Lully Sleep Guardian 2 | How We’re Fighting Night Terrors

September 1, 2016Holly Sosa

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Picture yourself soundly sleeping. The house is quiet, the dog is snoozing next to you in bed. And you’re suddenly jolted awake by the sound of blood curdling screams coming from your child’s bedroom. You scramble out of bed and dart as fast as you can to the child’s bedroom to find them alone, screaming in terror, covered in sweat, completely naked, and unaware of where they are. Despite your efforts to calm your child he still stares into the distance screaming and crying. You manage to get him dressed and back into bed, but when you ask him simple questions he cannot answer them clearly. You sit with him until he falls back to sleep.

Night terrors. This is an exact experience I have had with my son in the past. He experiences night terrors once or twice monthly and every time it happens it’s terrifying not only for him, but also for me. As his mother I’m charged with the job of protecting him, but when he’s in the throes of a night terror, I’m helpless. I’ve tried several different solutions to help him through these terrors, but not much has helped. I have noticed that they tend to come when he’s extra tired or exhausted from an event or hard play, but mostly they’re random.

I first heard about the Lully Sleep Guardian 2, a vibrating pod that’s placed under a child’s mattress, from another mom who has two children that suffer from night terrors and she said it had drastically decreased the frequency. I also learned that one in five children will experience night terrors, which makes it much more common than I realized. Willing to try anything to help reduce these events for my son, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to have him try the New Lully Sleep Guardian 2. It’s been proven to work (verified in over 10,000 nights of testing) by stopping eight out of 10 night terrors, and is based on the best medical knowledge of children’s sleep.

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With the Lully Sleep Guardian 2, vibrations turn on automatically to stop night terrors and ensure a restful night of sleep for both child and parents. Using the Lully app, I simply enter my son’s bedtime and it automatically vibrates to stop his night terror before it starts, without waking him up. The longer he uses it and I record his sleep habits, the smarter the Lully Sleep Guardian 2 becomes, making it more and more effective as time goes on.

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My son has been using the New Lully Sleep Guardian 2 for about 20 days and we haven’t had a night terror thus far. In fact, he reminds me to turn on his Lully Sleep Guardian 2 each night and calls his his, “nightmare catcher”. Not only is the little pod scientifically keeping away night terrors, but it also gives him mental confidence at night. I’ve been tracking his sleep patterns, how fast he falls asleep, if he wakes up asking for water, and how long he sleeps to help his Lully Sleep Guardian 2 get smarter each day and become more aware of when it needs to vibrate. Our experience so far has been positive and one I’ve recommended to several friends who have children experiencing the same things as my son.

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Find out more information on the Lully Sleep Guardian 2 by visiting the Lully page on Facebook and visit to learn more about night terrors.


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