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November 29, 2016Holly Sosa


The holiday season is upon us and if you’re anything like me it means you will be spending lots of time stuffing your belly with good food and enjoying the company of friends and family. While some bemoan the idea of spending too much time surrounded by their quirky family, I’m all about sharing time together over tasty treats and fun games. Whether you’re the former or the latter, I have a fun game to share with you that will be sure to help you eliminate any awkwardness (if that’s even a word?) that promises a good time for all.


I brought this new game, Escape Room the Game, up to Big Bear for my family’s annual Halloween get together because what’s better than a suspenseful game on Halloween? Now let me preface this by saying my family is more of the sit and watch football kind of family so I was a little unsure how much they would enjoy me throwing a game into the mix. Luckily, I have a family who lives for solving problems so they were willing (and even a little bit excited!) to give the Escape Room the Game a try and ended up loving it. The game is recommended for ages sixteen and up so once we got the kiddos to bed the adults got together and started up the game, beginning with the Prison Break room.


The idea of the game is to escape the room by finding clues and using those to determine and enter a four key combination into the provided Chrono Decoder before your one hour time limit runs out. There are four different rooms the game offers and they recommend that Prison Break be your starter room. Don’t skip this room, you will regret skipping it because Prison Break is hard enough for your first time around! I think my family has a pretty good grip on puzzles and problem solving and this room was a challenge. I love that the game was challenging even for the easier room and that it actually made me feel like I was stuck in prison trying to escape when I combined the game with the accompanying app that plays music and sound effects. We truly had to work as a team together to solve clues. The men complained that the women took over (Oops! What can I say, we are all strong minded women with a knack for solving problems.) but everyone contributed somehow. We really got to see each person’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the game which was a fun shared experience.

We all took notes and compared them throughout the game to get our clues, but if we got too stumped we were able to wait for the hint buzzer to notify us that we had a hint card we could peek at. This game takes teamwork and logical thinking so get your thinking caps on before starting and get ready for some seriously suspenseful fun.


You can download the free Escape Room app which really helps set the scene and gives a thrilling ambiance with creepy music that makes you want to work faster. It took my family and I the entire hour to solve the four key combination on Prison Break and enter it into the Chrono decoder! We solved it right at 59 minutes with a mere few seconds to spare. Can you beat our time?

You can pick up the game for your own game night Escape Room adventure here. Then come back and tell me if you were able to beat our not-so-record-holding time.

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