Zombie Bowling Game + Other Halloween Activities

October 19, 2016Holly Sosa

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Each year for Halloween, my mom, my sister, and our families rent a cabin in the forest up in Big Bear, California. We love this tradition and bringing our extended families together for a week of Halloween festivities and fun. We’ve learned over the past few years to make sure we have plenty to do and activities for the kiddos because with that many children in one place, it can make for a bit of wildness. This year, I stocked up with my trusty Oriental Trading Halloween catalogue. I look forward to the Halloween costumes and activities edition every year and bookmark pages upon pages of must-haves before narrowing things down to a few spooky activities and toys that I felt would entertain all of the age-ranges we’ll have in our cabin.

With five kiddos under six, cups can be a problem. They get mixed up and shared until no one knows which cup belongs to which child. One of the first things I ordered from Oriental Trading were these super spooky Halloween Brain Head Cups. They came with lids and straws which equals mom points from me. They come with enough characters that everyone will know exactly which brain to drink from for the duration of our stay in the cabin. Evelyn has already chosen her Frankie and sort of loves him.




I also ordered these Mini Halloween Flashlights on a Rope and some of these Flashing Teeth for after-dark fun. The flashlights will double as a safety measure on Halloween night when we all go trick or treating.

Since we’ll be up there for almost a week, kid entertainment is a necessity and coloring books only go so far (especially with my two dudes), so I loaded up on games. This Halloween Golf Set will be a great way to encourage them to play outdoors. It also includes four clubs, so everyone will be able to play together. A fun Jack-O’-Lantern Can Toss Game will be a fun way for the boys to get a little destructive. Any time they have an opportunity to get extra wild on something, my boys love it. I also see this being a game that’s played by the adult dudes once they’ve kicked back a few, ha! The Zombie Bowling Game has somehow already made it out of the box to be played with. The brain bowling balls are such a funny touch and the zombie faces are practically begging for a brain to be tossed at their noggin’s!






This Halloween trip to Big Bear promises to be one of our most fun yet and I can’t wait to pull out and share all of our goodies from Oriental Trading with the kiddos! Growing up, my mom always had an Oriental Trading catalogue sitting around and I remember flipping through it as a kid, circling my favorite items. I love that I’m using the same company now with my own kids and celebrating Halloween with affordable games and activities from a trusted source.

Find these games, activities, and even costumes at OrientalTrading.com. You can also get more Halloween inspiration by following the Oriental Trading page on Facebook.


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