my own goals, list bills to pay, etc. But it’s not a make or break for me and compared to all that the Erin Condren planners offer, I can accept the box, ha!


erin condren hourly planner003

erin condren hourly planner002

One of the things I’m most excited about are the new dry erase markers and corresponding new dashboards and inserts. The markers work on the new dashboard insert, which is double sided, making them perfect for jotting down grocery lists, reminders, or a daily brain dump. The inside of both the back and front covers are also dry erase friendly.

erin condren hourly planner004


EC added several page marker accessories to mark your spot or rather, spots, your planner. I love this because I need to mark several places in my planner for quick access. I often need to flip to the current monthly overview as well as the current week, so I use several paperclips throughout my planner. There is a new magnetic page marker and also laminated mini-dashboard page markers that come in a set of three.

erin condren hourly planner005

erin condren hourly planner006

The new travel insert is also dry erase marker friendly and so handy. I can’t wait to use this for future trips. Our family travels a ton, so this is going to get lots of use. It’s double sided with on side being a packing list and the other a schedule sheet.


Throughout my colorful version are bright quote pages and gorgeous watercolor transitions throughout the months and weeks. One of the reasons I first fell in love with the Erin Condren planners and one of the reasons she remains so popular in the planner community is in part due to her fearless use of color.

erin condren hourly planner007

erin condren hourly planner008

In the past, I haven’t been a fan of the pens offered. They were felt tip and mine often dried out quickly. The new pens are rollerball and seem promising, but I’m still marinating on these for now. Only because I prefer a thicker ball point and these are fairly thin points.

erin condren hourly planner010

erin condren hourly planner009

The new sticky notes are beautifully designed. I’m excited to use them; especially the list ones because I’m forever making and remaking lists in my planner.

erin condren hourly planner011

And my most favorite accessory release is the latest sticker book. Lilac and lavender are my favorite shades and for some reason, those colors are always lacking in EC designs. This year purple is embraced all over and especially in the new sticker book.

erin condren hourly planner012

Towards the end of the planner is the usual folder for holding loose paper and this year’s design is so bright and full of color. There is also the perpetual calendar tucked inside. I never use mine because I use the calendar in my address book. I’d love to know how other people repurpose this item because it’s too pretty to be left unused.

erin condren hourly planner013

erin condren hourly planner014

The pouch this year features a handy zip closure, which was desperately needed. The old pouches are almost too effective because they’re hard to pry open once they’re sealed shut. It’s also attached to a coil clip, so you can move it all over inside your planner.

erin condren hourly planner015

The new Erin Condren planners do not disappoint. They’re full of that familiar EC color and the functionality improves each and every year! Paper planners are becoming more and more popular and when you look through this one, it’s not hard to see why.

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  • Julie S.

    June 11, 2016 at 4:47 AM

    Thank you for posting this! I am in LOVE with the hourly format (it’s what I had this year) so I am definitely ordering one for next year. SO pretty!

  • Allie Morris

    July 18, 2016 at 1:17 PM

    This post was so helpful! I’m debating whether of not to bite the bullet and purchase an Erin Condren planner and this post deffo answered some questions I had about it. These are truly gorgeous planners!

    Allie – http://www.allieways.com

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