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December 14, 2016Holly Sosa


As the mother of six and seven year old boys, LEGO is part of the territory. Both of my boys have bins in their rooms filled with the precious bricks that help them to foster their imaginations and get as creative as they want. At their younger ages, the, “big kid,” LEGO bricks and products are just a little too complex for them and they struggle with putting them together, despite how much they want to be able to build as much as their older cousins do.




LEGO Juniors has been a perfect alternative for my younger kiddos who just want to be able to start playing straight away. They come with a few premade pieces that help make the building process smoother. Bigger sets contain numbered bags that help my boys to build in smaller steps rather than being overwhelmed with tons of bricks at once. They can choose which bag to build first before moving on to the next one or stopping to play.




I love that the LEGO Juniors sets provide just the right amount of guidance that gives them the extra help, but still provides enough of a challenge to build the sets successfully. My boys often get overwhelmed and frustrated with the, “big kid,” sets, unable to see how it all will pull together. With the larger starter pieces, and smaller bags that divide up the process, LEGO provides smaller, ‘wins,” and victories for them so they gain confidence and feel more independent.


As a mom, I know how important small wins are to my children. Tying their own shoes, brushing their teeth without help, and being able to shower all by themselves. All of these little wins give them steps towards independence and it’s another reason I love that LEGO created these transition-like sets for kiddos who are outgrowing the, “little kid, ” phase and eagerly wanting to be like the, ” big kids.”

LEGO Juniors sets match my youngsters building skills, inviting them to start small and dream big. For more information on these sets, visit to check them out for yourself.

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